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  1. When Banshee wasn't announced yet, I loved it how Screamscape thought that Kings Island would get an inverted coaster called Banshee. lol that was true, but then again it was a guess. Just what I think
  2. Good to see the trains on the track this morning!
  3. I'm interested in speculation. I don't get to go to Kings Island every day like a lot of you. I was just saying what I think. There is nothing wrong with that. Yes it may be a roller coaster but I'd rather wait till it did then not really knowing.
  4. I have a brilliant idea! We can all just wait till they announce what's going in that place! lol I don't see how anyone says it's a giga cause that would be kinda small in my opinion.
  5. I love how this forum or whatever you call it isn't even a week old, and has 12 pages and counting......
  6. Well whatever, I don't care where it's located. Just as long as its a big flat ride
  7. I think a big flat ride would be really great! Since it's been 5 years since WindSeeker
  8. Oh I forgot about those! How much are those nano coasters? I'd love to get one sometime!
  9. I love The Racer, I'd probably cry if it was taken out. But I know that won't be any time soon.
  10. Even though I've rode The Beast several times, I always still think a piece of wood is going to fall down from the top of the tunnel lol , and my first time I rode The Beast at 7 years old, I got a big bruise on my arm, from trying to hold on to her arm.
  11. Plus it will all be worth the extra time once they finish all this construction stuff.
  12. This is so perfect! Me and my sister will absolutely be doing this, for when we go this summer!
  13. How much are the souvenir cups this year for single or if you buy 2 or 3 cups??
  14. Are tickets for Kings Island at Kroger really going to be $45?! Last year it was $37. I know with Banshee prices went up $2, so why would it go up $7 just in a year? No ig deal if you're just buying one ticket. But when 8 people go that's $56 dollars more, which is the case I'm put it.
  15. Lol, my dad will probably be one of those people driving in the old exits. He gets so confused at stuff
  16. Park looks great with people in it and rides running! see ya winter and hello summer! Can't wait to go May 27th!
  17. Yeah it sucks. Haven't stepped foot in Kings Island or a roller coaster since May 22nd of last year. So it's been over 300 days.
  18. What time were you by the park?? I drove by Kings Island at about 6:25pm. Park looks beautiful, and the banners at the main gate look great this year! Only 47 days till I go! Also, just noticed this was my 300th post! lol
  19. Anyone going to Kings Island May 27th this year??
  20. Just saw Banshee's train on the track for the first time since Nov 2nd 2015!! So excited!
  21. I don't really mind stopping for 1 picture. But when they do the crap of mom and dad together, siblings, then all together, it just takes longer. But I usually do just say ' no thanks' if they do try to stop or just do it just for them to have something to do. But like I said in the other forum. All I have to do is get out my phone and get a picture. I don't really care for all the other added stuff anyway
  22. I'm with jcgoble3 , it's very annoying. Right when you walk in the park they're all over you. Besides I can just get my iphone and have someone take my picture then add stuff to it , for a low cost
  23. It kinda looks like it. But it's probably my eyes just imagining it is. Can't really tell that good anyway. Oh and are the new cups this year really orange and green?! I hope so, it looks really nice!
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