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  1. Need Coney Island Video! Help!

    Planned on showing the Greetings from Coney Island to my students today as part of a unit on Parks and Recreation in Cincinnati. Came in this AM and Greetings from Coney Island was nowhere to be seen.... I am going to call Coney Administration Building and see about ordering a copy of the DVD. In the meantime..if anyone has downloaded a copy of the video and can figure out how I can get to a copy to watch it. Here is my email. Thanks
  2. Need Coney Island Video! Help!

    I teach a high school elective course on Cincinnati History at Harrison HS. I do a fun unit on parks and recreation in Cincinnati that includes a section about Coney Island. Last year, I found a wonderful hour long documentary on Coney Island. I have dug and dug looking for that video and I cannot find anything. It is NOT the Cincinnati Reflections with Nick Clooney. This video was much better than that one. If anyone has any info on where I can find it online or where it can be purchased etc... Thanks