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  1. To be fair, when Kings Island was built 50 years ago, it had one big roller coaster that likely didn't make the noise that today's coasters do, and I'm sure in the 1970s, there was no real expectation that rides would be built 200-feet tall and feature speeds that had this much noise. It's a fair complaint. Not that I think there's much that will happen here, although I don't doubt that KI will take measures to deal with the noise. But having worked at a local newspaper for years, this strikes me as a story that arose on a slow night at a city council meeting and the reporter knew that a citizen complaint about the popular amusement park in the area would make for a good headline. I doubt this is the beginning of some giant fight.
  2. "I'm a tour guide on the Snake River ride. Trapper Dan is my name."
  3. Man, that hits right in the nostalgia, as those were my prime KI kid/teen years. Loved the walk-through aircraft carrier queue for Top Gun. It was just this year that I realized that they completely removed all the flooring and catwalks for it (the effects were removed years ago). The dolphin show was always a lot of fun. And I loved the floral clock; we did our family picture in front of it every year.
  4. Every year, one of my most-anticipated things about our annual KI trip is the food we're going to eat (this may be why I was not allowed to ride FoF this year). LaRosa's is one of my favorite things. But this year, it was really underwhelming. It was overcooked at the Festhaus, just really gross and unappetizing. I think I need to stop buying it there -- except that it's really a great spot to go on a rain day or to get out of the heat (and I'm not eating in-park Panda Express).
  5. Re-open the International Restaurant as a LaRosa's sit-down pizzeria.
  6. I'd love some TLC to be given to Adventure Express. I might be wrong, but I feel like the arrows no longer pop out of the wall/ceilings in one of the tunnels anymore, and I wish they'd bring back the smoke effect and do some better lighting or effect work in the lava tunnel. Although, really, it's still a really fun ride. My 7-year-old son isn't a fan of roller coasters with big drops, but he loves AE. I actually took my first night ride on it with him this year and it's a really fun ride in the dark.
  7. The Bat ... it's fine! I loved the ride when it was Top Gun (and I was much younger). These days, I might not always trek out there (which is really weird, since I ride Banshee several times a visit...and can't walk a little bit more to The Bat?), but I rode it with my nephew this year and we had a good time. I grew up with Iron Dragon, which is a ride that has definitely seen better days (it's slow and dull). The Bat swings you around and is a gorgeous photo spot. That said, I feel like Action Zone is way overdue for an update. It's the one area of the park where the theming is incoherent or, honestly, non-existent (except: ... action?) . I'm not a big fan of all-year haunts (or, to be honest, haunts in general). But I feel like using The Bat and The Banshee to establish a kind of supernatural theme -- haunted castle/woods? -- ripping out Invertigo and Congo Falls and really doing something with that area would be a good call. It's the corner of the park that feels most Six Flags-ish and thrown together, even if there are some legit great rides (Banshee, Delirium, Drop Tower) there. But everything from Timberwolf back through Invertigo/Congo Falls really needs an overhaul.
  8. I would love to see something like that. For the park's 50th anniversary, I'd love it if, instead of a ride, they put together some really nice exhibits throughout the park about KI history. Artifacts and photos from old rides, videos and commercials where possible. Maybe do something like that in Tower Gardens or clear out space for a museum. Or, perhaps better, just all around the park, maybe with commemorative plaques where the old rides once stood.
  9. I'm okay with that. Height is overrated. I like a good drop like anyone else, but other than bragging rights, I'm not sure there's much else to height other than "oh, thinks look a little smaller from up here." Millennium Force is plenty tall at 300 feet; Top Thrill Dragster is a lot of fun, but I don't know that I can really tell a difference between 300 and 400 feet. Rather, I think innovation is what coaster manufacturers should be focusing on. New ways to get speed, new features to make us scream. That's what I'm curious about.
  10. I don't think it's rough now, but when it had the over-the-shoulder restraints, it was the most painful ride in the park. The lap bar is tight, but man when it had the OTSRs, it felt like sticking your head in a pinball machine. Ride itself is fun. I've been on a few launch coasters, but this one's launch is one of the most effective; I think it's because the ride is indoors and you're staring into straight darkness. The launch is load, sudden and you don't have context of what you're going to. It's great. Aside from the slowdown mid-course, it's one of the great wild rides at KI. Sometimes, if the ride is just right, we hit the end brakes and I actually feel like we've stopped on an angle because I'm so discombobulated. If I had one thing i'd recommend changing, it might be to update the theme. The video has always been purposefully cheesy but now it just looks old (although I love the look of the hangar, the UFO and the launch station). Maybe update the story and some of the multimedia -- if they're turning the entire X-base into Area 72 with Orion, maybe create an overarching story. Also, I'd love some subtle updates in the spaghetti bowl. Nothing elaborate, but something that shakes the reminder that you're just looping around in a giant tin can. Maybe a way to make a starfield so you feel like you're hurtling through the cosmos. Play with the lighting and some effects work. Maybe just some fog (although not sure if the moisture would hurt the ride). But I feel like we're launched from some pretty good theming into what feels like a roller coaster set up in someone's garage.
  11. Invertigo for the reasons stated above, also because, from just a subjective point of view, I don't think it's a good ride. I've always felt it looked cheap and tossed into a corner of the park; it looks like something you'd find at a budget Six Flags park, not a high-quality amusement park. Also, if you lose that and Congo Falls (and maybe Timberwolf?) you have room to really do some expansion to the front of the park or overhaul Action Zone. Flight of Fear is still a fun coaster. No reason to lose it. The Bat isn't a great coaster, but I do think it's one of the better coasters of its type; it's very photogenic and some of the twists and turns are good fun. Adventure Express, Flying Ace and Backlot Stunt Coaster are fun themed, family coasters. They're essential for kids who are aging out of Planet Snoopy and considering tackling the bigger rides. The park has a good balance of big thrill rides and family thrills and needs to maintain that.
  12. The noise from Diamondback is the noise of a roller coaster (screams, trains going down the track)...it's part of the expected and desired ambiance of an amusement park. Giant, white metal buildings are not...this is why Disney does its best to hide the show buildings or blend them into the park (and why, even though they're thematically appropriate, why Universal Studios' sound stage buildings look so hideous). You can't always avoid having a big building; that's the nature of wanting to have some indoor attractions. But you can design them in ways that don't detract from the beauty of the park. With Tomb Raider, I don't know that it would have cost too much to design the metal show building to look more like an ancient temple or something; or, if you need to go cheap, gets some vines to hang off of it or something. At least make an effort. Same with FoF...they do a decent job with the military base theming near the entrance, but it wouldn't necessarily set them back much to design the rest of the building with some government-type signs, warning lights, etc. to make it look more like a secret base.
  13. Vortex was always seen as a rite of passage ride when I was a kid. I was only 8 when it came to the park, and it loomed large for so much of my young adulthood. I remember being terrified the first few times I rode it, scared to death I was going to fly out on the barrel rolls. Even as an adult, it was the one ride in the park that felt wild and kind of dangerous -- it was rough, it threw you out of your seat, it banged you around. I started taking some years off of it on annual trips as I got older, because it became a bit too much on my old frame to be slammed around. This summer, on our annual trip, my nephew wanted to ride it so I went with him, not knowing it was going to be my last ride. And it was a good ride. My son just hit 48 inches this year and he's still a little apprehensive of the bigger coasters; he likes Adventure Express and Backlot Stunt Coaster, but Mystic Timbers was a bit much for him. I can't wait until he finally works up the nerve to try The Racer of The Beast. And The Vortex was always going to be that proud moment where I saw him conquer his fears; he'll have to try a new ride for that. And sadly, even if he decides he wants to go upside down, he'll have to wait, as the park's only looper with a 48-inch height limit is now closed. I'm torn about whether I want them to tear the ride down this winter. On the one hand, I hate the thought of the once-mighty Vortex being SBNO for a season or two, rotting in plain sight. On the other hand, the back section of the park is going to look awfully empty without that orange-and-blue track winding its way over the trees (I don't even think Orion is going to be able to offer such beautiful views).
  14. Agree with those who say to tear it down and start fresh with the area, even if it's a dark ride. The building is a giant eyesore -- I'd rather an outdoor ride in that area (a giant metal building really detracts from the whole Rivertown theme) or where they've made an effort to make it blend with the surroundings. Make the facade a giant old west or frontier-type building (maybe a decrepit old house if you must have your haunted house -- haunted houses make me yawn) and if you need to save money by constructing a metal building, make it a large one-story building where we can't see it towering over everything. Technically, not even the Tomb Raider/Crypt theming made sense in Rivertown as it's a jungle, not a woods. But whatever. Use the entrance and treat it as a cave, sure. All I know right now is that whenever I see that building, I think the only way it could be worse is if the giant metal box was sitting on lakefront property hosting the most pathetically themed bobsled coaster I can imagine :-)
  15. Yup; I think all the crying and complaining over "is it a giga" or "is it not" is silly. I've ridden Magnum, Millennium Force, Diamondback and Top Thrill Dragster -- all different coasters. And you know what? the height makes little difference on the experience to me. I think Mystic Timbers is just as thrilling as Millennium Force, and I think Magnum's airtime is just as much fun as that on Diamondback. Numbers mean little. Just give me a ride I can scream on and smile at, and I'm happy.
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