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  1. It's not like they were floating away. But they were definitely off the ground.
  2. cdubbs727

    No Trams

    Very true. But parking close to our car an navigating one row is easier and safer than walking across the whole parking lot at night, especially when you have young people driving like maniacs trying to get to the exit.
  3. Its possible my brain is mis-remembering what the news called it; it was a funnel cloud that never touched down. But it definitely hit Water Works 20-25 years ago, blew the tenting off the top of one of the slides.
  4. So, the discussion about trams earlier got me thinking about a really weird memory I had from KI from probably about 25 years ago or so. I remember we were at the park on a day where it was particularly rainy; we're talking downpours, and I think a waterspout was actually spotted at Water Works. We came out that afternoon to leave the park and go get some dinner, and the parking lot was flooded. It was so flooded close to the park, in fact, that several cars were actually floating. Does anyone else ever remember this happening? (Not that day, but I assume if it happened then it might have been a common occurrence). My grandpa used to have video of it, but I'm sure it was lost to time. Any other weird KI memories you all have?
  5. cdubbs727

    No Trams

    Kings Island's parking lot isn't huge, and the app alleviates the problem of having to remember where you parked. But I do wish they had the trams. It would make a big difference with kids. It's nerve-wracking to walk with them through the parking lot, especially at night when people are often not paying attention to where they're going and kids have a tendency to run and wander. Also, at the end of the day, us and our kids are usually so tired from walking that a tram would be a great way to ease our legs a bit and restore our energy before the drive back to the hotel.
  6. Honestly, the older I get, the less interested I become in them adding a roller coaster. I'm sure whatever they add will be fun and I'll ride it and enjoy it, but I'm more excited about all the nostalgic things they added this year than anything they've done in the past (and I say that as a big Mystic Timbers fan). In the next five years or so, I'd love to see a lot of attention paid to Action Zone. Re-theme it to something. Tear out Invertigo, Congo Falls and maybe even Timberwolf (I have a lot of Spirit Song memories there, though) and put some fun attractions, not necessarily coasters. A heavily themed, innovative water ride, maybe some really unique thrill rides and a nice outdoor dining area. Other things I'd love for them to focus on in the next few years: * Do something with Fountain Garden, which right now is basically just a really gross, sparse smokers stroll. Maybe make it an outdoor museum of Kings Island history, with models of older roller coasters, plaques and signage commemorating old attractions, even videos of old commercials. I remember loving that area when it was owned by Paramount because it was a nice distraction. Now it's just a place where people go to smoke cancer sticks. * Re-theme and re-open International Restaurant, maybe as a coaster-themed bar and grill. * Gut Boo Blasters and turn it into a peaceful, family friendly dark ride attraction. * Either tear down the old Crypt building or create some sort of immersive indoor attraction in there. Right now, it's just a waste of space except for storage and Haunt stuff. It's not quite the eyesore Disaster Transport was (since that was spoiling lakefront views at Cedar Point) but it's still pretty atrocious. * Won't happen, but close Backlot Stunt Coaster. Raze the ride and make it a collection of flats and family friendly attractions. * Add some tables around the base of the Eiffel Tower, add a few cafe/coffee/drink options to make that a fun gathering place. * Rebuild a campground. Even if it's off-site and you need to add a shuttle service. * Another thing that won't happen: Bring back the trams. The walk from the front gate to the back of the parking lot at the end of the day is exhausting for people with kids.
  7. Reading all these and seeing those photos makes me a bit disappointed we've planned our trip for July 28-29, when this will all be long gone. :-( But hopefully it becomes an annual thing! Really impressive.
  8. I feel like a Charlie Brown-themed dark ride would still be more interesting than the knock-off haunted house/shooter they have now (but again, my kids love it). I liked the idea someone had a few posts up. Enter through a dog house and then have the dark ride just be a year in the life of Charlie Brown and his friends, going through the different seasons. Just a fun, relaxing, happy ride. Yes, it is basically exactly what the Smurfs Enchanted Voyage did, but why not homage one of the park's classics? I'd rather there be something special there than the boring Boo Blasters (and young kids need a quiet, relaxing ride. The Whirlybirds are the only one right now).
  9. Boo Blasters bores the heck out of me, and I always compare it to the better rides that were there (I'm old enough to remember Smurf's Enchanted Voyage and Phantom Theater, both of which I love). However, my kids LOVE it. It's their favorite ride in the park because it's fun/scary to them. My son loves to shoot the ghosts and my daughter loves that it makes her feel brave. There's a part of me that wants to say 'get this ride out of here' and another part of me that would hate to see it go because my kids love it so much. Then again, I sometimes feel like if they'd had a chance to enjoy Phantom Theater, they would also be bored by Boo Blasters. But in the end, it's kind of silly for adults to call for the park to change a kid ride because we're not the target audience for this particular attraction. I'd be curious to know what the ridership for it is ... it always has a pretty good line when we go there.
  10. The smell of The Beast's station on a warm day. The scent of Funnel Cakes drifting out on IS. The acrid stench of cigarettes polluting Fountain Garden.
  11. I think this is a key point. Adults can suck it up and just abide by the rules (but rudeness is never called for). But kids shouldn't have to sit next to someone if they aren't comfortable. We'll be taking my son and his cousins in July and there will likely be times where one of them is riding their first coaster by themselves and want to sit right in front of us. They shouldn't have to compound their anxiety by being placed with someone they aren't comfortable with. (Just like I'd say they should use caution when assigning single riders with members of the opposite sex).
  12. As someone who suffers from social anxiety, I understand that discomfort. But really, I've never minded. Most people, I've found, just keep to themselves. Those who are chatty usually have something fun to say; I've learned they're often the enthusiasts and they love to talk about the ride. I think being paired with kids is uncomfortable, mostly because it's like "am I responsible for this kid if his restraint breaks and he flies out?" But really, I've learned most the time the discomfort is my own and I just need to relax.
  13. I echo the Backlot Stunt Coaster disappointment. Here was Paramount promising a unique roller coaster experience, but it just looks shoddy and fake, and in the years post-Paramount, it makes no sense to have a movie stunt roller coaster in the middle of the park? Why not just at least call it "The Heist" or "The Getaway" or something like that -- none of the theming has anything to do with making a movie anymore, why not just lean into the action? I like BLSC for what it is, but the ads promised so much more. But by and large, aside from the first few years of Tomb Raider, Paramount's hype never lived up to it. The cache of a movie studio brought to mind Universal or Disney, but really the theming wasn't anything special. Face/Off had no theming. FoF had a great queue, but there's no theme to the ride itself. Drop/Zone had no theming, and if you'd ridden "Back to the Future," I don't see how you could be anything but let down by "Days of Thunder." Top Gun had the aircraft carrier walkthrough, which was kind of cool, but it was still just average amusement park decor. The park did much better theming wise with Adventure Express way before Paramount took over. I don't really count the Mystic Timbers ad as bad hype. Sure, "What's in the Shed" was a bit of a letdown (how could it not be?). But the thing that counts -- the ride -- is one of my favorites in the park.
  14. Do we know that they didn't have to do anything? It's quite possible (I have no information or plumbing knowledge) that the pedestals were a maintenance nightmare that would otherwise have to be fully overhauled. But I agree wholeheartedly with @Creed Bratton. And the fact is, even with the new fountains (whether you like them or not), Kings Island still has one of the most beautiful opening sections in any park. And they double-down on its look and feel. Living in Detroit, my home park is Cedar Point. And I love CP for what it is -- a thrill park. But I hate CP's main Midway. Kings Island's International Street sets a great tone and it's a great place to go when you're a bit tired of lines and rides. CP's midway is basically "You're here for the roller coasters. Just shut up and get going."
  15. There's a sense in which KI can't win here with the fan community. The fountain is an iconic piece of King Island; that view upon walking in to the park is the first view we have, and it's what we identify with the park (the sound of the water, for instance, tweaks my nostalgia just as much as the site of it). And there's a sense in which nothing Kings Island could do would please fans because it's simply different from what we're used to. Something has changed. In time, that won't matter, but love for a park is rooted so heavily in nostalgia that even a small change to an iconic piece of park history is going to feel off. That said, I haven't been to the park this year (we'll be getting down there probably in late July). What I've seen, I like. The colors really pop on IS. Those pavers are beautiful. I love that the streets look wider and could be less congested. And even though I miss the pedestals, I like the cleaner look of a show fountain. It's a bit less regal (royal?) but I think it still fits. In a few years, it will feel just right -- and if they incorporate it into a great evening show, all the better.
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