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  1. #whatsinthegigashed is going to be such a letdown.
  2. Yeah, I agree with FoF. I think The Beast, Mystic Timbers, Diamondback, Banshee and Orion are all legit great coasters. The Bat, Adventure Express and Backlot Stunt Coaster are all solid family coasters; if anything, they're all underrated. But FoF is becoming the one I could easily skip. The queue theming was fun when it opened, but now it's just a bit tedious and out of date. I think that FoF is a fun ride, don't get me wrong. That launch is fantastic and when the ride is speeding along, it's great. But it's so short, and I think it's becoming one of the rougher rides in the park. I'd love for them to switch up the theming, maybe do an overhaul in the queue with the story to tie it into Area 72 more explicitly and experiment with some special effects (at least stars or for effects, although the latter might be bad on the track) in the spaghetti bowl. As is now, it's just not worth the long wait. I did not say Invertigo because I think it's rated just right; I don't know anyone who likes it :-)
  3. I haven't been to Cedar Point since the year before GateKeeper, even though we live 2 hours away (we have kids, and KI is the better park for that). I've always been the same way -- loved the coasters, but there was an element that KI has that was always missing from CP. But these pictures are so good -- those floats are really cool, and I could feel the thing that made them unique to CP (those floats would not have worked at KI). I need to get back there soon!
  4. What's going on with Diamondback and Valravn?
  5. Must have been a rushed article...I noticed the writer kept an editorial note in there :-)
  6. For the 50th, I think a year-long celebration of the park's history would be great. KI has really leaned into nostalgia in recent years (bringing back Antique Cars, redoing International Street). The recommendation about small exhibits commemorating old rides and attractions would be a great addition -- or, transform Tower Gardens into a walk-through Kings Island museum (similar to the exhibits when it had the Paramount Story, but KI-centric). I remember there was talk about a KI documentary (not produced by the park) being in the works and debuting about the same time -- it would be great to have that playing somewhere, maybe in the Kings Island Theater at certain times or just on a loop in Festhaus (and if that doc isn't produced, maybe that's something for KI to do). A really spectacular evening show would be great to close the park with. And maybe the theme is that 2022 is all about celebrating the park's past, and if there IS some big project coming in 2023, maybe build up to that announcement all summer long, teasing the park's future.
  7. I had the opposite problem. In 2019, I was eating out every day because I was in an office. Being home for a year and a half encouraged me to eat a bit better and get some of that excess poundage off.
  8. I think anyone who road it with the OTSRs back in the day can attest that FoF could be much rougher. I don't think I've noticed it running rough. I think I'm always just surprised at its speed. Easy to forget how nonstop that ride is.
  9. I aged out of Vortex, but I fatted out of Flight of Fear (one year; slimmed back down enough to squeeze in the next year).
  10. I had a love/hate relationship with Vortex. I remember when it was built. I was about 8, and thought "there is no way I will ever ride that." It was a challenge all through my childhood, and I was so proud when I finally could say I rode it. It was one of the park's great thrill rides for a long time, and I still think that its first drop was one of the best in the park, and the weightlessness in the barrel rolls always gave me a good scare. But, as others have said, it didn't age well. It turned very rough. Sometimes I can handle that on a coaster -- The Beast is rough, but it never feels like the roughness outweighs the fun. With The Vortex, the headbanging was really bad. I'd smack my ear against the headrests every ride, and sometimes I'd leave with a headache. I took a few years off it. In 2019, we visited the park just a few weeks before it was announced the ride would be closed. I rode it again and that love/hate relationship was back. That first drop? Still great. Those barrel rolls? Still freaked me out. But when we got off, my ears hurt, my neck hurt, my back hurt. I got off and told my wife, "I think I've aged out of that one. Don't know if I'll ride it again." And the park made the decision for me. But I'm still sad it's gone. I think it was the most photogenic coaster in the park.
  11. I never pull out the maps when I get them (I've been going to KI all my life, so I don't need it; there are also electronic maps everywhere). For me, it's what KIghostguy said. It's about collecting; it's a nostalgic thing. When I was a kid, the first thing I did when we got to the park was grab the map and unfold it to look for showtimes, find where the new ride was, etc. I like the idea that I can still do that, and I love that now my kids get just as excited about it. They may be inessential, but for some it's a big part of the experience.
  12. I love the idea of more outdoor entertainment scattered throughout the park. I always like the idea of seeing a show at KI, but logistically it never works out. We have to plan time to be at a specific venue, watch the show and eat up about an hour of time we could be doing other things. The idea of stumbling upon music while walking to another attraction, taking five minutes to stand and watch, and then moving on sounds nice, and I think it will contribute to the atmosphere. I do think it's going to make lines for a nighttime ride on Orion a real pain, though. Unrelated, but a tangent: Does anyone remember when CP used to have live DJs in some of their queues? This was probably 15-20 years ago. I remember Millennium Force had one, Magnum had one, and Raptor always tended to have the best. My guess is paying for the staff for it became too cost-prohibitive, but I always thought that would be fun to have at more parks (and bring back to CP).
  13. Vacant Tomb Raider - Keelboats (although that would likely impact Diamondback, but this is fantasy anyway) Boo Blasters - Smurfs Enchanted Voyage Woodstock Express - paint it yellow, put back in the tunnel and rename it Beastie
  14. We went last year, and the masks did not bother me one bit. If we got tired, they had the no-mask areas, but the only time I ever really found it an inconvenience was on one of the more intense roller coasters, like Orion, where I had to find a way to hold onto it for fear of it flying off. KI was one of the first places we ventured back to in the pandemic and I felt safe the entire time. Wearing a 1/2-inch fabric cloth doesn't really bother me, especially when it helps others. That said, I'm glad to see them pulling back on the requirement outdoors. We're fully vaccinated, so we're starting to breathe a bit easier about everything, and it will be nice just to see less masks from a relaxation standpoint. And I think it's absolutely possible to use the midways and walking areas at KI and maintain six-foot distance with others (plus, I'd reckon there's a greater risk with sustained contact, not merely passing by someone while walking outdoors). Queues are the only area where I would think it might be an issue, but I imagine they'll keep the placeholders to remind people to be distant. We're not planning to go until August (we love going that last week of operation, when the crowds are much lower). I assume that by then we'll see more of an impact from the vaccines and you'll start to see more restrictions pulled back.
  15. Soak City is gross (tbf, I feel this way about most waterparks).
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