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  1. Eh, they're fine. But can be uncomfortable (especially for men). As a kid, I was terrified to ride King Cobra because I thought standing up and going upside down was probably the most terrifying thing ever. When I rode it...it was fine. Some good airtime, a unique experience, but it lost its novelty pretty quickly and the discomfort took over (the only ride I found more uncomfortable to ride was Firehawk...I always felt like I was five seconds from falling out). I also did Mantis at CP. Again....it was fine. Same discomfort, but the larger ride also seemed to put more pressure on my legs. It was fine if there was no line; no use waiting for it too long if you've already done it once.
  2. The Beast's second lift hill is just classic. First time I rode, about 30 years ago, it was completely unexpected. Day or night, lifting out of the woods and suddenly seeing the park come into view is still great. Honorable mention: Beast's 1st lift -- Someone mentioned the smell of grease; also the smell of the lumber. Plus I love how slow it goes, just building the dread. Magnum XL 200 -- I still remember it being the biggest coaster in the world, and you felt like you were climbing into the sky. Still a rush of nostalgia. Mystic Timbers -- I love the psychological game it plays, how the lift slows and speeds up on cue.
  3. Back when the International Restaurant was open during the summer, it was always a highlight of our trip. You took an hour or so out of the sun to take in a beautiful view and a nice, sit-down meal (I was only a kid, but I remember the steak being pretty good). My favorite area was actually the lobby, though, which had old news stories about the park framed and put on the wall (that's the first time I ever heard of The Bat's original form). I've always been bummed that it's closed. But it's definitely a smaller restaurant -- it would have to either be overhauled or placed on a reservation-only system. I would love to see it turned into kind of a nice lounge or bar area, where some of the grownups can take in a drink at the end of the day. Honestly, the best-case scenario would be an overhaul of the front gates that also accommodated a larger restaurant above that maintained the view but also expanded the capacity. But I'm torn on that because I really do love the front gates Kings Island has now...they feel like a legit entranceway and the way it's designed hides International Street until you get there, and that's always one of the great parts of any trip.
  4. I don't think you're crazy! I came here to say the same thing. We get to Kings Island once a year. Rode Orion in 2020 and I liked it, but didn't love it, and the reason why was because I didn't experience much airtime. Went last week and rode it twice. I don't want to say it felt like a different coaster, but it felt like it was achieving its full potential. The speed felt more pronounced and there were several airtime moments that I don't remember experiencing last year. I was wondering if the full trains made a difference as well. I think it's jumped past Diamondback for me.
  5. We were at the park last week, Thursday and Friday. I had coincidentally seen Green Day in concert in Detroit two days earlier. I thought it was "fun" that when I entered the park, the first thing I heard was an instrumental version of their song "Still Breathing." And then I heard it 20 more times between those two days and it was less fun. Same with Bohemian Rhapsody; fun song until it's stuck on near repeat. They have a nice mix of styles throughout the different areas of the park, but the they really need longer playlists. But I'm assuming rights issues play a huge role.
  6. I think people tend to forget how vital it is to have good family coasters instead of just thrill rides. Backlot Stunt Coaster is a great entry-level coaster for kids, particularly those who aren't ready for anything with too big of a hill yet (my son had an easier time acclimating to BLSC than to Woodstock Express because of this). It's a fun coaster and gives a good experience. I think it still has awhile left. The only big sticking point for me is location. I hate that it's smack-dab in the middle of the park; that's good real estate, and it's an unsightly mess behind the otherwise picturesque Eiffel Tower (the flames going off tend to ruin the romantic appeal of the tower). But it's gotta go somewhere, I guess.
  7. I hope so! We're doing our yearly trip there late next week! (We like to come that last week of the operating season, because the lines tend to be much shorter).
  8. #whatsinthegigashed is going to be such a letdown.
  9. Yeah, I agree with FoF. I think The Beast, Mystic Timbers, Diamondback, Banshee and Orion are all legit great coasters. The Bat, Adventure Express and Backlot Stunt Coaster are all solid family coasters; if anything, they're all underrated. But FoF is becoming the one I could easily skip. The queue theming was fun when it opened, but now it's just a bit tedious and out of date. I think that FoF is a fun ride, don't get me wrong. That launch is fantastic and when the ride is speeding along, it's great. But it's so short, and I think it's becoming one of the rougher rides in the park. I'd love for them to switch up the theming, maybe do an overhaul in the queue with the story to tie it into Area 72 more explicitly and experiment with some special effects (at least stars or for effects, although the latter might be bad on the track) in the spaghetti bowl. As is now, it's just not worth the long wait. I did not say Invertigo because I think it's rated just right; I don't know anyone who likes it :-)
  10. I haven't been to Cedar Point since the year before GateKeeper, even though we live 2 hours away (we have kids, and KI is the better park for that). I've always been the same way -- loved the coasters, but there was an element that KI has that was always missing from CP. But these pictures are so good -- those floats are really cool, and I could feel the thing that made them unique to CP (those floats would not have worked at KI). I need to get back there soon!
  11. What's going on with Diamondback and Valravn?
  12. Must have been a rushed article...I noticed the writer kept an editorial note in there :-)
  13. For the 50th, I think a year-long celebration of the park's history would be great. KI has really leaned into nostalgia in recent years (bringing back Antique Cars, redoing International Street). The recommendation about small exhibits commemorating old rides and attractions would be a great addition -- or, transform Tower Gardens into a walk-through Kings Island museum (similar to the exhibits when it had the Paramount Story, but KI-centric). I remember there was talk about a KI documentary (not produced by the park) being in the works and debuting about the same time -- it would be great to have that playing somewhere, maybe in the Kings Island Theater at certain times or just on a loop in Festhaus (and if that doc isn't produced, maybe that's something for KI to do). A really spectacular evening show would be great to close the park with. And maybe the theme is that 2022 is all about celebrating the park's past, and if there IS some big project coming in 2023, maybe build up to that announcement all summer long, teasing the park's future.
  14. I had the opposite problem. In 2019, I was eating out every day because I was in an office. Being home for a year and a half encouraged me to eat a bit better and get some of that excess poundage off.
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