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  1. WWC is a fun ride as is, and I think those who said its theming fine are right. It's a short ride, and a fast one. And the nature of it is that people are constantly on the look out for the next wave or waterfall. I feel like additional theming wouldn't really add much to the experience. I would, however, love Kings Island do create a themed log flume ride somewhere in the park. The Peanuts one is good, but I'd love something along the size of the Keelboats to return, maybe venturing through the Tomb Raider/Crypt building. I like the thinking of adding a themed water ride; I just t
  2. That's interesting, and maybe it just comes down to proximity. Kings Island was always the park we came down to for multiple days (mainly because we lived four hours away), but I've only made one multi-day trip to Cedar Point in my life. A lot of that might be because I've never had much interest to visit the waterpark. I think the crowds definitely tend to make it a two-day park these days; when we did go for a two-day trip, my wife and I did Fast Lane for the first day and then spent the second doing flat rides and less popular rides. Cramming all the coasters into one day, even as a teenage
  3. We live in the Detroit area, so Cedar Point would technically be my home park. But over the years, Kings Island is the one I vastly prefer. I haven't been to Cedar Point in about eight years, but we hit Kings Island every year. A lot of it just comes down to experience. When I was a kid, we loved Kings Island because it felt huge. The kids' area was fantastic (I'll always have a soft spot for Hanna Barbara Land) and the different themes just made the park feel so much larger than life. I loved catching our first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower on the freeway and that feelin of walking throug
  4. Definitely demolish The Crypt building or put something in there. I'm sure it serves a Haunt purpose, but I'm also sure you can stick a haunted house somewhere else; the building's an eyesore. I 100% agree that AZ needs some TLC (don't go chasing Congo Falls?). I understand its theming from the Paramount days --- it was their idea to capture some sort of backlot, stunt-driven feeling. But it just feels shoddy and thrown together. I like the Oktoberfest area, but I wouldn't have a problem if they decided to turn that and AZ into one big zone with a theme of adventure or horror. Between Ad
  5. Cedar Fair doesn't like transport rides. They're usually a disaster.
  6. Changing the name of Woodstock Express back to The Beastie would be wonderful (I still call it The Beastie, and my kids call it that too; they haven't even tried to correct me). It just plays into the heritage so much more -- I'd also love to see it re-painted yellow (not sure why a Woodstock Roller Coaster is blue anyway) and maybe even add back in its tunnel. But the return of the name and the old signage would be enough. Bring back dining throughout the day in the International Restaurant. The park needs some sort of sit-down, nice eating experience and you can't beat that view. Maybe
  7. Yeah, it was very Indy-ish without being Indy. Even the color scheme on the logo is reminiscent of the Indiana Jones logo (actually kind of surprised -- and happy -- that Paramount never decided to just dress AE up in Tomb Raider garb instead of spending a lot of money on the TR ride, which was such a great ride for such a short amount of time).
  8. Went to KI earlier this week, Monday and Tuesday. Orion was actually the first ride we were able to hit. I have to admit that on my first ride, I had fun with it, but felt slightly underwhelmed. That first drop is great, but I didn't feel like I had experienced anything I couldn't experience on Millennium Force. It was fun, but the lack of airtime (we were sitting in the middle) just made me miss Diamondback -- I love how on DB, you spend half the ride out of your seat. Rode it again late on Tuesday and we were placed in the very front car, and it was a completely different experie
  9. Longer than on Monday, but not bad. 45 minutes for FOF. Half hour for Orion. Walk-ons for Banshee, Beast and Backlot. (That's about it; we had a group of kids, so we were in Planet Snoopy for much of the day). I do think some in my group waited 30 minutes for Mystic Timbers; Diamondback looked like about an hour wait.
  10. So, just got back yesterday. It was a good trip. Got two rides on Orion -- one of them front row, which was fantastic. Wish the park had been open later, as we felt we were cramming everything in that we could and it still wasn't enough time. But this was obviously a weird year, and I'm thankful they were open at all. Crowds were very light on Monday (we got cleared out by a rainstorm right around 6:30), but pretty busy on Tuesday, at least compared to the first day. Still, I think my longest wait was FoF at about 45 minutes, although the app was showing an hour for Diamondback (the one ride I
  11. Thanks everyone. Our tickets are for Monday and Tuesday. Feel a bit better now that the consensus seems to be that KI is doing what it can and it sounds like the park is largely empty on weekdays. A bit worried about rain, but what are you gonna do, right?
  12. Honestly, hearing that your wife (sorry if I mis-characterized) is a health care worker and felt safe there bolsters my confidence, as does the reports I'm hearing of very light crowds on weekdays.
  13. Curious if the no reservations is effective immediately or if it will be effective in August. We have reservations for next Monday and Tuesday, and it would suck to get there for our reservations and then find they've hit capacity, although I guess they have a way of figuring out how many tickets were already pre-sold. On the other hand, we're going next week, which is the final week of closing at 7 p.m., so maybe people will sit it out until they can stay a bit later the next week.
  14. We bit the bullet and bought tickets for a July 27-28 trip to Kings Island (coming down from Michigan for an annual trip). I'm going to be honest that I was on the fence about it, but was outvoted by my wife and kids. I was heartened by the videos for social distancing, mask requirements and the other procedures they put in place. That said, I've seen too many photos of people at other parks ignoring the rules and read too much about surges in case loads to feel completely comfortable. So, for those of you who have been to KI since its reopening, what is your opinion about how their safe
  15. I think this article highlights why the changes were necessary. No, Splash Mountain (which I haven't ridden in about 30 years) isn't offensive. But, as Matt (the article's author points out), it papers over the offensive roots of the movie. Zip-a-dee-do-dah takes its roots from a racist song. Song of the South presents a rosy picture of slave life (the podcast "You Must Remember This" did a fantastic series on it). The Uncle Remus stories, which gave birth to the characters of Brer Rabbit, Brer Bear and Brer Fox, are controversial because many believe the (white) author was appropriating slave
  16. This one makes a return iffy for me. I'm perfectly happy to wear a mask and comply with social distancing; I wouldn't have even considered a trip to Kings Island if they weren't requiring those. But we're driving planning to drive down from Detroit area, a four-hour drive. I still don't know whether you can reserve two days in a row (non-passholder) and, on top of that, the hours are cut from 11-7. My guess is maybe that gives them extra time to clean, which is all well and good. But man, reserving a hotel room and shelling out the money for four people to do two days in the park just se
  17. That first picture (that I see, at least) of the Bavarian Beetle just boggles my mind, because you can see the park's boundaries so clearly and it's so different from what exists today. Just green, right outside the park. No larger parking lot. No developments (no weird movie theater/church), no campground or Great Wolf Lodge. No Action Zone. Just rides along the perimeter and it stops. I said it in the other thread that these were referenced in, but these have such a weird mix of discovery and nostalgia for me. Some of them were taken 10 years before I ever came to Kings Island, and it
  18. I almost wonder if the best bet would be to start at CP, as in my experience the lines there are longer. But you can benefit by going through the back entrance by Magnum and hitting a lot of the coasters back there before the park even opens (give yourself an edge by staying at a CP hotel the night before and getting in an hour before the GP). I know when I was younger, it was possible to knock out most of the rides at CP before lunch, but they'd added quite a bit since then. In my experience, KI tends to have longer lines in the morning than in the evening (although using FLP, that doesn'
  19. This had the rare impact of both showing me a park I'd never seen (I didn't start going to Kings Island until about '82) and then hitting me right in the feels with nostalgia (that Beastie sign! The Fightertown USA theming on Top Gun!). These are fantastic. Also, I have no idea who this guy is who posted them. But seeing the Detroit T-shirts and then AWANA T-shirts for a certain church made me realize that I think we grew up in similar areas (metro Detroit).
  20. My son (8) rode this last year. He's fascinated by roller coasters but still not ready for the bigger ones (his cousin convinced him to try Mystic Timbers and...he was not ready, lol). Adventure Express is such a perfect first coaster. He loves it. The thing that terrifies most kids -- the big drop -- is not there, but it's still fun enough and gives him enough twists and turns that he has a great time with it. He doesn't care about missing lava or lights because, well, he never experienced them (he'd love them if they were added back in, though). When people talk about wanting to get ri
  21. Yep. The two sides to this are going to be compliance and enforcement. People wanted the park open? Awesome. When it's open, wear a face covering and social distance to prove that you can help keep people safe. And if parks are really concerned about keeping people safe, and not just coming up with policies so they can get the greenlight to open, they need to enforce this. Like I said elsewhere in the thread, I think there's some flexibility about spirit of the law and letter of the law. If people are walking through the midway at a good social distance and not wearing the mask, ma
  22. I have no love lost for Boo Blasters (although both of my kids love it; the kid factor is why it's still around). A Peanuts attraction just seems a no-brainer. But man, I really don't want anything screen-based. It just doesn't work for me unless you can put the research and engineering to make it really immersive (and even Disney and Universal struggle with this). Animatronics are a charmer, but I get why they aren't used much. I was of the right age for Smurfs Enchanted Voyage; it was the first ride I ever went on at KI and I loved it. The narrative of it was so simple -- you floated t
  23. Agreed. I think it's more of a "spirit of the law" rather than a "letter of the law" type thing. I doubt many people will be thrown out for not keeping a mask secure on the midway; but it sets the expectation that they should be there. And a little perceived leeway in that area likely makes people more agreeable to comply in areas where social distancing is more difficult.
  24. I think one of the ways CF is going to control capacity is through these guidelines. They don't want high capacity crowds this year; knowing that some people will refuse to come helps to control that. It's the same logic behind Disney pushing some of their new ride openings to 2021, even though they're nearly ready -- do crowd control where you can. I also think it's worth remembering that everywhere is facing rules like this. Just going back to the office for me (which likely won't happen until fall) will require wearing a mask, conducting meetings remotely (even if we're all on site),
  25. I think it just comes down to Disney having a lot more money.
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