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  1. Maybe we shouldn't judge a coaster by what it is, but instead how it actually rides?
  2. It's like this with most fandoms these days. There are just some people who want every new thing from their fandom to be tailor-made just for them and if something doesn't meet their expectations, they rant it about it endlessly online, making it seem like a much larger issue than it really is. Having said that, I certainly don't think everyone who isn't impressed by Orion is like that. Most of that I notice from randoms on Facebook pages anyway. It is perfectly okay to not like a ride, but there will always an extremely vocal minority who don't care to admit that nothing will ever be good enough to match the expectations they've built up in their heads. For those, Orion was always going to be too short, too basic, not ambitious enough.
  3. I don't get why someone would buy a house next to an amusement park and then complain about the noise.
  4. Which begs the question, where did this render come from?
  5. I brought this up a few pages back. At first I thought it was meteorite, but the more I look at it, it looks like charred rubble. I hope it is a piece of Firehawk.
  6. Any thoughts on why recaR is the only CG Racer model available? Could it have possibly appeared in a previous announcement video? Perhaps one where it was far-off in the background? I'm genuinely curious.
  7. Strangely, I sometimes feel safer on a rollercoaster than I do driving up to the parking gate...
  8. The whole "I will not be purchasing season passes" thing again? Even if you don't like Orion, KI is still the same park with the same great rides and entertainment. Do you stop going to a restaurant because you don't like their newest sandwich, especially one you haven't even tried yet? I don't get it.
  9. Batarang? Explosive Gel? Batmobile? Wait a minute, this Bruce Wayne guy is Batman!
  10. ^^ I wouldn't think too much about it. It's as simple as the content creator probably loved Recar as a kid and threw it in there for personal/nostalgic reasons -- and also because Racer is right next to Orion.
  11. It was put there as a a fun little easter egg/tribute.
  12. What is in the fenced-in area in front of FoF? At first I thought was a piece of meteor, but is it charred rubble?
  13. I think this looks incredible. Orion is one of my favorite Metallica songs and one of my favorite movie studios and now it'll probably be one of my favorite rides at KI. My guess is that it is just a tribute.
  14. I believe the traditional shirts are available during Haunt. But when I went to Winterfest last year, they mostly only had Christmas stuff with the exception of The Beast 40th Anniversary shirt.
  15. Joshua

    Decoding 2020

    I love that people are leaving gifts in the box. Surely not the park's intention, but it makes it even better in my eyes.
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