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  1. Joshua

    You down with S-N-OO-P?

    And the movie that Fox/Blue Sky made a few years ago was charming as it can get. The contemporary pop songs used throughout felt out of place for The Peanuts, but the story and characters were pure Schulz.
  2. Joshua

    Oktoberfest Discussion

    I think it's time they switch up the entertainment in the Festhaus and move on from those decade revue shows... ..especially before they get to the Nickelback era!
  3. Joshua

    Oktoberfest Discussion

    I'd imagine they have to be making some kind of money or else I doubt Kaman's (the company that runs the art/tattoo shops for the park) would continue selling them. But I can't tell you the last time I've seen an actual person wearing them.
  4. Joshua

    Oktoberfest Discussion

    I'd like to see the Wheel, Keggers, and the clock and characters above the Festhaus return and I think the Festhaus itself needs a facelift, inside and out.
  5. Joshua

    Rename the Rides!

    The yellow does look better. It also would match the Peanuts theme. Woodstock is a yellow bird.
  6. Joshua

    Biggest Cosmetic Change

    You only have to be in your mid to late 30s to remember it. Nevertheless, it was introduced in 1989, a good 17 years after the park originally opened, and while next year marks Soak City's 30th year at the park, it still brought a significant change to a large area of the park well into its lifetime. I wasn't alive to see the earliest years of the park, but judging from photos, it went through a number of major cosmetic changes in those days. Just look at all the green. I love the park today, but man, when it opened, it was beautiful.
  7. Joshua

    Biggest Cosmetic Change

    Were the additions of The Bat and The Beast responsible for expanding the back area of the park with the walkway behind the antique cars? When did that happen? Also, Oktoberfest has gone through some serious changes since the park has opened. What appears to have been a very beautiful, open area of the park has been stripped down to tiny, little area.
  8. Joshua

    Kings Island Music

    I think it's cool KI has a history of using scores for their rides outside of the Paramount era. They played "The Idol Temple" track in the queue line, as well. I also remember The Beast played music from David Arnold's Independence Day. I believe it was "Darkest Day," which is when the ships arrive in the film. And later, IIRC they used music from Michael Giacchino's "Lost" score. During the last year of The Crypt's operation, they used Hans Zimmer's "Inception" score in the queue line and during the ride.
  9. Joshua

    Kings Island Music

    YES to scores! That Bernstein track is wonderful. As good as the scene is with "Blue Moon," I kinda wish the cue was used. Keeping with the score motif just for fun, here are my picks: Flight of Fear: "Prelude/Radar" by Bernard Herrmann from The Day the Earth Stood Still Banshee: "Let's Get Her/Rebirth" by Jerry Goldsmith from Poltergeist The Beast: "Main Theme/Desolation" by Ennio Morricone from The Thing BLSC: "Rush Hour" by Mark Mancina from Speed Diamondback: "The Swarm" by Jerry Goldsmith Vortex: "The Black Hole" by John Barry Adventure Express: "The Idol Temple" by John Williams from Raiders of the Lost Ark The Bat: "My Skull/Gurney" by Jerry Goldsmith from The 'Burbs Mystic Timbers: I love it's music already, but hey why not? "Plymouth Fury" by John Carpenter from Christine
  10. Joshua

    Is KI planning to rename rides?

    Actually, they are renaming Banshee "Bananarama" and replacing the lift hill scream with strange voices. What will they say? Things you can't understand.
  11. Joshua

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    Of all the nights to have bought out..
  12. Joshua

    Biggest Cosmetic Change

    How about Waterworks? Its inclusion brought a significant expansion to the park.
  13. Joshua

    What do you think KI would get in 2020?

    Maybe some sort of aesthetic addition, such as how the park added a shaded area and the Chicken Shack the year they debuted Banshee.
  14. Joshua

    Does it make you Less of a KI Fan..

    I don't think so. I don't always eat at the park. That can be expensive sometimes, especially when you consider the price for the same food outside the park, and there's a budget to consider. When I do decide to eat there, it feel special. Some of us also have to consider health concerns, such as dieting to lower A1C levels, sodium intakes, and carbs. A lot of times, the best way to control this is to make your own food at home as opposed to eating out.