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  1. I think I've had the park's Skyline only once. Maybe it is the high heat and humidity, but I just never crave it while I'm there.
  2. I wish they kept using those switchbacks for Vortex, especially later in its life. I can't tell you have many times someone jumped ahead of people approaching the ride by hopping the fence right at the station's entrance. Plus, it's better wait in a long line in the shade rather than direct sunlight.
  3. They should just turn it in a Haunt attraction. "The Old, Abandoned Coke Freestyle."
  4. ^Rivertown needs a character acting like Quint from JAWS. "That Beast will swallow you whole!"
  5. Not only that, they're also a bit of a xenophobe! Also, and probably less important, they don't know the difference between "then" and "than."
  6. The Outer Limits The Twilight Zone Hmm.. Does anyone have the rights to One Step Beyond?
  7. ^Look at all those trees!
  8. I've always wondered, had The Bat not been so problematic, do you think it would still be here today? How long do you think it would have lasted?
  9. For me, the problem is trying to design something to conform to that building's size and layout just feels limiting. But I think we're many, many, many years away from something going in that spot anyway.
  10. Good point! The queue house does somewhat remind me of Salem's Lot.
  11. It looks like it, but having that bottom section helps out a lot. Maybe they could theme it after bats or, given the proximity, a beast of some sort? You know, really play up the park history.
  12. As a kid, I remember feeling a great amount of disappointment when Smurfs' Enchanted Theater and the spinning cauldron ride were removed.
  13. It also wouldn't be such a bad venue for a park museum, just sayin'!
  14. I hope they leave the station up for the time being. I'd hate to see that victorian design go. Maybe it could be used as a new Haunt attraction?
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