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  1. Joshua

    Does Kings Island need a giga?

    Okay, maybe it doesn't need a giga and the park would certainly be fine without one, but X-Base does need a new ride and yes, absolutely, that ride should be a giga.
  2. Joshua

    International street makeover

    Sure, tea cups are nice and all, but what about cauldrons?
  3. Joshua

    International street makeover

    Tonight, on the news: "Sources say..."
  4. I believe that's @Shaggy
  5. I run a website/social media page and was searching for content when I came across some photos of Vincent Price riding a coaster, which led me to discover its existence. I was able to track down a copy on You Tube to watch. I initially didn't post it, because I wasn't sure if it was okay to link it. It's sourced from the VHS, so naturally, it's like watching it while submerged under water.
  6. As cool as it would to see the lake back (for the short amount of time it's not mosquito-infested and stagnant), I'd like to see the paw prints return.
  7. I recently came across this gem from 1979. It's a TV documentary called "America Screams," which eventually made its way to VHS in 1990. It features construction footage for Colossus (Magic Mountain), as well as an interview with John Allen. Also, while his name is slipping me, someone from Arrow Dynamics appears, talking about mine coasters and it even shows their prototype for a suspended coaster. Rides that appear include: Rebel Yell and King Cobra (Kings Dominion), Gemini and Corkscrew (Cedar Point), Submarine Voyage (Disneyland), and our very own Screamin' Demon. There are a number of other rides shown, but these are the ones that stuck with me. The best part is it's hosted by none other than Vincent Price, who even narrates while riding coasters at times. At one point, he tells a story about how he visited Pacific Ocean Park on the last day of its operation. He talked the park into letting him have a final farewell ride on one of the coasters, after hours and all to himself. According to Price, he got stuck on the ride and they had to have him climb down with the waves clashing below him, which he called a wonderful experience. P.S. I apologize if there's already a topic on this. I ran a search, but it didn't come up.
  8. Joshua

    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    In a few years time, Avatar will be Disney's IP, as well.
  9. Joshua

    Kings Island 2019 Discussion

    Just out of curiosity, how often do you hear that joke? Is it on the level of "It didn't ring up? That means it's free, right?"
  10. Joshua

    X-base or not?

    Freestyle machines give some of us diabetics more options. The majority of my favorite Diet drinks, such as Diet Root Beer and Diet Dr. Pepper, aren't typical fountain selections. That goes double for beverages that are both Sugar Free and Caffeine Free.
  11. Joshua

    Future plans for Firehawk's station discussion

    Personally, I don't want this coaster to be tied to The Beast. If anything, I'd rather this one be a "character" of its own.
  12. This reminds me of the early 90s when parents freaked out about Batman Returns and Jurassic Park Happy Meals.
  13. Joshua

    Season pass sale

    To be fair, the fee is only $7. It isn't really that big of a deal. I personally recommend the monthly plan as it's easier to budget.
  14. Joshua

    International street makeover

    There are a number of Twitter and You Tube "stars" who do what they want and simply get away with it. Of course, luck does sometime run out. For example, Adam the Woo did eventually get in trouble with Disney for his habit of trespassing. These parks have these rules in place for good reason. There are liability and safety concerns to think about and there's always the risk that acceptance/leniency will inspire more people to do it, therefore increasing those concerns. You wouldn't want someone just spying or walking onto your property, would you? Plus, while I do like seeing things I wouldn't normally get to see, like remnants of old rides, can we just admit that shaky trespassing footage, self-made ride POVs, and amateur drone shots just aren't as interesting as ones that are steady, detailed, and professionally made?
  15. That's an aspect I personally choose to focus on because I was always disappointed by the lack of solid IPs used for the parks. Of course there were far worse issues with Paramount Parks, but it's still a fair criticism. They had plenty of IPs to work with, but went with Face/Off and Drop Zone because their titles sounded cool. Of course, it's probably for the best they didn't go all in. We could've lost more classic rides and up with others damaged by new theming in the process.