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  1. I'm wondering if management is really pushing for it this season. It seems to be happening across the board. With the exceptions of Diamondback, The Racer, and The Bat, I experienced it on every ride during my last visit despite the average wait being under five minutes. This includes rides where separators are usually more lax and empty seats are the norm.
  2. Joshua

    Decoding 2020

    "The Idol Temple" by John Williams from Raiders of the Lost Ark WindSeeker is also the king of theme music. Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Apollo 13, Harry Potter, Superman, etc.
  3. Any idea how much the food costs individually?
  4. Somewhat related. At an antique store I often visit, one of the booths has a LaRosa's collector's glass with Hanna-Barbera characters on it. Were these at one point offered at the park?
  5. The movie mentioned above, "Fresh Horses," which was filmed during Winterfest (as well as Lesourdsville Lake), is available to watch if you have Amazon Prime. Although not filmed at KI, "Rollercoaster" had major scenes filmed at KD. So that's worth watching, as well.
  6. I would like to re-iterate that in the story I told, it was the kid who didn't like the idea of being seated next to a stranger. No kid should be forced to sit next to someone if they don't want to, especially when the wait was less than two minutes. That is why I went to guest services.
  7. Last Sunday, in a rare case I thought an employee was actually rude, a ride op forced a kid from an odd-numbered group to sit next to me on Mystic Timbers. You can tell they didn't want to, but the ride op kept saying "Row 5!" The last time she said it was fairly aggressive. The kid didn't want to sit next to a stranger. They shouldn't have had to either. This was on a morning when there were hardly lines at all, and the rides that had lines had them because they were being micromanaged too much. The situation made me feel weird and I couldn't stop thinking about it throughout the ride. When I got off, I went right to Guest Services.
  8. This is why I usually get La Rosa's outside the park. Not only is it better quality, but you can get a whole lot more for a whole lot less.
  9. To me, it seems BLSC still gets decent ridership. Pre-teens and teens seem to enjoy it. And it is a fun ride. I also don't see mismatched theming and potential for something else as a good enough reason to remove a ride. But I would like to see a new Ferris Wheel added to the park. There's a shaded area with tables around that area. Every time I pass it, there's hardly anyone there. Would that area be big enough to fit at least one gap ride?
  10. Great article! At one point, the "theme music" was "The Darkest Day" from Independence Day by David Arnold (approximately when Jeff Goldblum watches the aliens' arrival from the rooftop) and a suspense cue composed by Michael Giacchino for Lost. Does anyone know if there were other themes used for the lift hill? To be honest, I kinda miss it.
  11. Yesterday was a great day for lines. I rode all of the major coasters except Invertigo. The lines were mostly 5 minutes or less, even the rides the app listed as 15 to 20 minutes. The one notable exception was FoF, which was listed as 15 minutes, but was over 30. Man, I love that ride, but its short lines are deceptive. I also hate how they rope you off as you enter the saucer. With the dim, ambient lighting and the "partied out" alien you pass on the way out, it's as if you've been rejected by a bouncer at a night club. "But wait, my girlfriend is in there!" "Lots of people's girlfriends are in there."* *Tell me there is someone here who gets that reference.
  12. That's been happening to me a lot this year. I especially hate when it happens on Banshee, and I, a 33 year old, am stuck with three pre-teens (or even teens) all I can think of is just how awkward it probably is for them to be stuck with some older dude. On a slow day, when the lines are extremely short, the ride is a two-seater and entire rows are being sent empty, I'd rather not be paired with anyone at all.
  13. To be fair, when I experience a "rude" associate, I turn and look at some of the jerks they have to deal with on a daily basis, and shrug. Especially considering when a lot of people say "rude," it usually means "this employee didn't smile, was understandably overwhelmed, are younger and/or make less money than I do, so I look down upon them." I can't say I've witnessed an employee who was actually rude, at least in the way guests are rude. (Because, let's face it, the GP can be real snots sometimes). Not too long ago --I won't say when or where in the park -- I witnessed an employee talking back to a 14 year old. For whatever reason, this kid -- who reminded me of the "My dad says you guys are full of crap" kid from Ghostbusters II, if you've seen that -- asked about Project X. The associate said they had no idea, but "the rumor is it's a new coaster." The kid said," If it's not a giga, I won't be here next year." The clearly annoyed employee responded, "Yeah, you'll be here anyways." I thought about applauding this associate, but I moved on.
  14. Joshua

    Decoding 2020

    ^Even the equipment is red and blue. I wonder if one of them runs backwards.
  15. Wow, I didn't notice the license plates. I am surprised she didn't mention the shop names on Killmart's new facade.
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