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  1. I believe the intent was just to reference the park's history. The new storefront is an extension of KMAA's theming, which includes "advertisements" for Wild Animal Habitat and Racer Radio. The latter of which, like Monster, still lives in the park.
  2. Joshua

    Decoding 2020

    Ride ops say some funny things sometimes. He may have simply been poking fun at the flyer. Brace yourselves, the flyer will probably be this year's "Son of Beast is coming back."
  3. I would call that an excellent mic drop, IndyGuy4KI!
  4. There's a good way to approach a negative opinion, and then there's "OMG! The Sky is falling! Kings Island, you lost a customer today." Being a fan of Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and yes, Kings Island, I've gotten so burned out on seeing constant outrage framed around the pretense that it is somehow a slant against consumers while also hinting (intentionally or not) that people who like the changes are "taking it as it is" and therefore allowing said business to drop the bar, all over a mild disappointment. Guys, we're adults. Don't be one of those fans. Life is too short for this. Last night was preview night, it was pitiful day for the park weather-wise, and understandably, not everything was up to par as it will be in the coming weeks. They kept shutting down Diamondback due to weather, the system that allowed people to order food directly from Brewhouse's bar wasn't working, and one of the antique cars kept stalling while I was waiting in line. As you can see in the photo above, the fountains can spray a lot higher than what we saw yesterday. And it looks incredible. Joshua, whose mind is reminded of that recent "enthusiast" thread. Rant over.
  5. Joshua

    Decoding 2020

    I noticed that yesterday. My guess was some of that clearing was to clean up the limbs and weeds that were close to the coaster. The weeds that were growing on the track last year are gone too. Although, I spotted some paths and a drainage ditch I've never noticed before. The whole area seems to be cleaned up, I wasn't sure if there were new or not.
  6. Interesting. The fountains were on a low setting as I was checking out I-Street before I left last night. But Chad Showalter posted a selfie on his Twitter page yesterday and behind him, the fountains seem to be shooting much higher. The entire area looked amazing at night.
  7. I was looking around for these last night, but I could not find them.
  8. International Street looks amazing. The photos are not doing it justice. It is now rich, colorful, and open. Yes, the jets are smaller, but it really does look serene in person. I'm a fan. As an aside, I also noticed the vintage throwback store is gone. It's a shame. I was hoping they would tone down the pop culture memorabilia and up the amount of vintage-style KI-themed shirts. IIRC, they offered a King Cobra shirt last summer.
  9. Brewhouse was the first thing I visited after entering the park. I had the Big Bacon with an additional side of mac n' cheese. It was fantastic. The food came out pretty quickly for me. They used muenster cheese and it was delicious. Despite my comments in another thread, I actually did have a beer during this visit. The brewery is slipping me, but it was a black cherry hard seltzer. According to the bartender, the draft selections are going to be switched up every couple of weeks.
  10. Man, I want one of those Scooby things. By the way, what do you even call those?
  11. I only drink occasionally, but I usually stick to hard root beers/ciders and red wine. I haven't met a beer I've liked enough to spend $10 per serving. For that price, I can go to the store and have a beer a night for six nights in a row. Perhaps if KI offered something unique, such as their own commissioned brew, I would feel obliged to have a beer at the park every once in while.
  12. Wear a hoodie. It is just a little rain, no biggie.
  13. I am so sorry to hear you've been assaulted and harassed by so many customers. I find this troubling. It isn't right for people to be treated this way, so when I see such behavior, as a customer, I report it even though I'm not the victim. My guess is the problem isn't with the alcohol, but the people themselves, and truth be told, they are probably this way even without the beer.
  14. The first thing I remember about The Beast was how mysterious it seemed. The majority of the ride is hidden by the woods , which is one of the best things about the ride. I also remember that on my first ride, I smashed my ear against the side of the car as we went through the double helix.
  15. My favorite days at KI are when it rains. Crowds die down, you get more rides, and it isn't blazin' hot.
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