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  1. This is where I stand. Passes will most likely be extended to 2021 if it comes to that. Once again, COVID-19 is doing a lot of damage across the board. Major concerns should be elsewhere, and if this is the only worry during this crisis, this may be one of those situations where counting some blessings should be in order.
  2. Hopefully they will be more specific on their next update. There is too much room for speculation and guesswork in its current form.
  3. We don't know yet. Everything is speculation at this point. Here is Knott's original statement regarding the passes. The wording in the second paragraph does suggest Easy Pay will be bumped. However, at this time, KI's wording doesn't include 2021. This is all the information we have at this time. Regarding how this affects Platinum Passholders with Easy Pay payments, pending any further updates from the park, I would suggest reading what Disco has to say on the matter, as he has been commenting on this very matter for a few pages now.
  4. To be fair, this is why I said "as expected" and why I also I speculated that KI's wording would be different because KBF is a year-round park a few pages ago.
  5. Okay, looks like I'm gonna have to update my original statement
  6. That is true. Things can and likely will change. In part, I am relieved as that is one less expenditure I have to worry about at this time. I'm curious if passholders who paid in full received some sort of update as well.
  7. As expected, KI's wording is different from KBF's regarding the Easy Pay Program. As of now, it doesn't sound like the plans will continue into 2021 if they don't re-open for this season.
  8. I don't think Soak City leans into the tropical theme enough. I say make it "cheesy," commit to the theming.
  9. I wonder how many will think it is a reference to Wayne's World..
  10. Was it a Chevette themed with The Beast logo?
  11. One thing about the Santa Cruz boardwalk I could never quite stomach, all the darn vampires!
  12. Strange, I operate exclusively on Safari and haven't had any trouble myself.
  13. How would they handle lines and train capacity while trying to enforce the 6ft rule?
  14. I'd love to see the theming and characters used again for something. At the very least, a permanent Haunt attraction, maybe that's what they could sub out Urgent Scare for?
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