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  1. I would've made an exception in this case, as its Victorian aesthetic is almost perfect for a permanent Haunt attraction. But that plot is bound to be used for something down the road, so they would've most likely demolished it anyway.
  2. I apologize for not saying "call the park for more information." Someone else did, so what's the harm? Sometimes people don't think to say certain things. It's really not that big of a deal.
  3. I've only been to WF twice, briefly, since CF brought it back. I simply haven't noticed the volunteers. The most detailed post about it was from 2005 (the second most came several days after I posted), I tried to find information on it but didn't, and answered with honest doubt (hence the question mark and the word "maybe"), so I could do without the condescending dots. Please understand that not everyone here is as knowledgeable on every single tiny aspect of the park's operations nor are able to make it the park as often as others. In fact, during Winter 2018, my family was still dealing with the passing of my father and this winter, we are dealing with something easily as dire. On top of that, it's just a really busy time of the year and the park is open far less often. Even without a crisis, it's a miracle whenever I make it to Haunt or Winterfest anymore. Also, the user who inquired on the program is new, with only 2 posts. How do we know they are a "random enthusiast" and not part of a group that's interested in volunteering for the park?
  4. This may be a shock, but the internet and Kings Island have been around for decades.
  5. To be fair, it is a river ride near a Rivertown.
  6. Man, if there was one building that would've been perfect for a permanent Haunt attraction....
  7. I can't seem to find any information on it. This thread is 15 years old, back when KI was still PKI. Maybe the park doesn't offer this program anymore?
  8. I don't think they make khakis in its size.
  9. It's April. It's the Midwest. Chilly. Rainy. Snowy. Anything but sunny.
  10. The park may not necessarily be "closed" on those Sundays. They could be blacked out for company buyouts. Usually, there's at least one Sunday in April that's bought out.
  11. Because they're collector cups. You collect them. That's the point. Otherwise, why bother getting the plastic cup option at all?
  12. Is it possible some if not all of those Sundays in April are bought out?
  13. I'd be very surprised if we get another coaster so soon.
  14. The pizza at the park is basically "heat lamp pizza" and is cooked differently. At the actual restaurant, the pizza is sweeter and fresher.
  15. Shouldn't it be the Cincinnati Vortexes?
  16. OMG, thank you! A lot of forums look down on bumping old threads, but I love seeing the old posts, how things change, how things don't change.
  17. Meanwhile, at corporate offices, the dark hooded webcam guy spies on the DB cam discourse at KIC, grins and presses his fingers together ominously. "Everything is going according to plan. MuhahahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
  18. Records are great on paper, but all they are good for in real life is pride, and pride can only get you so far. And both are temporary. When they're sitting on Orion, aiming to go down that first hill, the last thing on people's minds will whether or not it broke records. (And given the fates of Geauga Lake, Americana/LeSoursdville Lake, and Coney Island, I'd much rather the park make a profit...)
  19. But they did a great job with the theming.
  20. Are you referring to the Losantiville sign under the trestle?
  21. Keep in mind that LaRosa's at the park doesn't really represent LaRosa's actual pizzerias. It is way more flavorful and better made outside the park. "Heat lamp" slices never hold up to the "real thing."
  22. Does this mean we should dress dapper for opening day?
  23. ... And 2020 already sucks.
  24. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people decide to chase their Orion experience with a lil' taste of Diamondback.* *Sorry, there's something about New Years that gets me thinking about drinking.
  25. What are the chances of Action Theater finally getting demolished? It's a bit of an eyesore from Racer (as it will be from Orion no doubt) and it's land could potentially house a new attraction.
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