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  1. The rule of thumb is that if one shot looks one way, all other shots in that sequence must match. Otherwise, it is just jarring. I can see why some might not like the "sunglass" look here. If done right, it can look cinematic. But even big budget movies over-indulge it and the result can be a rather painful headache that won't go away (which is probably just my body's way of saying I shouldn't watch Michael Bay movies ).
  2. Unfortunately, none of the photos are showing up for me.
  4. Err, you're right. It did open in 1998 https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2017/july/jinkeez-yabba-dabba-doo-and-zoinks Strange, I remember it being there when I was a kid. Still, I guess 22 years isn't too far off from 30.
  5. I've noticed that an intermittent issue where a number of avatars won't load. But it's not a wholesale issue when it happens. Some users will have their avatars while others will have question marks where their avatars normally appear.
  6. The illusiveness surrounding The Beast when I was a kid. Even though it had been around for over a decade, it felt very mysterious and intimidating all the way up to my first ride. The internet was very limited at the time, there was no YouTube to watch Ride POVs, and most of the ride is shrouded by trees. What I saw of it was on postcards and publicity photos that revealed little more than what I could already see with my own eyes. Riding Adventure Express and Top Gun when the first opened. My first ride on Vortex where I looked straight down on one of the loops and refused to ride it for a few years. Spinning around in the Cauldrons, "speeding" on the Sunshine Turnpike, driving the Flintstones' bumper cars, scraping down the slide, and enjoying a HB-themed juice drink. Hearing Toccata and Fugue in D Minor and the Maestro's Cryptkeeper-esque taunts in the Phantom Theater queue. "The Smurfs' Ride" The excitement of Nickelodeon characters entering the park. Entering the park and being greeted by the sounds of The Addams Family score Riding Flight Commander Not necessarily a good memory, but an interesting one nonetheless. I remember being at the park around the time of the big incident and distinctly remember being in line for some attraction and my parents saying "someone just died on Flight Commander."
  7. I also spot Moby Dick's sidekick on the winged dinosaur. I'm trying to identify some of the other characters. The giant mushrooms are also reminiscent of one of the other pieces of concept art.
  8. I recommend calling some bookstores. The one I worked for enjoyed having local authors promoting their work in the stores. The current situation might affect such things, but you should still give them a call. Community art and activity centers might be accommodating , as well.
  9. Agreed. I'd also argue that for the most part, the thread has been on topic as the status of the pandemic does affect theme parks and other such businesses.
  10. That rover concept gives me Jonny Quest vibes. Were those characters ever represented at the park?
  11. Woodstock Whirlybirds? It has been there since the 80s and originally opened as a Yogi Bear attraction.
  12. They could always build a new one over the path that leads straight from I-Street to Rivertown, by the old dolphin show and the still-standing refreshment stand that doesn't seem to get a lot of traffic and often seems closed anyway. The WWC ones are a nice throwback, but are much smaller in comparison to the original tunnel, which was large and had enough space for benches. Since it wasn't part of a queue, you could actually chill there for as long as you want. That's what the park needs.
  13. Perhaps some of the images themselves should have been posted here maybe with the link under the pretense that more images can be found there. I know you want to promote your page. I have a site myself, so I understand the need. (Unrelated to KI so I never bother promoting it here.) But there can be such a thing as over-promotion. Where did you initially find these designs? Were they found on the internet or did you get your hands on them physically? If the latter, how and when?
  14. Last year I had a terrible cough that wouldn't go away for 4 or 5 months. It was awful and that was without flu-like symptoms, such as fever. Anybody who "doesn't care" about getting a respiratory disease has to be eating paint chips.
  15. I'd like to see ride queues get some haunted theming. Mist effects, moody lighting, spooky eyes coming from the shadows, that sort of stuff.
  16. "AND WE LOVED IT!!" On a related note, Carvey voices a character in The Secret Life of Pets that is pretty much this character, but as a dog.
  17. False narratives like this are so common. I can think of another topic very similar to this, where the narrative has been warped into such incredulous "them against us" proportions. It makes me wonder if people actively avoid talking to people who think differently from them. People are simply wanting a better, safer way to open schools back up.
  18. Maybe? But then you see selfies on FB groups where some people don't have their masks on while in line.
  19. Don't worry, those rides are just part of the OTU (Orion Thematic Universe™).
  20. That sounds amazing. Does anyone know if that's sound anywhere else, such as Jungle Jim's or Kroger?
  21. Was this just a conversation they were having or part of their intercom schtick? Sometimes the ride ops will roast other rides on the PA, sort of like a competitive nudge. I don't really find it funny, but it doesn't bother me much.
  22. Those Americans faced bullets, cannons, and probable death. All that's being asked of you is to wear a mask.
  23. I've had some better experiences with the Kroger near my girlfriend. But the one nearest to me is a lost cause.
  24. At my nearby Wal-Mart, virtually no one except the employees and a handful of customers were wearing them when I went in this week. It's like people think if they ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist, it will all just go away.
  25. "You've always been the digital marketer here, sir!"
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