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  1. Very interesting. Also worth noting that they mention that 2020 Platinum Passes will be valid for Schlitterbahn waterparks.
  2. Their most recent install was Muskoka Plunge. Prior to that it was the multi-mini-funnel slide complex (Typhoon) that you are thinking of.
  3. Oof! That statement is short but cuts straight to the meat of the issue... In essence, "It wasn't OUR ride. If you buy cheap knockoffs, you'll pay the price in lives later..."
  4. Tell that to Kennywood... Those yellow lines in the station seem to work for them
  5. Bummer. Guess that falls right in line with colleges and grade schools creeping up their starting dates.
  6. I don't remember if this was common in previous years but, the 2019 calendar shows that the park is closed weekdays from Aug 19-Aug 29 (maybe private events??). I always thought the park continued with full operations until Labor Day at which point they would close for 2 weeks to prep for Haunt. The waterpark, on the other hand, has, I believe, been closed on weekdays in the 2 weeks preceding Labor Day for several years now.
  7. Wow! That rendering makes me so happy. Glad to see water features and bridges. As long as there is LOTS of trees and shrubbery, I will consider this a 2/10 attraction. (Will be upgraded to 10/10 when KI and CF come to their senses and give us back our eagles...) But seriously, great decision by KI! Only 2 quips I have: One: I wish it were longer than 1/4 of a mile. Two: Coney Mall is going to be VERY cramped back by Vortex and WindSeeker
  8. Imagine for a moment how great it could have been if it truly "slithered through the woods of Rivertown" as its promotional tagline claimed... rather than the meadows it currently sits on
  9. Quick question here: I know that the FLP perk is exclusive to the park where you purchase a new PP but are the free visits for the rest of the year exclusively at that park or can you use them at any of the parks that were offering free 2018 visits with new PP purchase?
  10. Is it wrong that I was hoping for 2 sets of 'Tiques and for them to replace Backlot?? Oh well. Count me in the absolutely thrilled and satisfied camp. My only hope/concern is that the track layout will be very twisty and contain a plethora of trees, bushes, bridges, tunnels, and water features. I really don't want concrete slabs for days.
  11. Wish I could like this 1,000 times. What better way to set an example than to use a high profile jagoff to make a point.
  12. CP might want to consider banning hot sauce packets or patrons from entering the queue line.... From the Sandusky Register: Police arrested an Amherst boy Saturday after he allegedly threw a packet of hot sauce at a Steel Vengeance train at Cedar Point, which apparently exploded and hit some people in the face and eyes. The 17-year-old boy was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. A Sandusky officer responded to a call from Cedar Point police at about 4:20 p.m. about riders being hit by hot sauce, according to a Sandusky police report. Link to the original article: Lay Off the Hot Sauce
  13. Late to the party here, but I think multiple factors played into the removal of KD's Tornado. 1st: It's placement in the very front of Soak City. It's right along the pathway that connects SC to the park which (IMO) makes for an odd and less than desirable visual appeal. 2nd: Doesn't have a raft lift. Rafts must be carried up the slide tower by the guest unlike KI's which has a lift. 3rd: The accident last summer. The severity of the accident didn't help but falling out of the rafts seems to be a common problem across many installations of this slide model. The nearly vertical oscillations along with the bumps from opposite water flows at the bottom of the funnel make it very easy to fall out of the raft and bash your head on the slide if you don't firmly grasp the handles or if you lean backwards.
  14. Lol. I might buy that if they didn't clear-cut & deforest the entire area into a meadow...
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