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  1. KIBeast

    Favorite Past Ride

    In thinking about this topic, it's really hard for me to pick a favorite past ride. I enjoyed so many rides over the years that are no longer there. However, whether or not I would want those to return is an interesting question too. Past Favorites: The Bat, Zodiac, Bayern Curve, Son of Beast, Kenton Cove Keelboat Canal, Screamin' Demon, King Kobra, Tumble Bug, Les Taxi, Bavarian Beetle, Der Spinnin' Keggers, Enchanted Voyage, Flight Commander, Sky Ride, The Trams that brought you to the front gate, even though it's not a ride, The Rotor, the Hanna Barberra Land theme. Wow, I have seen plenty of rides come and go. Boy, I am old, haha. Glad to see the Antique Cars making a comeback. Probably a lot of people see it as a meh addition, but KI needs more rides that the entire family can do. I, for one, always wanted to "drive" the cars.
  2. KIBeast

    Ability to become a Flagship Park

    While Cedar Point could certainly use more shade, it IS the flagship park. It takes in the most revenue and I don't see another park in the chain overtaking that designation any time soon. When I go to Cedar Point, it seems like there is so much more to do.
  3. KIBeast

    Banshee ridership

    Not sure of ridership numbers, but in no way is a line any kind of any indicator of popularity of a coaster or how much ridership there is.
  4. KIBeast

    The Firehawk back-story...

    That is some great insider info you shared @Shaggy. I had heard about the problems with Stealth and Paramount's decision not to install more, but you added so much more vivid detail. I too rode X Flight at Geauga Lake, but after Cedar Fair purchased the park. I never went to SFWOA as I had heard way too many complaints about that park. I should've gone just to say I experienced it. Anyhow, I loved the theme and colors of X Flight. Never cared for the new paint job it received as Firehawk. IMO, they should have stuck with a name that was similar to X Flight as it would have tied in to the X base theme plus you have FOF next to it. Also, I has not read your blog on the Screamin' Demon that was relocated to Camden Park as the Thunderbolt Express. However, you did respectfully correct me on this board about how Camden had acquired that ride. As you may know, people in this area had added on to the addition saying that Kings Island had owned the park and that's why Camden had received Thunderbolt.
  5. KIBeast

    Dorney Park?

    I have often wanted to travel to PA to visit Hersheypark and Dorney. Still haven't made it, but Dorney looks pretty good for a smaller scale park. It does seem to be the step-child of the chain. At least Mia gets water park additions somewhat regularly. I also agree that they should take a step forward with Dorney in making their presence known in the PA area.
  6. KIBeast

    Decoding 2019/2020

    I haven't seen specifically myself, but others have stated that CP has had teasers for rides going up at other parks appear there. @RedStockings1869 , that is still entirely possible for 2020.
  7. Me, guilty as charged. I really like Valravn. It's a really great coaster.
  8. KIBeast

    Kings Mills Antique Autos Path Discussion

    Son of 'Tiques I am a bit behind. I knew that KI was getting the 'Tiques, but am not aware exactly where they will be located. Thanks in advance.
  9. While I agree with you to an extent, I will also say it's been proven that CF will put up teasers for rides at CP, CW, and KD and will not be located at any of those parks.
  10. So, my brother's fiance works for an insurance company, gave me tickets to go to KI. Their company's outreach I believe. My son and I went while my wife decided to sit this one out. We arrived at 9:40am, I purchased the preferred parking and was literally 8 cars over in the front row. Excellent place to be. We started our day having him measured. Seeing how we were at Cedar Point last month, I assumed he would miss the 54" mark. However, the bar literally skimmed his hair and I was surprised that he was even closer than just a month ago. He was excited at the prospect of being able to ride Banshee, considering the height requirement is 54" for Raptor. Not really sure why it's different, but it is. I am figuring it may have something to do with the forces on each coaster. It was actually my first time on Banshee as well and we were both really impressed. This one by far is the best between the two. Trey loved it so much that we got right back in line. We probably waited 10 minutes each time. I am not sure I can pick a favorite element, but that slow inline twist at the end is really freaky. Next, we headed over to Delirium. He wanted to ride it even though maXair is a clone, but with a longer ride cycle. He enjoyed that as well and was surprised it was so close to that rooftop. We went to Adventure Express after that, which is a favorite of ours. After riding Cedar Cree Mine Ride last year, clearly AE is the superior mine train coaster. CCMR is slow and boring, comparatively. Next, we went to The Racer, followed by The Vortex and The Beast. We were meeting with my brother and his fiance Michelle at 12 at the Eiffel Tower, so we did not have enough time to get to Mystic Timbers before then. I felt like getting in 7 rides was pretty good to be noon. After meeting with them, we headed off to Mystic Timbers. Couldn't afford Fast Lane, so we waited about 30-45 minutes. We both felt that it was a reasonable wait. I had been on MT last season, so not new, but boy, that coaster does not let up for a single second. However, my brother had not been on MT and he said he liked it even better than Thunderhead. Next, we went back around to catch another lap on The Vortex, Delirium and Banshee. At that point, it was time to meet up for lunch with our group. Trey had wanted to try to win us some Fast Lane passes, so we stopped there before heading over. This kid of mine not only hit Mystic Timbers once, but hit it a second time, which I thought was fairly lucky. I can't recall exactly what we did in what order (old age catching up with me), but we did manage to get a lap on The Bat. We wanted to save one of our FL for a night ride, so we found other things to get into. The only thing we found disappointing was that Shake, Rattle, & Roll was closed the entire day. We love that ride, but nothing was going to ruin our day. We eventually made our way around to Mystic Timbers so we could use one of the two passes. We showed our ticket to the attendant at the entrance and were sent through. We got to the station where I showed that attendant our pass. He looked at me and said, "shhhh, don't tell anyone, but put that back in your pocket, come back later and use it again." I thanked him and told Trey when we boarded about what had taken place. Very nice of him to do that for us. Around 8:00pm, we bought a drink and headed to the car for some much needed rest and A/C. Came back in at 8:30 and ate dinner at LaRosa's on International Street. I actually think the pizza was better this year than previously. Not that it was bad last year, but it had too much sauce. As we were in line, we were held up by an angry younger lady who wanted to purchase and all day drink cup, but picked up an all season cup. He informed her of the price and she asked why it was so high. The cashier told her that it was because it was an all season cup. She was very belligerent and couldn't understand why he couldn't just adjust the price of the cup. I knew it was because of the color of the cup and subsequent bar coding of said cup. Finally, a manager came out with more all day cups and problem solved. When I proceeded to pay for our meal, I commended him on holding it together while being screamed at. He said that he had just started working in there after being pulled from working as a sweep. What a way to begin that shift. We decided to finish our night with rides on Banshee, Mystic Timbers, and The Beast. As we waited on Banshee, the queues emptied out with four people in front of us. They headed towards the back. The ride attended asked how many in our party. I replied two and then asked if we could go to row 1. She said, "sure". What luck! Yet another great ride and we purchased an on-ride photo to commemorate the event. Afterwards, we rented a locker near MT and went through the FL with our final ride. We previously had a night-ish ride, but it was not quite as dark as this time. MT is a fantastic ride in the dark and at one point, I couldn't see anything and was quite thrilled with the sudden changes in the pitch black. Afterwards, we traveled over to The Beast, watched the fireworks since it was not running, and then waited for the announcement that it was all clear to ride. As per usual, it delivered the best ride of the night. We promptly went back to our locker to pick up our on-ride photo, bought some cotton candy at a nearby cart and headed out. My son says that I am a cotton-holic Lol. We headed for the front gate and went to the Super 8 Mason where we shared a room with my brother and Michelle. All in all, a great day where we managed to get in 17 rides. Considering my brother bought a FL and only managed 20, I'd say we did pretty well for ourselves.
  11. How would station bins keep cell phones from being stolen? I think if they merely enforce the rules already in place, it would eliminate the problem. Word of mouth would get around fast if security took people's cell phones when caught having them out on rides. Add in some ejections for multiple offenses and the problem would go away.
  12. KIBeast

    My Thoughts on Cedar Point vs Kings Island

    I do not like to pick one over the other as I like each park for their different aspects. I feel that KI definitely has CP beat in the wood coaster department and mine train dept. Many of CP's coasters are newer and are a lot more accommodating in the seating. I also think KI's kids area is superior as well as overall theming. I also think both parks need more flat rides.
  13. For me personally, I spent more money on my recent trip to Cedar Point than probably ever. I spent $1,500 for 2 nights stay, Fast Lane Passes for 3 for a day, food and drink wristbands for one day. I bought 4 T-shirts and 10 on-ride/gate photos. Plus food and drink for the other 2 days. As a side note, next time I plan such a trip, I am gonna pay for food/drink all 3 days. It was very convenient to have it pre-paid. But, that's just me.
  14. @Thrill_Biscuit, gotta agree. Steel Vengeance isn't just the best coaster at Cedar Point either. Could take the #1 overall spot. For now, it seems to be hit or miss with down time. I know I was surprised that they were holding a train in the station until the other hit the final brake run. Seems to me (as also stated by others here) that it could be released when one hits the MCBR. The amount of riders per hour has to be abysmal.
  15. KIBeast

    Disappointed by ride advertisement?

    I'm not exactly sure what to say about the shed on Mystic Timbers. For me, it was on par with what I expected. Mainly because I knew that it wasn't going to be anything out of this world amazing as KI has never built any ride with any great effects. I think the disappointment expressed is really on those disappointed and not on the park. You had built it up inside your head to a point that only something on par with Disney would've satisfied you and that was never going to happen. Of course they were going to build up hype for what's inside the shed. What did you expect them to say? Hope you enjoy sitting in the brake run outside the station instead of baking in the sun. Sorry we didn't bother to theme it at all?