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  1. It's not, but it is shrinking, which is what I was saying.
  2. I have not personally been there, but this past summer, my brother went to Bush Gardens Tampa and he said it's a fantastic park. I trust his opinion as we have experienced a lot of parks together and pretty much have the same taste. I want to go there myself.
  3. I think this will be a great addition to KI. As much as I hate to see Octoberfest go, it seems phasing it out has been happening over the years. I do like suggestions that I have read about including it more in the International Street part of KI. Seems very fitting and I would love to see it become more international like it was, years ago.
  4. Nice trip report. I want to make some suggestions, but I'm not sure if what parks you have visited previously. This park is on my bucket list of places I want to visit.
  5. I have not been to Six Flags Over Georgia since I was a very small child. I don't really remember much about my visit there. I really need to make a trip there. It is definitely on my bucket list of parks to visit. Also, I enjoyed your trip report and you took some great pics.
  6. The link is not taking me to a FB posting. Not sure what happened there.
  7. I rode Zodiac when I was a kid myself. It was a neat ride and I was also unnerved by the chains holding you. In all fairness, the rides like that I always found more terrifying than any coaster. The Skyline also was a nervous experience for me. I don't enjoy the hanging feeling.
  8. Thanks for the assist on beefing up my coaster count, Fox19!
  9. I had not heard about this incident Shaggy, so thanks for the update. I rode it this past summer and it is a pretty good coaster, but needed some TLC.
  10. Cue the Giga bathroom that I predicted when Orion was being speculated about.
  11. That comment was not meant to be aimed at you. You did give good advice and I also agreed with what you had said about keeping it conversational. I assumed (maybe incorrectly) that OldSchool75 is not a content creator and they should make their own video; put themselves out there for criticism.
  12. I think this was a good 1st try at doing a project like this. I've never created my own content. I think the prior advice is good, to keep it conversational. I'm sure as you go along, it will become more like that. I'm sure it's more difficult to do so when you are likely nervous about how it will turn out. Keep creating. I always find it odd that people want to nitpick it apart when they aren't content creators themselves. My advice to them is if you think you can do it better, then let's see what you can do. Put yourself out there and open yourself up to criticism.
  13. I think KK would be better off with their focus towards being a smaller, family friendly park that focuses on waterpark attractions. T3 is an awful coaster, so that one needs to go.
  14. Not to mention the cranes it took to build TTD's top hat in the 1st place are not common and had to be brought in special.
  15. I'd say that Red Force is the example to examine. With the difference in length of launch, TTD could reach the speed necessary to clear the top hat. Also, El Toro Ryan on YT has an interesting and logical video on the announcement. I don't see the layout being altered much, except to accommodate the LSM launch. We may see a re-theme, but doubtful on the addition of any extra track. The price tag for Dragster has already been 25 million, not to mention the subsequent money spent on launch cables and fixes to its other issues. A new LSM launch will be costly as it is. El Toro Ryan Re-imagined explanation
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