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  1. Camden Park: Spider Collapses

    @chugh43, I certainly hope it was nothing as trivial as retrieving sunglasses. Sometimes, you just gotta let things go. @gforce1994, I'm not sure he was in the way of moving machinery. The ride could have been between cycles. Still not clear HOW he was pinned.
  2. Camden Park: Spider Collapses

    @gforce1994, that is the one. I haven't heard exactly how he was pinned under there or what he was doing under the ride. Of course, he could have been under there for any number of reasons depending on his position with Camden.
  3. Nevermind, I was thinking Lightning Rod at Dollywood, not Lightning Run.
  4. Not to sound like Captain Obvious, but if Lightning Run had a similar issue, then you think the design would change up since the same issue has come up before and a change was made. Does this seem too obvious?
  5. Camden Park: Spider Collapses

    Wow, this is not good at all. I love Camden, but if that is what happened, it's hard to defend that.
  6. You know, I never thought about that. The tickets were included with the room, so I am not sure if you can convert those to season passes because I would surely like to hit up KI as well. I'm going to contact them about that.
  7. So, I have booked my trip for Cedar Point this year. I am staying at the Hotel Breakers (haven't stayed there since the renovation) for 2 nights. For 2 days, we are doing the main park and on the last day, we are doing Cedar Point Shores. As I was checking out, I was offered Fast Lane passes and food/drink add on to my reservation. I bought one for one day, which we will use on the 2nd day. It includes 3 FL Plus passes, food/drink wristbands for 3, Fun Pix and you can also do the Dinosaurs Alive attraction (which we have no interest in). Total cost is $1400 and that is basically for everything. We just have to buy food and drinks for the other two days. I feel like it's a really good deal for us. We will be there 6/27-29. Decided to go during the week this year.
  8. 2018 Paramount's Kings Island

    I think the Spongebob car wash ride would have happened. I'm thinking it was a water coaster type of ride? Can't really remember. I am not sure the Diamondback or Banshee would not have been built. SOB was built in the Paramount era, so they were not adverse to building huge coasters.
  9. The Beast Roughness/jerking

    For the record, I don't think either is the deciding factor. What IS the deciding factor is ridership. Mean Streak got the RMC treatment because ridership had really fallen. The Beast doesn't seem to share the same problem. I'm guessing (and I could be wrong) that ridership for the Hurler was severely down.
  10. The Giga Speculation Thread

    I don't want to see a front gate coaster, but just maybe a makeover in terms of a bit more of a renewal as opposed to a complete change.
  11. Vote Mystic Timbers #1 ride in USA Today Poll

    Then what is? Mystic Timbers deserves best new ride of 2017.
  12. Are Standup Coasters Dead?

    I rode each type. My first was King Kobra at KI. When it was a new concept, it was really cool at the time. Pretty good ride. Then I got a chance to ride Mantis and was pleased with how much more they did with the design. I always felt it was a smoother ride than KK. I really don't forsee any new ones being built as it was a fad and has now faded.
  13. My Diamondback Tattoo

    Even with employers these days, tats are not as big of a deal as they were 30 years ago.
  14. Holiday World 2018 additions

    This is a great family addition to the park. For me, it's something like this that is likely to draw me in for the first time. Yes, my family loves coasters, but we also love other things we can all do together. We enjoy a variety of attractions.