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  1. I personally would not mind this addition at all. There are still a lot of choices on manufacturers and styles/models. My brother has been on Carowinds' Copperhead Strike. I think The Vortex piece of land would work quite well for a coaster of that type.
  2. Well, the election is not happening in Ohio. Also, he is calling for finishing the school year at home. Not sure how I feel about that or how it will be done, practically. I know that there is a way students can do things online, but are they ready to be able to do that on such short notice? Then again, with schools already having kids doing their school work at home for the next 3 weeks, it may give them time to have online lessons ready to finish the year. I heard on local news that Trump is saying that this could extend well into late summer. That could be bad news for theme parks and regional parks. Very bad news for people in general. Think about all of the service related jobs there are, should there be a national or even all states decide to quarantine. It not only affects their ability to earn, but also any company that they are indebted to would be affected. Such as, banks (mortgages, car loans, personal loans, credit card debts), insurance company that provide insurance on homes, property and cars. I'm sure I'm leaving out several other related issues that would be affected.
  3. I was literally contacted by my son's school within the last hour about this. The automated message stated that they will be sent home with paper work to be done. It also stated to tune in to a local station dedicated to the local school district for updates. They will also be sending out a weekly message (email or phone, I believe) to touch base.
  4. 2 things going on here. 1) I don't know anyone who is not taking it seriously, which is what your reply was to. What IS going on is people are not buying into the mass hysteria that the MSM is trying to push on the American public. They are billing this as a plague, which clearly it is not. If you recall, the last time we had one was the swine flu. The same principles apply to this virus as did the last one...wash your hands and avoid contact with others. Try not to touch your face as much (more difficult than most may realize). 2) Even though there is treatment for the flu, the current vaccine is for last year's flu, not this year. A fun fact I learned a couple of years ago from my pharmacist. You wouldn't need a yearly flu shot if not for different strains. Once you are vaccinated against that particular strain, you won't contract it. Unfortunately, it's always mutating. I do agree that large gatherings of people indoor will likely be the more serious concern. I am not dismissing the possibilities of outdoor gatherings. However, it is far more communicable indoors. It's always an epidemic in nursing homes for that reason and for the reason that the elderly have a weaker immune system.
  5. I always stay at the Super 8 Mason. It's always a nice room and I do know that they typically offer packages that include tickets. The staff is always great and have gone out of their way to make sure my stay was a pleasant one. I will be staying there yet again this year.
  6. Makes sense, but you'd think the neighbors would've complained about the Son of Beast chain lift.
  7. I'm not sure it really matters anyway. I've seen plenty of long lines for Steel Vengeance. I do remember how Son of Beast had a loud chain lift and that never deterred me from riding it.
  8. ^I completely agree with you there. I would like to have a ground up RMC, but on a larger scale, more like SV.
  9. I personally think it would be the perfect spot for a coaster such as Steel Vengeance. Plenty of land to have a rather large layout. Adding wood topper track to an existing coaster would not give them the most wood track in a park record, so I don't follow you there.
  10. A friend of mine at work suggested a coaster not listed in the poll. How about something similar to Steel Vengeance going there?
  11. The main factors of a ride's removal: Ridership Maintenance Cost Parts availability
  12. Cedar Point and Kings Island pull from very different markets. Market overlay is very minimal. In other words, what exists at one park has almost zero to do with what is available at the other.
  13. Never stayed at LHP. Having stayed at Breakers, it was updated a few years back and is top notch now.
  14. I voted none, but actually made one trip. One last ride on The Vortex.
  15. Well, yeah. Having a son who is now about to be 11 doesn't help either.
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