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  1. I happen to like Khol's haha. Anwyay, are they somewhat pricey? A little, but their clothing quality is better than your standard Wal-Mart fare.
  2. I would not mind seeing Intamin make a return to Cedar Fair. As far as there being another Inatmin giga at Cedar Point, that is not an issue. Cedar Point and Kings Island do not pull the majority of their crowds from the same market, so it is not competition with themselves.
  3. I know this isn't an exciting addition, but the parking lot does need some new paving. After the makeover and re-naming that Cedar Point's water park received, it makes me wonder if all of their properties will receive the same re-naming as it seems they like to be uniform across the chain. I also could see some of WWK's stuff coming here, although some of it is slated to be re-located to Michigan's Adventure.
  4. I never knew that fill dirt would be such a hot topic! I would love to see the Son of Beast station used for an installation. Not sure if there is room for any kind of coaster back there, but I always did like that station.
  5. I think you can add most inversions on a hybrid as well
  6. I remember seeing the Goodyear Blimp up close when I was a kid. It came around to an airport where I live. Different looking than that one in particular, but cool none the less. I remember having a Goodyear blimp inflatable toy as well. Was really cool. I have not seen it over KI that I can recall.
  7. Awesome video. This project is looking like one heck of a ride. Wondering what records this will break? CP seems to do that with every installation. Any thoughts, ideas?
  8. So, I just purchased a Fast Lane Plus pass for that Saturday only. I figured it will really help with the long lines for Saturday. Sunday wouldn't make sense since the crowd will be lighter and we are not staying all day anyway as we have a 3 hour car ride back home. Also purchased preferred parking for both days. I have done that in the past and could not tell you how much the extra money for the preferred parking is so worth it. YOULLBEBACK, thanks for the compliment on the signature. I was on a forum getting advice as I was going through a divorce and was going for primary custody of our son. It helped being able to talk to other guys going through or having been through similar situations. In a discussion, I stated that very phrase. Someone suggested that I use it as my sig and I decided to use it here as well.
  9. Those are some great photos! Lorax, then the subliminal message has achieved its' goal! On a side note, I went as a kid during the time that The Racer was the premier coaster. It had quite the line, back in the day. I remember when The Beast first opened, it was the tallest, fastest, and longest coaster. I did not ride it until after about 3 years open. I think the name alone terrified me. But boy, was I sure glad when I did. That coaster has brought a lot of good memories for me. My grandfather rode it as it was the wildest coaster he had ever seen. I remember the really long lines to ride it, the night time rides where people in the station were chanting, "Bring on The Beast! Bring on The Beast!" Good times and great memories.
  10. By my own admission, I am a bit crazy haha. I am sure that we are going to have a great time not matter what. I just may have to check out a show. I figured Sunday would be less busy than Saturday. This will be my first trip with my girlfriend and my son. The first of three vacations together. We also have Myrtle Beach and Cedar Point ahead of us as well. I am looking forward to Mystic Timbers and some new on-ride photos. I guess one of us will have to ride alone, since there's three of us and we'll want to ride in the same coaster car or next row of next car. I am sure it will be hot as blazes, so plenty of sunblock and water will be the order of the day. It will be interesting as I have never been on any holiday weekend.
  11. This is probably a rhetorical question, but how crazy am I for going to KI on Memorial Day Weekend? I had originally planned on going the weekend of May 20th, but my son's last soccer game is that Saturday. Anyhoo, I pushed our trip back by a week, not realizing the holiday weekend. I figure we will see a good crowd that weekend, but I am also positive we will still have a great time. We are staying the night at the Super 8 Mason, which was really nice last year. Not real expensive and a short drive. Great rooms and service as well. Has anyone been on this particular weekend in years past and how was it? Does KI do anything special on the Memorial Day weekend? We will be there that Saturday and Sunday, not Monday. Thanks for any responses and help or tips you would care to share
  12. Truly sad incident. I pray for her family as no one imagines another family member passing away on a day that should bring lots of joy and good memories. Aren't the seat belts on WWC velcro? Not sure that kind of restraint would have prevented her from standing up if so. I may be remembering incorrectly though. Not sure how you can change the restraints to prevent something like this from happening.
  13. Stand up coasters do have height adjusting seats. Saw many ride ops adjusting seat height on Mantis and King Kobra. I think the novelty of standing on a roller coaster is long since past interesting to most of the general public. I don't believe a new train design is going to change that, and it is unfortunate as I never had an uncomfortable ride on either of those two stand ups.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised to see it wind up at Michigan's Adventure. Perfect fit for that park.
  15. Personally, I like the Vekomas that I have been on. I enjoy Invertigo and Firehawk at KI. I rode Firehawk when it was X Flight at Geauga Lake. Also enjoyed Thunderhawk at GL as well. I really enjoy how Invertigo doesn't look like it would be that intense, but actually delivers a really intense ride. No matter how many times I ride Invertigo, I always picture the train going off the spike like some of my creations used to do in RCT.