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  1. So, we are narrowed down to these options: Gigashed Gigastorage Gigafreestyle
  2. I haven't been on Congo Falls in years. I have noticed that there isn't much ridership as well. Even if you leave Timberwolf and Invertigo out of the equation, it opens up enough space for a nice flat ride to go in there.
  3. I received a copy of your book for my birthday, which is coming up on the 16th of this month. I have not read any of it as of yet, but I will dig into it soon. I'll let you know what I think. My brother bought it for me (and one for himself). I was just asking him the other day if the author was on KIC. I had forgotten about this thread, only to come on here today and see you discussing it on here.
  4. I'm thinking it's to cover up the fact that they plan on adding a giga bathroom.
  5. I fully agree with you on that. I don't think taller will be the next coaster addition or in the next few. Experiences are getting different all the time. Could be a Gerstlauer Infinity coaster that goes into Vortex's old spot. Could also be several other options that they can go with...dive, wing, or multi-launch, etc. It will be interesting to see what comes next.
  6. I know from prior experience that some of the roughness can be attributed to the wheels on the trains. If you catch it when the wheels are particularly more worn, the ride seems a bit more rough. Otherwise, I've had good rides on FOF, even as recently as last season.
  7. I'm thinking it broke the record for steepest drop when it debuted, although I could be wrong. Plus the horseshoe roll is a one of a kind element. Not sure if you count that as a record.
  8. This is good news. I wonder if Fastlane will also return or will it be like last summer where only season pass holders who bought that add on are allowed to use Fastlane?
  9. I voted Orion as well. This is truly a fantastic coaster addition for KI.
  10. Not sure I can pick a favorite memory. On the one hand, my first ride was with my mother and it's a great memory that I have of us going together as a family. On the other hand, riding Vortex with my son his first time was really memorable as well. He had talked about how much he wanted to ride it and The Beast. Then, when we began riding, he decided he wasn't going to. Once I got him to ride The Beast, we weren't even out of the exit when he told me that he was thinking about The Vortex. I told him that we could walk over there and look at it and then decide if he wanted to ride. Without hesitation, we got in line and he fell in love with The Vortex. So, it's a close call with which memory is better.
  11. I would say, without a doubt, CF would have invested in Geauga Lake, but it would be more closer to the level of Michigan's Adventure as opposed to KI or CP. I think they would have received more of an investment than MA, but far less than KI or CP. I think it's a shame that it did not become more of a locals park. The residents certainly did not support it, or it would not have been closed.
  12. My brother has been on Copperhead Strike and he says it's fantastic. I would not be mad if KI installed a Mack. However, with the popularity of B&M Dive and Wing Coasters, either would also be a great fit.
  13. We also know how well they do enforcing the rules anyway.
  14. I just subscribed to the channel and look forward to some great content. Also, as a reminder, don't just subscribe to the channel. Make sure you click that bell to be notified the instant that new content is uploaded.
  15. I'd rather we get a ride like Laff Trak at Hersheypark. I rode their Wild Mouse and although some of it was fun, I had to brace myself against the middle bar as my knee kept getting banged by it. I wouldn't call it a wild mouse, but I remember being very fond of Bavarian Beetle in KI's early years.
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