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  1. KIBeast

    Markers at Cedar Point

    That estimate is nowhere near what the actual figure would be. Otherwise, they would have opted for a longer length of coaster. The mitigating factor was price in the coaster and to build a lift hill of 400 ft was not cost effective, so they opted for a launched coaster instead.
  2. KIBeast

    Will Diamondback always be the tallest at KI?

    Maybe something people are overlooking is the fact that KI could potentially add a wing coaster or dive coaster in the area that Firehawk used to occupy. Now, would I be upset if KI goes with a giga coaster? Absolutely not, but there are other options out there that they could go with.
  3. KIBeast

    Cedar Point running out of room.

    Those who know, don't speak. Those who speak, don't know.
  4. For the record, the Millennium Falcon had the first 3D Hologram game table.
  5. KIBeast

    The Beast vs Mystic Timbers

    I like different aspects of each coaster. I enjoy The Beast's double helix, the multiple tunnels, secluded placement and night time rides. On the other hand, I like the quick directional and smooth changes of direction on Mystic Timbers. I also had a really good night ride this year. Plus I enjoy the first drop's design. I'm just happy that KI has a nice collection of world class coasters for me and my family to enjoy.
  6. KIBeast

    Cedar Point running out of room.

    True, removing Wicked Twister would open up some room, but with such a small footprint, you can't fit much of anything in that area except maybe a flat ride. I don't really see them removing it though. I suppose if the yearly ridership numbers or maintenance warrants it, it will.
  7. KIBeast

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    Firehawk was never my favorite coaster, but I always loved the unique experience it gave. I was fortunate enough to ride it as X Flight at Geauga Lake. I did not experience GL under Six Flags ownership (as I had heard many people tell of terrible customer experience), but I went twice after Cedar Fair bought it. They did a great job with what they had to work with. Unfortunately, I don't think they could repair the damaged reputation that it obtained. A real shame too as I loved several coasters that resided there. Dominator, X Flight, Raging Wolf Bobs, Head Spin, Thunderhawk, The Villain, Big Dipper. They had a really nice water park to compliment it too. At least I have some good memories of that place and still have a Villain hat that I bought there.
  8. KIBeast

    Favorite Past Ride

    In thinking about this topic, it's really hard for me to pick a favorite past ride. I enjoyed so many rides over the years that are no longer there. However, whether or not I would want those to return is an interesting question too. Past Favorites: The Bat, Zodiac, Bayern Curve, Son of Beast, Kenton Cove Keelboat Canal, Screamin' Demon, King Kobra, Tumble Bug, Les Taxi, Bavarian Beetle, Der Spinnin' Keggers, Enchanted Voyage, Flight Commander, Sky Ride, The Trams that brought you to the front gate, even though it's not a ride, The Rotor, the Hanna Barberra Land theme. Wow, I have seen plenty of rides come and go. Boy, I am old, haha. Glad to see the Antique Cars making a comeback. Probably a lot of people see it as a meh addition, but KI needs more rides that the entire family can do. I, for one, always wanted to "drive" the cars.
  9. KIBeast

    Ability to become a Flagship Park

    While Cedar Point could certainly use more shade, it IS the flagship park. It takes in the most revenue and I don't see another park in the chain overtaking that designation any time soon. When I go to Cedar Point, it seems like there is so much more to do.
  10. KIBeast

    Banshee ridership

    Not sure of ridership numbers, but in no way is a line any kind of any indicator of popularity of a coaster or how much ridership there is.
  11. KIBeast

    The Firehawk back-story...

    That is some great insider info you shared @Shaggy. I had heard about the problems with Stealth and Paramount's decision not to install more, but you added so much more vivid detail. I too rode X Flight at Geauga Lake, but after Cedar Fair purchased the park. I never went to SFWOA as I had heard way too many complaints about that park. I should've gone just to say I experienced it. Anyhow, I loved the theme and colors of X Flight. Never cared for the new paint job it received as Firehawk. IMO, they should have stuck with a name that was similar to X Flight as it would have tied in to the X base theme plus you have FOF next to it. Also, I has not read your blog on the Screamin' Demon that was relocated to Camden Park as the Thunderbolt Express. However, you did respectfully correct me on this board about how Camden had acquired that ride. As you may know, people in this area had added on to the addition saying that Kings Island had owned the park and that's why Camden had received Thunderbolt.
  12. KIBeast

    Dorney Park?

    I have often wanted to travel to PA to visit Hersheypark and Dorney. Still haven't made it, but Dorney looks pretty good for a smaller scale park. It does seem to be the step-child of the chain. At least Mia gets water park additions somewhat regularly. I also agree that they should take a step forward with Dorney in making their presence known in the PA area.
  13. KIBeast

    Decoding 2019/2020

    I haven't seen specifically myself, but others have stated that CP has had teasers for rides going up at other parks appear there. @RedStockings1869 , that is still entirely possible for 2020.
  14. Me, guilty as charged. I really like Valravn. It's a really great coaster.
  15. KIBeast

    Kings Mills Antique Autos Path Discussion

    Son of 'Tiques I am a bit behind. I knew that KI was getting the 'Tiques, but am not aware exactly where they will be located. Thanks in advance.