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  1. I think their methods work the best. They look to debunk reports/sightings 1st. When you can't do that, then what's left is evidence. I've watched several other similar types of shows, and their methods are basically, believe what is said or seen 1st and work to prove that correct. That's the polar opposite of legitimate investigating. I'm not sure what is meant by disrespectful when it revolves around the death of an actual person. ALL of their investigations revolve around deaths of actual people. They do not investigate urban legends.
  2. For one, Cedar Point and Kings Island do not draw a lot from the same demographic of guests. Yes, I'm sure you know some people that attend both parks, but it's not generally true for the average park attenders. I'm betting the Orion lift was not 300ft since the drop could be accomplished without having a lift of that height, thus reducing the cost and utilizing the terrain. The Beast does the same. That is money that will be spent elsewhere in the park or on future attractions. I would like to see something go in the spot where Vortex is sooner rather than later, but who knows now that the pandemic pushed back plans by at least a year. I'm loving all of the TLC that The Racer has received and now The Beast is receiving. Should make longer lives for those iconic coasters. I was a little torn about the ornamental fountains on I.S. As much as I loved those, it was past time for an upgrade. Sometimes change is hard for me to deal with, especially with a park that I have been literally attending since the age of 1. Some of the changes have been great and some not so great. All in all, nothing that has changed swayed me from attending or sharing my love of KI with my kid.
  3. Sounds to me like a trip to Kings Island will be in order for next season. What will be new to me will be the re-tracking of The Racer and The Beast. That's enough reason for me to go. I'll have to add this in after I visit Carowinds and Kings Dominion next summer.
  4. I've been in those restrooms a number of times over the years. Those are the worst and I'd take the ones by Raptor any day over those. I'm glad they are finally paving the parking lot. As Ryan has probably noted over the years, this is a topic that has come up several times. We have complained about that lot many times. It only took 2 decades of complaining for it to get done.
  5. I like those. After clicking on the link, I went back to the souvenir list and I like the Eiffel Tower model as well. Eiffel Tower Kit
  6. After posting this, I went over to screamscape where I did find a no limits animation about the possible launch coaster. I think a launched family coaster would be a good fit, or even a Mack spinner. Appreciate your information, thoughts and input.
  7. Appears to be a significant plot of land. Anyone thinking hypercoaster? Any rumors as to what is being built?
  8. Epic! Can't believe no one commented on this suggestion. It certainly sounds better than their RCT name currently being used.
  9. I guess this really drives the nail in the coffin of the rumor about WT being re-located to Great America that many were so certain would happen since it appeared on a brochure.
  10. Personally, I'd like to see another park receive this coaster. I enjoyed it a lot. Will be interesting to see what future expansion will be in its place.
  11. @IBEW_Sparky , my experience with Thunderhawk was that it was just an ok coaster, but I never found it to be rough. I never rode it under 6F operations though. I do consider it to be the poor man's invert. B&M is the superior, obviously.
  12. I would love to see some more flat rides added. I think everyone should make suggestions as to what they would like to see added. Also, let's refrain from telling anyone their suggestions are dumb, etc. Let's keep it light and friendly. Just on a personal note, there are some definite classic flats that I miss. They would not necessarily be on the level of Delirium or Drop Tower. The Rotor, Bayern Curve and Tumble Bug. Also, I would not mind seeing a giant swing like Skyhawk added.
  13. I was just thinking about how far KIC has come and the changes that it has gone through. There was a lot of learning on the fly, but it's been handled well. Not sure when the KIC anniversary is, but it should be celebrated. 

  14. @Browntggrr, back when I took a trip to Cedar Point around 2000, the guy I went with said he like Mantis, but his legs were really sore after riding.
  15. I only rode Disaster Transport. I found it boring and uninspired.
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