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  1. I love The Vortex. However, I am of the opinion that as much as I love it, its' shelf life seems to be coming to an end. I am positive that Ouimet will come up with something great to go in that spot. For me, it will always be the ghost of The Bat location. I loved that ride and unfortunately, it was poorly designed.
  2. Highly profitable park, considering its' size.
  3. I say this with a grain of salt, but rumor has it that it will be relocated to Michigan's Aventure.
  4. I always loved the Mean Streak as well. But I can see where its' shelf life was at an end. Excited for the new
  5. My guess is that this will have most inversions for an RMC'd coaster. Will be interesting to say the least. I am in the camp of 2018 based on the fact that you wouldn't spend that much on a project and not help to push season pass sales for the season it opens.
  6. Wow, I think that one takes the cake. I am sure that I rode The Bat (original) at least twice.
  7. calakapepe, I'm not sure how anyone classes Ohio as midwest either. It's way more east coast than anything. BGT would be the one I pick for CF to buy.
  8. Love the Facebook page and everything you have posted, Shaggy. TombraiderTY. nice posting of the concept art. I too, remember when Adventure Express opened. Twas a great ride with all of the theming, lights. fog, etc. Now, it's a great mid coaster with minimal theming.
  9. Completely agree with all of this right here. You should seek to be a designer or architect. Seriously
  10. Which is why I said it's my opinion. Pays to read
  11. By the picture they are using, I am guessing that Intamin will be building a new ride for CGA or one that is an Intamin is being relocated. I don't think it will be another manufacturer, but that's my opinion.
  12. The sign looks great! I love The Vortex and it was so awesome getting to ride it with my son for his first time last season.
  13. I would rather see something that pops than something that looks like traced letters
  14. Coaster pulls in station... "Riders, how was your ride?" Riders whisper "Yay!!!"
  15. Yes, that is what I was meaning. I do however, like the flying coasters as well, although I have never been on a B&M Flyer.