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  1. I was just thinking about how far KIC has come and the changes that it has gone through. There was a lot of learning on the fly, but it's been handled well. Not sure when the KIC anniversary is, but it should be celebrated. 

  2. I like your Avatar pic. I did something similar on The Beast in 2019, but I did not purchase the on-ride photo. Looking back, I wish I had.


    Have a good day!


  3. I wrote more, but it seems it didn't send to you. Will have to try again later. A quick update, my son is 2 and I'll be 40 this year. Going to start up a new band. That's what the other post is about. Getting together with a guy I knew from the 90's when I was in a death metal band.

  4. I ran into this drummer that I knew from those days and we are getting together to do something new. Should be interesting. Oh, and my son already has his first coaster credit he got at Myrtle Beach last summer.

    Take Care,


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