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  1. On 4/12/2022 at 2:33 PM, nothanks said:

    How about just don't do any more Christian music festivals and leave that stuff to the churches.  

    Curious, but why do you care? I simply don't attend concerts I am not interested in. They have as much right as any other festival or musical act. I've been attending KI since year 2 and haven't been able to justify attending any concert there, Christian or otherwise, when I come for the rides. However, many people enjoy this kind of activity and it seems to make money, so I have no issue with it. To add to this, I would also be ok with a Muslim themed concert or any other religion, for that matter.

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  2. It's not too often I see a ride return, but Phantom Theater is one that I wouldn't mind. However, I am not too confident that KI will do this. I do see Boo Blasters going and re-purposed for a new ride. Will be interesting to see what the future holds for it.

    As far as a new coaster, I'm sure whatever they are planning to go into the old Vortex plot is going to be a real crowd pleaser and fantastic choice. There's no coaster in recent memory that I do not believe delivered a great ride experience. 

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  3. On 1/13/2023 at 12:33 PM, jbeast said:

    I'd really like to see a water coaster added. When I visit Holiday World each year, a ride on Wildebeest and Mammoth are must rides. Plus, my time in Texas at Schlitterbahn showed me how much fun a good tube ride is too. Love that park in New Braunfels!

    I'll 2nd that. I've been on the water coaster at Great Wolf plus also the one at Dollywood Splash Country and I found them to be a lot of fun. 

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  4. With the cost of new trains and launch system combined with new theming, I can't imagine there will be a whole lot more spent on anything else. Would I like to see something else? Yes. Do I think there will be added layout? Just my opinion, but I can't imagine anything more than say an airtime hill similar to Kingda Ka. Of course, I could also be proven wrong, but I would still be surprised.

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  5. 3 hours ago, CoastersRZ said:

    These kind of things kind of seem like a short term gain at the expense of future benefit.  Ie. lets sell our land now and get a big paycheck, but then we have to pay lease payments in perpetuity.  What happens if the real estate a particular park sits on doubles in price?  Well we already sold the land so the REIT benefits from the increase in land value.  Also, the REIT could increase the lease payment required by Six Flags.  Again,  seems like a short term gain at the expense of long term future profit opportunity.

    I wonder if this is what they think would be an alternative to selling off some of the parks? That is something that I believe is more likely to happen than leasing properties.

  6. IMO, I think a surf coaster has the potential to be something cool to bring back to KI. I would even name it King Kobra. B&M can design it with as many inversions as can be accomplished with said model and whatever KI is willing to invest in it. Like others have said, I would wait and see how well this coaster is received by the GP and monitor any reliability issues. 

  7. 3 hours ago, Kenban said:

    You don't understand Disney+ either.  The content appears to be fine since Disney+ is seeing massive growth.  They hit 164 million subscribers to Disney+ in 3 years, when it took Netflix 8 years to reach a similar milestone.  At the rate Disney+ is growing they could pass Netflix in subscribers in the next 2 years.  But that growth has been fueled by basically burning money.

    Also understand the losses are for the entire direct to consumers division, not just Disney+.  That also includes 2 other streaming services, Hulu and ESPN+, which are also likely not making money.  The problem is largely down to the amount of money the streaming services are spending on new content.  The division as a whole spent $16 billion on content last year.  Total across the entire company Disney spent $30 billion on new content.  That means Disney spent more money on direct to consumer, than all the other Movies and TV Shows they made, combined.

    If they're "just fine", how did they lose 100 million on it's latest movie Strange New World and also is down 27% overall?

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  8. Without getting too political, the reason Disney+ is failing has a lot more to do with the President of Lucasfilm and the Marvel titles than Chapek. The large majority of people tuning in are not interested in woke content. Kathleen Kennedy has been trying to steer Star Wars in that direction, which is not going over well. The reason that SW has had any success is due to Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni. I don't really know enough to comment on the managing of the Disney parks.

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  9. I have not personally been there, but this past summer, my brother went to Bush Gardens Tampa and he said it's a fantastic park. I trust his opinion as we have experienced a lot of parks together and pretty much have the same taste. I want to go there myself.

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  10. I think this will be a great addition to KI. As much as I hate to see Octoberfest go, it seems phasing it out has been happening over the years. I do like suggestions that I have read about including it more in the International Street part of KI. Seems very fitting and I would love to see it become more international like it was, years ago.

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  11. I have not been to Six Flags Over Georgia since I was a very small child. I don't really remember much about my visit there. I really need to make a trip there. It is definitely on my bucket list of parks to visit.

    Also, I enjoyed your trip report and you took some great pics.

  12. I rode Zodiac when I was a kid myself. It was a neat ride and I was also unnerved by the chains holding you. In all fairness, the rides like that I always found more terrifying than any coaster. The Skyline also was a nervous experience for me. I don't enjoy the hanging feeling. 

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  13. 21 hours ago, BeeastFarmer said:

    It wasn't my intention to nitpick his video but to offer a friendly piece of advice. Apologies if that is the way it is taken.  

    That comment was not meant to be aimed at you. You did give good advice and I also agreed with what you had said about keeping it conversational. I assumed (maybe incorrectly) that OldSchool75 is not a content creator and they should make their own video; put themselves out there for criticism.

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