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  1. i saw that show on nick one time called rocket power. and on that show they have that pier area with the roller coaster. wouldnt it be neat if they relpicated that roller coaster at KI? or perhaps an entire small themed area within nick central dedicated to that pier. like have the restaurant that the dad owns and everything. I've never seen this. Can you post a pic? I would love to see PKI get a super saturator.
  2. While Son of Beast is not the best coaster in the park it is no where near the worse. There may be alot of helixs but what more could you want with a wooden coaster that loops and a wooden coaster that stands 200 feet +????? The record has standed for 4 years and probaly alot longer. For the whimps that say this coaster is too rough look at The Beast that is just as jerkey and rough as the SOB and arent woodies supposed to be rough? Finally, someone who agrees with me. You may argue that a wooden structure is limited.... well, my not so brilliant friend, if you look right down the road in Rivertown, you'll notice SoB's daddy, which is a wooden coaster with a couple of helixes The main difference aside of the loop is tunnels and trees. What else does The Beast do that SOB does not?
  3. I couldn't agree more. Coney Mall should never become Hollywood Boulevard. I can see it now....lots of neon signs and a casino...how cheesy can you get?
  4. KIBeast


    I was wondering if people like KI better before or after the Paramount acquisition? Some of us old schoolers liked KI (before Paramount) with great classic rides like the Rotor, The Beast, King Cobra, the Screamin' Demon, The Bat, the Bayern Curve, Der Spinnin' Keggers and others. Plus, they had great characters like Fred Flintstone, Dino, Captain Caveman, the Smurfs, Quick Draw McGraw and others. And, Hanna Barberra Land used to be the place to be when you were a kid. But, now they have the Action Zone with great rides like Face/Off, SOB, Delirium and Rivertown now has Tomb Raider:The Ride. And, probably kids enjoy the characters that are now there like the Rugrats (not really sure what other characters there are). Plus, they have Nick Central. What do you guys think?
  5. Sorry, I am already planning a visit for the 7th.
  6. I saw a great commercial yesterday for PKI. They showed a nice shot of Delirium in full swing. They also showed Rugrats Runaway Reptar, Top Gun, Tomb Raider, and I think SOB. There was a heavy emphasis on "ride the movies". Then, a little later, I saw one for Cedar Point. It was awesome as well. But, definitely two different directions for the commercials. PKI's was all about riding the movies while CP's focused on the coasters. Makes me really anxious for my upcoming PKI trip with my brother and two uncles. We are going in two weeks. We used to go together all the time when I was younger, before my back surgery. I couldn't ride coasters for five years. My uncles have not been since Delirium, Tomb Raider, Face/Off, or SOB was built, so they have some catching up to do. I'll post a trip report afterwards as I expect this trip to be memorable. I'm looking forward to adding to my on-ride photo collection. I just need FOF, SOB, and The Beast. Is FOF's photo back this year? I heard that it was coming back.
  7. I liked Days of Thunder when it was playing so I am glad that it has returned. I see this also as a chance for PKI to bring it in line with the "ride the movies" theme that seems to be the center of their marketing campaign.
  8. We will get a new sign this season. I've heard we'll have to wait until June.
  9. KIBeast

    Funny rumors

    You mean it isn't sinking? There's a similar rumor about Magnum XL200 at Cedar Point. It all started with an April Fool's Day joke and evolved into a rumor.
  10. KIBeast

    PKI vs. CP

    I think before too long, there will be three great amusement parks in the state of Ohio. Geauga Lake will be a better park, just give it a few years. They already have a good collection of coasters.
  11. Yeah, but most of the time, coasterbuzz is a reliable source of information. Screamscape, on the other hand, is sketchy and sometimes correct.
  12. It's not the rails that causes the roughness, but rather the wheel assembly I was reading up on Coasterbuzz and some of the people were saying that it is a combination of the wheel assembly, the fact that they never manufactured their own track and some other factors. I can post a link if requested.
  13. Those are great pics man! I've never really seen a good pic of the Ghoster Coaster. All of the photos are excelent quality and the color is really clear. Nice job!
  14. KIBeast

    PKI vs. CP

    Oh, btw, someone posted that Dragster's problems had been corrected and that the ride was operating properly. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I understand its been down more than up so far this season.....complete with lots of roll backs and other fun issues. Yes, but it is the beginning of the season and it has to have time to warm up, not unlike the coasters at PKI. From what I understand, SOB and some of the others are having problems as well, which can all be attributed to the fact that they have not run on a regular basis. And, the major problems Dragster had last year were fixed. Who said rollbacks were a problem anyway? This is not a malfunction of that coaster. There's even a sign in line that warns you that you may in fact have a rollback. At least you can be relaunched. If you have a valley or rollback on any coaster at PKI, it has to be shut down, whereas Dragster can still operate without closing.
  15. I think it depends on what kind of experience you are looking for. You have to give Arrow their props when it comes to coasters. You can go to virtually any park and find at least one Arrow coaster in that park. Unfortunately, they never manufactured their own rails, so that is part of the reason they are as rough as they are. Now, B&M is great because they came up with the inverted coaster and perfected the standing coaster. And, they are great when it comes to smooth coasters. Intamin, they are I think the up and coming coaster kings. They have great smoothness to them, plus they have been pushing the envelope when it comes to new technology and advancements.
  16. How can you not like the Family Guy on adult swim? They spoof tons of movies and TV shows. I think it is funnier than Futurama. Just my opinion.
  17. KIBeast

    PKI vs. CP

    Agreed Browntggrr, I think the best aspect of CP is the ride capacity has been number one for years. When I stand in line for a coaster at CP, it seems that you are always moving, whereas at PKI, you wind up standing in the same spot for a long time. You can't say that CP is generally more crowded than PKI because if you look at the attendance numbers for last year, both CP and PKI are real close to each other. I agree with the Chef that this topic is extremely over done. And Browntggrr, according to the stats you gave earlier, I would say CP might have more flats as well. I took the total number of rides, 66, subtracted the total coaster count of 16, then subtracted the kids rides, 27, and came up with 23 flats. How many does PKI have? And, you can't count the kids' rides as flats or it wouldn't be the same. Guess I'll have to pull out an old PKI map to get a count. I really liked it better when it was Sea World then Six Flags Bought it and turned it into an awsome park I'm gonna miss the animals & The Themed Coasters like the Batman Coaster etc. Yeah, a dirty park with sub par employees had to be much bettter than it is now or will become. No Nicktoon characters for the kids or Scooby-Doo Yeah, that's because CP does not have the rights to these characters. And, they do have the Peanuts gang. And, they do the same things with their characters that PKI does. Granted, they are not as popular characters as they once were, but they are still cool in my book. I liked Charlie Brown and Snoopy long before I liked Scooby.
  18. I think this one is up in the air. What would make one safer over the other? I'm quite sure that Power Tower has some kind of fail safe device like the Drop Zone. I wouldn't assume that if the PT's air pressure failed, you would be screwed. Why would anyone put up one of these towers if that was the case? Answer: No one because parks would not want to risk law suits. BTW, you can't seriously believe that the PT has no backup system in place. I don't think Cedar Point would risk it.
  19. I was checking out the stats and one thing is missing. I wonder how many riders per hour this thing pushes? The cars only hold eight passengers, but how many cars does this run? Anyone know?
  20. I think what people are forgetting is that in the last 5-10 years (maybe longer), there has been a great coaster boom. If you look at the history of these parks, like PKI and CP, you will see that there sometimes were many years that went by without any coaster additions. We should all feel fortunate that these parks have been putting new ones in as quickly as they have. And, I think that you will see that this trend is starting to come to an end. Go to RCDB.com and you will see that new additions of coasters are considerably down from previous years. Problem is, these parks are probably going to slow down so that they can reap the rewards of building these coasters without spending more building new ones. Now, the real question is, how popular will some of these coasters be down the road from now? Were some of them just a flash in the pan? Or, are they real crowd pleasers for years to come? Maybe that is why PKI got out of the coaster race. They would rather build something that will still draw crowds for years to come instead of something that may not be popular in 3-5 years.
  21. When all else fails, get him drunk!
  22. Thanks, it is probably an unusual request. I tried doing a search on ebay for King's Island T-Shirts, but found nothing.
  23. Actually, what I am looking for is a Beast T-Shirt I used to have when I was a kid. It had The Beast Claws on it, but it was poofy and the claws were raised off of the shirt. Does anyone know where I can find one, besides ebay? I've already looked there with no luck yet.
  24. KIBeast

    PKI vs. CP

    :offtopic: but, I didn't know that there was a game coming out. Have you seen the screenshots from RCT3 or the video? You can view the video at rollercoastertycoon.com. Back on topic, I agree with you RevengeofTheSmurfs, that we get by a lot cheaper with our amusement parks. Maybe, if Cedar Fair can get Geauga Lake running up to par, there will be three awesome amusement parks in Ohio that we can visit. I think I am going to give GL a try this year. From what I understand, they have a great floorless coaster, a nice flying coaster, two good woodies, and a Vekoma SLC that is not too bad. I expect some imrovements to be made, but I suspect it will take a couple of full years before they can bring it in line with the other CF parks.
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