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  1. Yes, sell them deflated and let GR inflate them when they leave. no. If I spend 5 bucks to win something I want to use it now. I hope this is sarcasm. If not, use it where?
  2. I remember them from a long time ago, but I didn't see any on my last trip. But, I did not look very closely either.
  3. Actually, what I posted had to do with the post above mine. Someone asked if TR:TR meant Tomb Raider the Ride and I answered yes.
  4. What they need is about two more cameras. And, they shouldn't be focused on one ride but more of an area.
  5. Keep us updated on your progress. And, let us know how and when you want us to send money to cover the costs of the DVD's and shipping. Much appreciated.
  6. Congrats Jeff. It's always exciting when a new baby arrives. Is this his first then?
  7. Don't know about underrated, but the most overrated would be TR:TR. Great theming and music, just lackluster in performance.
  8. I like the idea of transferring it to DVD. Of course, that would require some extra cost. I would be willing to pay for a DVD copy.
  9. I would like to have a copy as well. However, I would make one suggestion. I am guessing that you will get a lot of requests for this tape. So, you might want to have people send you money orders to cover the cost of shipping. I know your probably not interested in making money off of this, but you don't want to lose money either. I would be willing to send a money order to help cover the shipping costs. Good luck in finding a umatic tape of The Bat. Please keep us up to date in your search for that one. I would like a copy of it as well, providing you can find it. Thanks in advance.
  10. agrees the son kills the dad but the son is much shorter in length than the dad. Um, I don't think so. The Beast is 7400 feet and SOB is 7032 feet. Daddy is just barely longer.
  11. It takes me three hours as I live in the southern portion of WV. Most of the trip is quite boring. But, I am ususally excited and wind up talking about how we (anyone that goes with me) is going to have a great time. That and some good music usually makes that trip a little more pleasant and seem shorter.
  12. Thank you, Thank You! With any luck, I will be able to get my first experiences at PKI's sister parks within a couple of years.
  13. I was just wondering if the FOF's, RRR's and Ricochets are clones of one another. I think this has been discussed before, but I can't remember. I would like to visit PKD and PC in the next two years. I was just wondering for my track record. No, I don't brag about my record, it's just for personal tallies.
  14. The only thing I can figure is how the ride ops and crowds used to get really pumped up for The Beast. There used to be a lot of clapping and screaming and once, the crowd in the station was chanting,"Bring on The Beast" over and over. But, that was back when The Beast had a four hour wait. Other than that, I have no idea what Good_GR_Flag is talking about.
  15. Yep, it is. I sincerely hope they lengthen the program and up the intensity. Like some have said before, it was all hyped up to be the greatest indoor themed ride experience out there. Well, it has great theming, but slightly lacks in the intensity department. I was wondering...are there other Huss Giant Top Spins out there? If so, did they all have the same problems as TR?
  16. Cool photos. Seems like I've seen them before. Maybe someone from coasterbuzz had a link to that site.
  17. KIBeast

    The Bat

    It was cooler than Top Gun. Cooler theming and longer ride.
  18. KIBeast

    Flyer Rumor

    I have not heard about SFKK getting a Flying coaster at all. Where did you hear this? Anyway, as long as the layouts of these are unique, I couldn't care less if all of the parks in Ohio have a flyer. Nobody says this when it comes to wood coasters... "Geez, I hope PKI doesn't get a wood coaster cause CP, GL, and SFKK have one."
  19. KIBeast

    The Bat

    The older animals were dying out, and the cost of replacing them was too much. That makes sense, yet it doesn't. They had to have known ahead of time what the cost to replace the animals and feeding them would be. So, how does it all of a sudden become too expensive to maintain? Just trying to make sense out of it. Maybe it was more expensive than they had planned. You know they at least already planned for the expense of feeding and caring for them.
  20. Mine would have to be The Bat. I was fortunate to have been on it. It was fast and furious. Although, I miss a lot of the old rides that used to be there like Bayern Curve, The Screamin' Demon (it was the first coaster I rode that had an inversion and went backwards), Flight Commander, Der Spinnin' Keggers and the Bavarian Beetle. Oh, let's not forget the Rotor. That ride used to trip me out.
  21. And, PKI has worked with the Philadelphia Toboggan Company before, and Intamin, and Huss, and Arrow, and Premier. So, there's really know way of knowing whom they will utilize in the future based on history with these companies.
  22. I highly doubt PKI executives are sitting around saying "The public is demanding a B&M coaster so let's build one." Outside of the people on this board, I doubt anybody could name a coaster manufacturer. People may not know the difference between one manufacturer from the other, but they do know different ride experiences. In other words, instead of someone saying," I wish my park had a B&M coaster" they might say, " I wish my home park had one of those coasters like the Raptor at CP". They don't even have to know the manufacturer's name.
  23. KIBeast

    The Bat

    I was one of the fortunate to have been on The Bat. It was an awesome coaster. I especially liked The Bat Trains. And, I have to agree with Browntggr that I would like to see it return as it was a much better ride than Top Gun. As for the other thing I hear almost all the time they took out The Wild Animal Safari because of a lion attacked a worker.Which has somewhat truth to it.... A lion did attack a worker which would make it totally true, not somewhat true. That was the reason that they took out the Wild Animal Safari, not because they were dying out. When animals die, you just replace them with more, not shut down the ride.
  24. I would like to see other colors available as well. I thought the thong was good for a laugh too.
  25. Any PKI can't not afford to put in a mega ride after a mega ride because it's is not open year around. This is so not true. If it was, why would they make million dollar investments and improvements every year. And, Cedar Point is only seasonal as well and has managed to make huge capital improvements every year too.
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