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  1. I would like to see that. I saw them either on Jay Leno or Conan O'Brien recently. They played some song that was like a mix of songs you knew or something they had done. At the end, one of them ripped off part of a shirt off another one (like the Janet Jackson incident) to reveal a glowing heart. Pretty funny stuff.
  2. I did not know that. I thought it was for the original Bat that was at KI. I'm thinking about bidding on those myself.
  3. KIBeast

    PKI vs. CP

    :offtopic: but, Giggling Green Ghost, is part of your sig from The Nightmare Before Christmas? Sounds very familiar.
  4. I thought that these were some cool items I found on ebay if anyone is interested. One is a King Cobra Post Card. Another is The Bat stickers and yet another is The Beast stickers. Here is a link to the KC post card...King Cobra. The Bat Stickers can be found here...The Bat The Beast Stickers can be found here...The Beast
  5. KIBeast

    PKI vs. CP

    First of all, Dragster's problems have been fixed. So, would I rather have an operating Stratacoaster or an TR:TR that has had one extra year to operate, yet still can't do so on a consistent basis? Easy choice.
  6. Yes, but how do you explain the Superman: ROS accident. I'm pretty sure this has a block brake system, but this still did not manage to save that poor guy. And, how do you explain two instances in earlier threads in which seatbelts were coming undone, yet the ride never stopped on any block brakes?
  7. FOF1996, if you were referring to my post, then I guessed you missed my meaning. Anyway, what I meant by expensive to maintain is if the parts are no longer manufactured and would have to be custom made, then it can become really expensive to maintain. And, this has happened before...i.e. The former Screamin' Demon which is now the Thunderbolt Express. I have heard that S&S/Arrow do not make certain parts for these coasters any more as there are not too many left operating, therefore no reason to keep making parts for them.
  8. Yeah, maybe a ride like Tomb Raider would have an emergency stop, but what about a coaster. No emergency stop there. You just have to hope that you make it back.
  9. I thought that the old cars were just repainted to the Scooby Doo theme. Or, are they new cars?
  10. You are correct, Smurfs Enchanted Voyage. Sounds better to me now that I have seen that there is a different company that makes the Vertical Drop Coaster. If, in fact, that they would be the ones doing it.
  11. I think that I would like a cicada on the barbi?
  12. They closed the Safari because one one of the workers died in a lion attack.
  13. By the pictures at rcdb, this looks like a much better idea than a B&M. I was wondering how you would fit a beemer indoors. It would have to be an extremely large building.
  14. No, I have not been on either of them. Besides, if this is such a great coaster, why are there only two that have been built? And, this is not exactly a new design either. Oblivion was built in '98. Don't know about the other. Six years and only two have been put up? I think it speaks for itself.
  15. Honestly, I don't know if the layout will be any different. From what I read over at Coasterbuzz, there was an article about how the B&M dive machine to be located at BGT will be different. Something about an inversion of some sorts. If you like, I will post a link to the article.
  16. The Addams Family coaster was a concept for a new ride to possibly be placed at a Paramount Park. There was a survey about this concept and one for the Italian Job. Basically, the Addams Family coaster would be a heavily themed B&M Dive Machine or Vertical Drop coaster. You can find pictures of Oblivion at Alton Towers which is the same coaster without the theming here and here.
  17. I have to agree. All of this Anime is pure crap. Why does everyone seem to have really big eyes? Not only that, the plot of these cartoons are craptacular as well. As far as I'm concerned, they can take it all back to Japan.
  18. I think the general consensus is that the new attraction will be located in Coney Mall. All other PKI sites seem to think the same.
  19. I do not want the Addams Family Coaster unless someone has figured out a way to make the dive machine more exciting. It is a one trick pony and not a great trick at that.
  20. Vortex will not leave. I don't know this for sure, but, unless it is really expensive to maintain or there is zero ridership, then there's no reason it should go.
  21. Uh-oh, here goes this argument again. Whether or not PKI and CP are in competition. Some say yes, some say no. I think so, but I really don't want to go there. Anyway, I think the cars should stay. They are great for little kids whom want to feel like they are driving.
  22. Coasterbilly, I was just kidding anyway. I thought it would be funny to say watch your tongue and then use the smiley with tongue hanging out. No harm, no foul. Anyway, I liked it and wish there was a park nearby that still has one.
  23. Then, it seems as if it is almost a sure thing.
  24. I guess it will depend on who owns the rights to them now.
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