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  1. I guess it will depend on who owns the rights to them now.
  2. Hey, hey, hey, watch your tongue! . Tumblebug was a good little ride that I rode when I first started going to KI. I don't know if you call it a coaster, but it has the same sensations going up and down over the little hills. Later, I graduated to The Racers.
  3. IMO, I don't think SOB needs any huge adjustments. Yes, it is rough, but so is The Beast. PKI will not tear down SOB and does not need to do so. I think the layout is just fine the way it is. Nothing needs to change about SOB except maybe better trains. But, I gets no pains.
  4. I rode the Ghoster Coaster once with my niece. It think it is a great junior coaster to start the little ones with. :offtopic: I also rode Runaway Reptar and thought it was cool too. The only thing I didn't like was the height restriction. What I mean is, it's incorrect. I was not too tall to ride according to PKI's rules and when we first started up the hill my feet touched the bottom of the ride. I was not too confident on that one. And, I am only 5'11". Maybe they need to rethink that one. BTW, the off topic refers to my own post about Reptar before anyone gets offended.
  5. It could have to do with maturity, but I don't think it makes a whole lot of difference as long as they are properly trained. What could an adult 18 or over do that a minor could not? Especially if you're talking coasters. Whatever happens, happens. No adult will be able to do anything differently. I think this is a paranoid move.
  6. I highly doubt the city of Mason is doing this in order to push PKI around. More than likely it is a law that they set up for everybody and PKI has to go through the same procedure that anyone else would have to. Regardless of how big PKI is, it is not above the law. Yeah, I understand your point of view. But, as I said before, you would think that Mason could bend the rules for PKI. Of course, maybe others would see that as favortism, so I see what you mean. Then, you would have other businesses crying over "Why was PKI allowed to build theirs at a certain size and we can't". It just really made sense after I thought about it for a moment.
  7. Why is this topic in the New Attractions section anyway? These are not new, just newly painted. I for one am glad that they are taking the time to repaint and refurbish their rides. This is something that was being overlooked for too long.
  8. Thanks, CoastersRZ, for clearing that up. You would think that Mason would be more than happy to bend the rules for PKI. It's not like Mason doesn't make any money off of PKI. This is something that just blows me away. That these towns, cities, counties, whatever, do nothing except try to **** off these major amusement parks. CP had to battle Sandusky over a new parking tax. Of course, it only affected CP. Sandusky finally caved in and repealed the tax. And now, Mason is trying to give PKI grief? Makes absolutely no sense. First of all, Sandusky or Mason would be overlooked if not for the fact that there are major amusement parks located there. And then, they want to tax them to death or try to restrict them in one way or another. Any thoughts?
  9. Maybe I'm wrong, and tell me if so, but I wouldn't think it would be a big deal on getting a new sign up. What I mean is, why the delay to get this thing up? It's not like they're building a ride.
  10. I always check the weather here...weather. As has been said before, lines are just unpredictable. I always wait until when they are open on weekdays and go then.
  11. Do you mean current long lines? If so, it's between Face/Off and Drop Zone. If you mean lines from yesteryear, well I waited 4 hours for The Beast the first few years it was open. The Vortex used to have a 3 to 4 hour wait. FOF has had 3 hr waits in the past as well. Oh yeah. And The Racers had 3 hours waits as well, I think.
  12. This rumor has been going on for years. It is not going anywhere. The only reasons to remove it would be that it is 1) a maintenance nightmare (like KC) 2) not safe any more (it is safe) 3) replacement parts are no longer available (which they are still available). So, there is no real reason to remove it.
  13. I think what was meant by winning the lottery, they were referring to a large lottery, like Powerball. Anyway, back on topic. I think restraints can fail and since it doesn't specify which restraints, I'm assuming it includes seat belts. I did have a ride once on one of the wood coasters at CP or PKI (can't really remember) and my seatbelt popped loose. Was sure glad there was a lap restraint. I managed to get it buckled back mid ride with a bit of a struggle.
  14. PKI will probably wait for a significant birthday to refurbish AE, if they even bother to do it. Not one of my favorites, but I usually take at least one spin on it every visit.
  15. I was thinking more on the lines of glass walls, not the floor.
  16. specialk141, obviously you missed the part that said JK (just kidding, in case you didn't know). I just thought it was funny, being said sign of a sign. You people are way too sensitive. Actually, my I'm with stupid was aiming at what the Rickster said.
  17. This is a much better looking color and style. Great work!
  18. Looks fantastic. I'm at work and have a broadband connection. Wonder if it loads slowly for anyone with regular dial-up?
  19. Usually the best time to go is during the week. June is a good time to go as it is less crowded. I have heard that Tuesday through Thursday are the best days. One Thursday I went with a friend and there was 15 minutes or less wait on all of the major coasters.
  20. I won't be visiting Boomerang Bay and couldn't really care less. Visited Water Works once and it wasn't enough for me to be a repeat customer there. I am very interested to see what has been done with The Beast, though.
  21. I don't think The Vortex is a signature steel coaster. I don't think anyone travels from miles around just to ride The Vortex. But, they do travel from miles around to ride The Beast. See the difference? Not only that, The Vortex is very outdated and PKI needs to add a signature steel to the park.
  22. I think what some of the people are saying is that PKI needs a signature steel coaster, not that PKI doesn't have a signature coaster. Think of all of the different kinds of steel coasters out there right now that are good and PKI doesn't have any of them. Examples: A Hypercoaster, Gigacoaster, full circuit Inverted Coaster, Standing Coaster, Floorless Coaster, or Flying coaster. I really don't think that a B&M dive machine is a good idea either. It's basically a one trick pony. I apologize as well if anyone was offended by my posts, but I thought posting something as fact with no way to back it up was part of the forum rules, which I can't seem to find now.
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