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  1. Amen, coasterbilly. Actually, I thought that the Rose Bowl and the other helix was the worst parts in terms of roughness. Otherwise, fine by me.
  2. That is a really good question. And, a park like CP, who is putting in a new one very often, I would have to say it would take more time than PKI since they don't build as often. Think about this...The Beast has more than paid for itself. People come from miles around even 25 years later just to ride this classic.
  3. Once again, Browntggr, you make the most sense here. Absolutely correct, there isn't any park anywhere that is going to be able to buy a coaster and completely raise attendance in one year to pay for it. I highly doubt that Tomb Raider or Delirium has paid for itself in the one and two years existance respectively. "Delirium was about 8 million and TR was about 20 million. " The cost for TR:TR would pay for a coaster. I believe the cost of Millenium Force was in the 25 mill. bracket.
  4. Excellent pics and newspaper clippings. I like the shots of the Tumblebug and Winnie Witch's Cauldron, I had completely forgotten about that one. Were the cars on the Screamin' Demon yellow or green? In some of the pics it looks yellow and some it looks kinda green. I like the way you flipped the one King Cobra looping pic. I would like to see some pics of Der Spinnin' Keggers if you ever find one. I remember the cars looked like Barrels and then later on, the tops of the Barrels were removed. Anyone remember this, or am I crazy? (before anyone says it, I am crazy, just wondering if I'm correct)
  5. Captain Picard, I was not aware that you worked for Viacom. How, exactly, do you know that Viacom will not give PKI the money to build a large steel coaster? Chef, I think you are referring to the rollersoaker and one is located I believe at Paramount's Carowinds. So, let's see, the general opinion is since PKI has built two flat rides in a row, they are not going to build any more coasters any time soon, wow, real genius at work here. Besides, as Browntggr has already stated, TR:TR and Delirium are not family oriented rides. They are just trying to build up their flat rides collection.
  6. I'm working The Bat! (JK) Never worked at an amusement park, but wish I could have.
  7. How about old pennants with coasters on them?
  8. KIBeast

    Flyer Rumor

    Hate to tell you all, but Wildcat at CP pulls more G's than TTD. This is a fact, not an opinion. Look it up. Anyway, I will have to ride a flyer for myself before deciding if it's worth the wait. I'm thinking now that PKI will probably add a nice steel hyper to their base and it will be loads of fun. That's what people seem to forget, having fun. They are more interested in what kinds of records will be broken. Not every coaster has to be a record breaker to be a quality coaster. Especially these days with the wooden coasters. I think that it has been proven that with wood coasters, higher and faster definitely does not mean better.
  9. KIBeast

    Flyer Rumor

    It means that there will probably be an announcement later this season for a new coaster. Just read between the lines.
  10. Do you know, Dane, what it will be for? And, can you say?
  11. I just heard on a local radio station that they are giving away tickets to PKI for a special sneak preview in April. Anyone know what this is about? I was assumng it was for Boomerang Bay, but who would want to go to the water park in April?
  12. I can't make it either, but am looking forward to a PKIC day at the park some time this season.
  13. They ran the train empty after they hosed it down to dry the water. I saw this happen on Millenium Force two years ago. I was with a friend and this kid, who looked to be about 8 or 10 years old had puked on the ride. They hosed out the train and then blocked off the seats that had been puked on. Now that I think of it, I'm not sure why they would run a train that was completely empty.
  14. Good question. Well, how do they get a train back to the station if it valleys? Probably manually somehow.
  15. The Rose Bowl is the first helix. I don't think you will really see a visibly noticable change.
  16. Also, PKI has a long way to go before they can be compared to IOA, anyway. They are getting there, slowly but surely, but they are not there yet.
  17. Face/Off is by far the best movie of the ones listed. And, the ride name couldn't fit any better.
  18. If you are talking on-ride videos, I would definitely like to see that happen. Otherwise, I think that this is a great site.
  19. The glassblower shop was there two years ago, I know for sure. I didn't go last year, so I can't say for sure. Chef, where's the Magic Shop and what do they sell?
  20. Now, the rumors will start that Drop Zone is leaning and will eventually fall.
  21. I also heard that it was removed because of a certain section where the train would get stuck and not clear a hill.
  22. Yeah, seems ironic (moronic), doesn't it. I think the GP is being spoiled by B&M and Intamin. Now, they expect every steel coaster to be extremely smooth.
  23. Thanks for the clarification. I would hate to see any coaster's status as SBNO.
  24. Yes, it is truly in sad condition. Camden Park is in my hometown and it pains me to see it rusting away. I rode it first at KI and loved it. That was the first coaster I ever road that looped and went backwards. By the way, what is SBNO? I rode it as Thunderbolt Express and it seemed as if it wasn't built as tall as it origianlly was. Or, I was just littler then and it seemed bigger. Does anyone know if it is the same height as it was at KI?
  25. I would hate for the glassblower shop to go. Although I have never bought anything from there, I like to stroll through at the end of the night before I head home.
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