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  1. I think either Top Gun or Vortex will be the next to go. But, I don't see this happening for a long time like someone stated before, the parts are still available and they still give pretty good rides. Adventure Express should not go either because it is a good family/beginner coaster.
  2. Actually, my favorite place to relax and people watch would be a bench somewhere real close to the Eiffel Tower. Of course, while enjoying a waffle cone with soft serve vanilla ice cream.
  3. KIBeast

    Flyer Rumor

    At this point, I would like to see a flyer, but will be happy with any decision they come up with as long as it's a coaster. The drought has been too long. The only coaster I wouldn't want would be something short or low capcacity.
  4. Borg Assimilator is the name of the new flying coaster at Carowinds.
  5. Hmmm...I actually heard that in Australia, Fosters is considered to be not a very good beer, but I likes. I would like to see beer served also and maybe some authentic cuisine. I'm beginning to think that PKI needs to hire Italian Chef :chef: and let him take over the food service. Seems to me that he has many good ideas.
  6. I remember the monrail as well. Can't remember too much about where it was located and where it went, though. I think my family particularly liked the ride because it was air conditioned. Sweet relief from summer heat.
  7. How about Drop Zone? That movie is craptacular even though it's a good name for the ride. I think people would agree with me if they had seen the movie before they rode it.
  8. This is a hard subject to pick just one. I guess the one I miss the most is the Bayern Curve. I always thought that was a fun one. Others I miss: Smurfs Enchanted Voyage, Flight Commander, Bavarian Beetle, Zodiac, Der Spinnin' Keggers, Tumblebug and the Rotor.
  9. Actually, it's a three trick pony. 1, the speed. 2, the height. 3, the vertical twist on the way down. It really doesn't matter about anyone's personal record books, because they are not internationally recognized like Guiness, which is the only record book that counts. Why does everyone bad mouth TTD when XCelerator is basically the same ride, just smaller and slightly longer? I think rocket coasters are excellent and apparently so does the general public. Otherwise, Intamin wouldn't be building its third in three years at Hershey Park.
  10. Let's see...Wayne's World. Nobody cares and probably not very many people at this point probably even remember. Bad choice for theming. Hmmmm...Top Gun (already use that theming even though it's now trash). What could you possibly do with Beverly Hills Cop other than a poster? Nothing. Same could be said for Days of Thunder. Nothing. If we're going to pick movies to theme the park by, then how about choosing movies that people will remember 20 years from now. Something like Star Trek, that will still be popular years from now.
  11. KIBeast

    Flyer Rumor

    Yeah, a 500ft. coaster would be awesome for PKI! Actually, I am beginning to re-think my earlier choice and want to go with a B&M inverted coaster. Those rides are real smooth and it's amazing what can be done with them. I would like to see one built that would utilize the landscape. I don't think very many of them already out there do this. And PKI has plenty of landscape with which to work with. I'd like to see an inverted put in over by FOF and somehow stick with the space theming. That article or whatever I read about coasters going to the 700ft. mark, true or not, brings up a very good question. What do you guys think that the height limits the body can handle for a coaster? In other words, somewhere, there has to be a line drawn on the maximum height and speed a coaster can go without the G forces causing you to pass out. What do you think this would be? I apologize, I kind of strayed :offtopic: . As I said earlier, I would rather see an inverted than a flying coaster go in at PKI.
  12. I have to agree, Express44, that it will be some time before they remove Top Gun. I just hope that this time, they at least build a new one before they remove it. Or, at least have plans to build one in its' place.
  13. KIBeast

    Flyer Rumor

    Skatefanjeff, I have been searching for about and hour and a half with no luck finding the article. I only visit a few coaster sites like coasterbuzz, guidetothepoint, virtualmidway, pki-central, and pkiunlimited. I know that it is located somewhere within the CP websites or the coasterbuzz website, I just can't seem to find it. Basically, the article was with I believe Monty Jasper, whom is over construction at CP. The article stated that Intamin made the claim that they have the technology to go 700ft. Wish I could find that f'n article. I'll keep searching and hopefully be able to post a link soon. Back to the topic at hand, I would like to see a flyer. Many enthusiasts say it is rather boring, but I'm not gonna be convinced until I get the chance to ride one.
  14. Anyone have 1.1 million that I could borrow?
  15. I guess, Chef, that I am the Ulra-Super Geek. I love Star Wars, Star Trek, D&D, and coasters, What a Combo! But seriously, maybe I have been a little rough on PKI in the past and I do love this park ever so much since I have been attending when I was about 8-10 yrs. old. I feel sometimes that I am overly critical because when I first started going, it was the most amazing park, considering I had only been to Camden Park in my hometown. It seemed so clean and neat and just leading the way in thrills and family fun. It still does accomplish this, but, sadly, the theming is going to pot and maybe I am remembering something better than it was, but I don't ever remember seeing the theming in such a state when I first started going. Anyway, back on topic. I think that a Star Trek themed coaster would fit in nicely over by the FOF area and would keep in line with the space theming.
  16. Italian Chef Says "And yes......I ACTUALLY LIKE STAR TREK AND AM NOT A NERD." I feel the same way Chef!
  17. I would have voted for a popular Paramount picture. But, seeing how there aren't any, I voted for Star Trek. Seems to me that everyone just wants a new ride themed after a Paramount movie, popular or not. Maybe 2004 will bring a good Paramount movie. Oh yeah, just another thought. Just because a movie is popular does not make it good nor necessarily a good choice to theme a ride by.
  18. I never said that I would not go to PKI, just not as much as I used to. Someone always has to be a smart a** and can only come back with, well, just go on to CP and I won't have to stand in line behind you. If you really cared for the park, then you would want them to keep up with maintenance and themeing. And, if more and more people start thinking like I do, then eventually attendance will drop and there will be no more PKI.
  19. Not to say you are wrong The Rickster, but where did you hear that they are re-themeing Top Gun? I have not heard that one yet. I did hear about AE, but not TG. And, I also agree with mars1825 that the days of nice themeing are over with at PKI. They couldn't seem to care less unless it's a new ride. But then again, the themeing for the newer rides will rot like all the others leaving an eyesore, but what do they care as long as they sell season passes. To me, if it's not nice to look at, I'm more apt to go somewhere else that looks better. That's another reason I go to CP more often even though it is a longer drive for me.
  20. Actually, I would have to say that The Racers would have to be their best decision, with The Beast as a close second. Why? It was really The Racers that put them on the map initially. And, I have read in several places that it was the building of The Racers that brought back the coaster revolution. Then, I would say The Beast, because it is still the signiature coaster of the park over SOB, Face/Off, Vortex, or Flight of Fear.
  21. Intamin seems to be leading the way in terms of building costs for their coasters. Yes, they wouldn't want to have a new coaster that breaks down three times a day, but what is not being realized is that it is bound to happen with any coaster from any manufacturer. The reason for this is simple...there's always a break-in period for any coaster and most need tweaking after opening and you always run the risk of at least a little downtime.
  22. KIBeast

    Flyer Rumor

    The real question is, who would want to name a flying coaster after a box office flop like timeline? Oh, wait a minute, PKI already named a ride after a box office flop...Drop Zone. Before you say it, I know that DZ is a good name for the ride, I just wouldn't have associated it with that awful movie. I also thought that Hypersonic XLC had a lot of potential and was wasted. What bothers me is many people bash Top Thrill Dragster for being a short ride and a two trick pony, but you never hear anyone bashing XLC, which is a short ride and a two trick pony itself. I guess it's easier to bash something that is not located in your favorite park chain.
  23. I am looking forward to SOB first. But since I have not been on Delirium or Tomb Raider, those would be 2nd and 3rd on my list.
  24. 10) Hibernate until PKI opens 9) Watch coaster videos 8) Wish for quick winter 7) Party 6) Buy Playstation 2 5) Buy Computer for home 4) Buy K'nex Rippin' Rocket 3) Work Less, Play More 2) Watch more movies 1) Play RCT 2 until I can't stand it any more!
  25. KIBeast

    Flyer Rumor

    Seeing how PKI does not trust S&S any more, I highly doubt that they would build one. And, just because S&S designed one, doesn't mean that anyone will buy one. By the way, how tall is this supposed to be? From what I have read, Intamin has the plans and the technology to build a 700ft+. coaster, which will probably wind up being the last coaster built at Cedar Point when Dick Kenzel retires in '07. So, if it's not bigger than that, the record won't last long.
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