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  1. Last night, my uncle sent me a video from what we think might be the opening year of Kings Island. Unfortunately, there isn't any sound. It's still a cool video in my book. My uncle was the one that took this video. He said the last time he moved, he lost a bunch of his old home movies, but found this one. He had it digitized so that he didn't lose the one remaining that he has. Hope everyone enjoys. I know I did, as it was a look back into my first time attending Kings Island. 0382376755.mp4
  2. Considering RMC introduced the T Rex track 6 years ago and have yet to fully develop/sell said model, I can see Intamin easily beating them to the punch. Maybe it's because they've been in the industry a while and are a more trusted name with considerably more installations. I'm not really sure. Just a guess. And yes, Intamin is still very much active and trusted company, even though Cedar Fair does not feel that way.
  3. So, it appears that Intamin is interested in the single rail coaster concept, but also adding their own design ideas. I ran across this video on YouTube where there design ideas are discussed along with the TRex design of RMC. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sb80vFNOsb4 Competition is always a good thing and will benefit the coaster community and the general public.
  4. Due to this year's pandemic, I am wondering if CF plans on adding much in the way of rides throughout the chain? Many of these parks did not get to really cash in on their recent investments that would have helped their attendance. This also begs the question about 2021 in general with the SF chain or even independent parks. I see someone posted a cool video of a coaster being added to Silverwood, which is what caused me to think about this subject. Side note: I did end up taking a trip to KI, reluctantly. It was as miserable experience as could be expected under the current conditions. This was in no way their fault. However, Orion lived up to its billing. I like it as well as Millennium Force, possibly better.
  5. That and you would have one more Dippin' Dots guy who can let us know future ride installments at KI.
  6. That's your opinion. You are entitled to that. I think it's very relevant. Hospitalizations are determining the severity of it. You have a large part of population that is either asymptomatic or very mild symptoms. https://www.who.int/docs/default-source/coronaviruse/situation-reports/20200306-sitrep-46-covid-19.pdf?sfvrsn=96b04adf_4#:~:text=For COVID-19%2C,infections%2C requiring ventilation.
  7. The larger concern is cases resulting in hospitalizations, not number of cases. Anti-body testing in Ohio also shows that Covid-19 has been there since January.
  8. Something I think worth noting in the conversation about Covid-19 and amusement parks. Holiday World in Indiana is not requiring anyone to wear face masks. I realize it's a different state, but it is within the same industry. The stated reason from their website is that face masks go against their loose articles while riding policy. To me, this makes more sense. Not just that, but coupled with the the fact that the CDC stated that it's rare to contract it from surfaces and also that being in the heat also makes it extremely difficult.
  9. Cancel culture at its finest. I mean seriously. For the most part, what is being requested is beyond ridiculous. If you find movies, comedians or anything offensive, you simply don't watch or partake.
  10. Let me re-iterate the original point. It's not one thing that lead to my decision not to attend. It's a combination of all the above. I have to ask you this...how close are you to Kings Island? Would you be willing to drive 3 hours, have one person in your party that registers a temperature (that may or may not be accurate) and told you are not able to come in, only to turn around and drive 3 hours back home? Or worse yet, 5 hours? (the travel time to for me to get to Carowinds) To assume I'm not taking it seriously or that I don't care or isn't a big deal is you just making a strawman argument. I've never stated any of the above. As to your point #2, it will take 15 seconds to take, but you'll be waiting in line to have it checked for far longer than you are assuming. If you don't think checking everyone is going to slow down a process that already gets backed up by entering or re-entering the gate, you'll see how that turns out when you actually attend. Point #3, as evidenced by Six Flags' reservation system, it will likely run in to issues or just flat out crash altogether. I am not convinced nor is there evidence of any reservation issues that was due to some inferior program 6F chose to use. I think you'll find that there will be a lot more people that travel from a long distance (especially those with kids) that will feel the same as I do.
  11. No offense to KI as I know that they are following the guidelines to re-opening, but I will skip the trip this season. You factor in wearing masks in 90 degree weather, making a reservation, no dining indoors, doing a health pre-screen online 24 hours prior to arrival, temperature checks at the gate (which may or may not be accurate) and it's just way too much for my family to make 3-5 hour trips to KI and Carowinds to possibly be told we may not enter. To say I'm disappointed is putting it mildly. Not disappointed in KI, just in the situation at hand. Personally, I hope they win their lawsuit against the state of Ohio. Something has smelled rotten of this whole situation as to accuracy of information we have been fed from the beginning (no, I don't want to debate that fact, so don't bother responding to this part of my post).
  12. That could be detrimental to their health as well. I'm seeing now where some Walmart employees who wear masks 8 hours/day are getting pleurisy from breathing CO2.
  13. FWIW, Theme Park Review Tweeted out today that the Ohio Governor is making an announcement this Thursday and it's good news. So, let's all keep our eyes and ears open for an announcement, hopefully Thursday.
  14. I have been checking the Kings Island website daily and the last time they made any kind of announcement was May 8th. I am hoping that near that date, there will be an announcement.
  15. I rode Screamin' Demon. I don't remember the launches being particularly forceful. What I do remember is waiting in those awful lines, walking up the tower to ride, the drops and loop. It was my first looping coaster and first coaster backwards (Racer being the 2nd). No one that I know of that went there referred to it as just The Demon. I also remember getting a cool pennant (wish I still had it) that had logos for The Beast, The Bat and The Screamin' Demon. Can't recall if there were any other coasters or rides listed on it.
  16. I personally would not mind this addition at all. There are still a lot of choices on manufacturers and styles/models. My brother has been on Carowinds' Copperhead Strike. I think The Vortex piece of land would work quite well for a coaster of that type.
  17. Well, the election is not happening in Ohio. Also, he is calling for finishing the school year at home. Not sure how I feel about that or how it will be done, practically. I know that there is a way students can do things online, but are they ready to be able to do that on such short notice? Then again, with schools already having kids doing their school work at home for the next 3 weeks, it may give them time to have online lessons ready to finish the year. I heard on local news that Trump is saying that this could extend well into late summer. That could be bad news for theme parks and regional parks. Very bad news for people in general. Think about all of the service related jobs there are, should there be a national or even all states decide to quarantine. It not only affects their ability to earn, but also any company that they are indebted to would be affected. Such as, banks (mortgages, car loans, personal loans, credit card debts), insurance company that provide insurance on homes, property and cars. I'm sure I'm leaving out several other related issues that would be affected.
  18. I was literally contacted by my son's school within the last hour about this. The automated message stated that they will be sent home with paper work to be done. It also stated to tune in to a local station dedicated to the local school district for updates. They will also be sending out a weekly message (email or phone, I believe) to touch base.
  19. 2 things going on here. 1) I don't know anyone who is not taking it seriously, which is what your reply was to. What IS going on is people are not buying into the mass hysteria that the MSM is trying to push on the American public. They are billing this as a plague, which clearly it is not. If you recall, the last time we had one was the swine flu. The same principles apply to this virus as did the last one...wash your hands and avoid contact with others. Try not to touch your face as much (more difficult than most may realize). 2) Even though there is treatment for the flu, the current vaccine is for last year's flu, not this year. A fun fact I learned a couple of years ago from my pharmacist. You wouldn't need a yearly flu shot if not for different strains. Once you are vaccinated against that particular strain, you won't contract it. Unfortunately, it's always mutating. I do agree that large gatherings of people indoor will likely be the more serious concern. I am not dismissing the possibilities of outdoor gatherings. However, it is far more communicable indoors. It's always an epidemic in nursing homes for that reason and for the reason that the elderly have a weaker immune system.
  20. I always stay at the Super 8 Mason. It's always a nice room and I do know that they typically offer packages that include tickets. The staff is always great and have gone out of their way to make sure my stay was a pleasant one. I will be staying there yet again this year.
  21. Makes sense, but you'd think the neighbors would've complained about the Son of Beast chain lift.
  22. I'm not sure it really matters anyway. I've seen plenty of long lines for Steel Vengeance. I do remember how Son of Beast had a loud chain lift and that never deterred me from riding it.
  23. ^I completely agree with you there. I would like to have a ground up RMC, but on a larger scale, more like SV.
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