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  1. LongLiveTheSmurfRide

    Smurf on eBay

    That'd be a neat piece to own.
  2. LongLiveTheSmurfRide

    The love for Son of Beast

    I remember the year it was announced and seeing the very awesome detailed model of it that they displayed near the park entrance. I was so hyped for it. I live near Dayton but my friend and I would make trips out to the closed park in the off season just to sit in our cars and look at it in different stages of it being built. It was definitely a beautiful structure and was a sight driving up to the park. When it opened I made 3 different trips to the park in the mornings to ride and it seemed to be down whenever I got there. I would only have an hour or so to wait so I'd have to leave without riding. It wasn't until the 4th trip that I finally got to ride and I knew something wasn't right. It just was too shaky for a brand new coaster. I thought maybe I had a bad seat, but each ride it just felt like a jack hammer through the helix's. The smoothest and most enjoyable part was the loop. It eventually got to the point where I'd ride it once a season just to do it, but would have no desire to go back. It's a shame that they couldn't make it work, but I'm with some of the other above; I have no interest for it to return.
  3. LongLiveTheSmurfRide

    What Else Do You Want To Come Back?

    It's too long gone to hope to bring back the Smurf Ride, so I'll go with turning a Racer train backwards. Image source: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/files/26_106.jpg
  4. LongLiveTheSmurfRide

    Does anyone know how many guests are season passholders?

    I hope I get to see the Season Pass Bass sometime this year. Is it usually swimming around the beer garden?
  5. LongLiveTheSmurfRide

    Should they expand the bathrooms up front?

    Pee Pass Plus?
  6. LongLiveTheSmurfRide

    Should they expand the bathrooms up front?

    One of the main issues is kids. Little boys do not care or have the attention spans to be careful when they go. I still have to get on my nephews when they visit to A). put the seat up when you go and B.) pay attention to what you're doing, but it still looks like they had a sprinkler system go off in the bathroom when they leave. I can't speak for the adults who can't handle this.
  7. LongLiveTheSmurfRide

    2019 Season Passes

    I wonder, does a new 2019 pass give food and merch discounts for 2018? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  8. LongLiveTheSmurfRide

    First KI Trip of the Season (8/19/18)

    Thanks! I assumed as much.
  9. LongLiveTheSmurfRide

    First KI Trip of the Season (8/19/18)

    This will be relatively short, because it was a very short trip. My wife and I didn't get passes this year and were planning on getting them for 2019 and just using the normal 1-free-2018-ticket promotion. When they announced we'd be getting the rest of 2018 with a new pass we were over the moon. I had to work until 6PM and the park closed at 8PM and it typically takes us 40 minutes to drive there, but we had nothing else to do so we took off to get our passes processed and spend an hour in the park for the first time in 2018. We lost about 20 minutes wading through Tennis traffic but eventually got to a pretty full looking parking lot. But since there was just an hour to go we were able to find a pretty close spot. Processing our passes was a breeze and took maybe 5 minutes (Our friends who were there in the afternoon said it was a mad house). We got in and went to meet our friends at the train station as they were coming back from Soak City. Once we got there we saw that Mystic Timbers had been down but had just started test cycling. When the line opened a couple minutes later, we got in and walked right in. So, first KI ride of 2018 was Mystic Timbers. Then when we got off, we met our friends who had just gotten off the train and got back in line for MT and waited about 5 minutes for our 2nd ride of 2018. Then we talked for a bit and walked and took a ride on the carousel and then on the scrambler and at that point the park was closed. So, only 4 rides, but a fun little hour. I'm sure this has all been discussed over the season, but a few observations (and a couple questions): - TMI, but I like the urinal dividers in the men's restroom at the front of the park. Was always a bit uncomfortable being shoulder to shoulder with people in there. - Super glad that the instrumental orchestral and soundtrack music is still being played on I-Street. Love that. - Disappointed that the music was just being piped in on the Carousel. Has that been happening all season, or on/off like last year? - Heard a rumor that there were some new scenes in the Shed for MT, but only saw the ol' snake and bat. Are these just fake news? - New BBQ joint looks very nice in Coney Mall. That's it. We'll be going back at least one more time before the transition to Haunt to get a better tour around the park.
  10. LongLiveTheSmurfRide

    2019 Season Passes

    I know it. This is why my wife and I typically get a pass every other year. They never give that great of perks for renewals. A Fast Lane and bring a friend free ticket? How about if you renew you get free Fun Pix pass for the next season or something? We did happen take this season off and are very happy that they decided to give the rest of 2018 with the purchase of a 2019 pass, so we're in for next year.
  11. LongLiveTheSmurfRide

    Kings Island Announces Kings Mills Antique Autos for 2019!

    I'm happy about the cars. Was a little disappointed not to hear anything about a Racer refurbish though. Would love to hear that it's getting a nice new paint job at least.
  12. LongLiveTheSmurfRide

    Kings Island 2019 Announcement on National Roller Coaster Day 8/16/18

    Wouldn't that be Adventure Express? Gets you all excited then lets you down at the end?
  13. LongLiveTheSmurfRide

    2019 Season Passes

    We took this season off from getting a pass and I was just expecting the normal "1 free ticket for 2018". Getting the rest of the 2018 including Haunt and Winterfest is really above and beyond what I'd hope for. We're for sure getting passes now.
  14. LongLiveTheSmurfRide

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    That's great! Hope they stick to it all season.
  15. LongLiveTheSmurfRide

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    What kinda music was played on I-Street? Soundtracks or pop hits?