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  1. Haunt. I've been listening to my Halloween music at work for the past month, so I'm already excited.
  2. I had a friend come to the park earlier this year and just barely fit on the MT, then barely fit on The Beast, then didn't fit on MT the 2nd time he tried to ride. He was in a different seat, I'm not sure which, but I'm sure how you sit makes a difference. And how much the ride op chooses to help or not (which I've heard before they're not "supposed" to do).
  3. ^ Right. The bad conditions in the customer facing areas makes me cringe when I think about what it might look like in the kitchens that we can't see.
  4. ^I'm not sure about the bar since we didn't sit there. I seem to remember seeing someone back there, so they might still do alcohol at the bar. Service, as far as them bringing the food, wasn't too bad. Didn't have to wait in a super long time, and prefer sitting and waiting to standing in line. Seems like they should have something a little easier for staff to see from a distance. Right now they go by the number on the flat vibrating puck they give you, so they have to wander around checking each occupied table to see if it's the right one.
  5. Man, Reds Hall of the Fame Grille was rough Wednesday afternoon. This was my first time here since they changed the format. We got there around 1:00 PM and the place was pretty empty, but most of the tables just had trash piled up on them so we were struggling to find a place to sit. Even the ones that didn't have trash on them had bits of food still on them like they had quickest of wipe downs and food was all over the floor under the table. The floor overall was super sticky even out in the open. The table we finally found that seemed the cleanest still had dirty used napkins squeezed into the wooden mustard holder thing off to the side. The burger I got was pretty bland, which seemed to be a change from back when it was full service (I remember really liking it then). I sent out a tweet to the KI food service group before getting the food and within 10 minutes a couple people were out starting to clean. Overall, not the best impression and doubt I'll go back there this season. Felt kinda dirty and gross when I left the place.
  6. Oddly enough, when the wife and I stopped by the park yesterday evening, I was already thinking about how excited I was for Haunt, though I shouldn't be since that means the season is close to being over. We discussed it a little and both agreed that we hope they do something to spice it up a little since it seems to have gotten a little stale in some of the houses.
  7. Excited to give the Smokehouse a try. Like King Dong, I'm an at home smoker and love making my own pulled pork and ribs. I hate it when places serve it already slathered in sauce as that tells me the meat can't stand on its own so I hope they keep it separate.
  8. I had to give a negative review for the latest KI app update. The wait times were only working on probably 5 rides all day for me on Friday, and the app drained my battery like crazy. Even after I had closed it and killed the app I had the notification in the corner of my phone saying that it was searching for activities and could not clear it. I then had to go into app settings and force stop it. Never had a battery drain issue with the app before. Also not a fan of the new layout. Before to get to the rides list (and wait times) you just needed to hit Rides along the bottom. Now you have to hit Map, wait for it to load, then hit rides, then hit list view. Not the fastest and most intuitive process. Looked at the Play store and lots of reviews complaining about the same issues. Seems like they rushed the update out too quickly. It does look prettier though.
  9. On Friday I did a see a good move by a ride Op on Drop Tower. A bunch of kids wearing the same shirts (school group?) were in fast pass line but one of them didn't actually pay for it and was just trying to sneak in with them. He got in a seat, but a ride Op went over to him and made him exit the ride before it started. Kids gotta learn.
  10. I do agree with Silver that I thought Imagine was a better overall show. I did enjoy Origins, but the story seemed lacking. Just taking a glowing thing and putting it in a hole a couple times did not have the emotional heft that I got from Imagine's story where one character fell in love with another. I thought maybe there'd be some story behind the Quasimodo-looking character and why he seems to act like a bit of an outcast, but nothing happens with that (though he is cool looking and has a great routine). And I agree that the trampoline finale seems to be missing a little bit of a wow factor (at least at the show we saw). I'd still go again, but not the "I really need to see this multiple times" feeling I got with Imagine.
  11. I might. Depends on if the wife is up for it after work.
  12. It's my least favorite ride in the park. I seem to get talked into riding it at least once a season (on a super slow day) and swear I'm not going to ride it ever again. I don't get any kind of "flying" sensation when riding. I get the feeling that my entire body weight is being held in by these uncomfortable restraints and praying that they do not fail. Please please please, let me live, this time. I truly get no enjoyment out of the ride at all. My least hated part is the loop because it's an odd sensation going through it on your back, but that is not enough for me to return. I've already been talked into it once this year, again, so I'm good for a while.
  13. My bad. I had not realized portion sizes had gone down year to year. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  14. ^ If the portion sizes were smaller than they are now, we wouldn't even get the 1 plan. We aren't heavy eaters so a plan each is not worth it for us. And like I said, if it got smaller, we would not be adding another, we would just not get it again in the future.
  15. My wife and I are sharing 1 meal plan this year and this is our experience with what we've gotten so far (and what we think are good value if you're sharing): - Chick Fil A - We got the nuggets and fries. 6 nuggets are very small, though tasty. Decent amount of waffle fries, but I would not suggest this meal for 2 people. Probably be better off splitting a sandwich since you'd get the bun to help fill you up. - Tom + Chee - Got the bacon bbq sandwich with chips. Very good sandwich, but with small bag of chips, not super filling for 2, but very tasty. - Larosas Pizza (Festhaus) - Slice of pizza and bread stick each is slightly filling. Can't go wrong, just need to grab the biggest slices if it's for 2 people. - Potato Works (Rivertown) - Chicken Tenders and fries. The tenders are on the small side, though tasty (and bigger than Chick Fil A), but the winner is the fries. Got loads of them, so very filling. - Festhaus - Chicken Tender basket. Largest tenders so far that we've gotten (and tasty), and a decent amount of fries though they're of the generic (probably frozen) variety. Very filling meal, though. So, at this point, based on what we've had, I think our best meal so far as been from the Rivertown Potato Works for taste and amount of food for 2 people to share. We plan on hitting every place at least once this season, so we'll see how that goes.
  16. Took my first night AND front seat ride on MT Saturday night. I've ridden it about 5 times now and have usually been near the back. I have to say, I loved the front seat. Seemed to get much more airtime up there, and of course, it's always great to have nobody in front of you. I'll be asking to wait for the front more often, for sure. I was slightly disappointed with the night ride, though it may have been because it was a very clear night. So it wasn't quite as dark as it can get when there are clouds or the moon is not very bright. I was hoping for a more out of control, "I can't see where I'm going," type of ride, but it was all still very visible. The shed looked more ominous in the dark though. So, at the moment, I'd need to give my night ride nod to The Beast. But, it was just my 1st one, so we'll see how it goes on subsequent rides.
  17. I'm planning on going to KI tonight when I get out of work soon. According to the Cams it looks like just a normal day. Maybe 20 minute wait for DB? Anyone there who can confirm how it is? I really want to get my first night ride on Mystic Timbers tonight.
  18. Is there any block area that the train could even get stopped facing down?
  19. May go later this evening when it's nice and cold. According to the cams, looks pretty dead. DB is a walk on.
  20. I somehow got in the wrong line and ended up at Mystic Timbers. Really wanted to ride Surf Dog but Mystic Timbers was amazing. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  21. I'm lined up at the entrance of the park. As soon as the rope drops I'm running straight to Surf Dog. Who's with me? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  22. It's testing! Yay, finally saw it make a full run on the webcam. It really does move from that perspective.
  23. I have to watch it a hundred more times, but it seems much faster than the virtual ride. So excited.
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