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  1. Ummm...Kings Island just posted a POV ride through. More Shed stuff than I thought they'd reveal, but not all.
  2. ^ But...but....if I throw a temper tantrum, I may get free stuff. Right?
  3. Has anyone seen MT test since the cams have been brought back online? I don't want to just stare at it, but I also don't want to look away and miss it.
  4. I believe it was this one: Had to be a big tree to make all that roller coaster.
  5. I believe it's been confirmed from FB or Twitter park responses that it would just be for charity riders.
  6. The way I read it was that if you would need to store your phone in a bin (because you didn't have pockets) then you would need to use a locker. The article can't be loose on the ride.
  7. I'm sure someone is still using them.
  8. ^ Probably some gardening tools. That's what I put in my shed.
  9. What am I going to do with my pager?
  10. That's why I'm picking between the coasters that I've ridden.
  11. Since posting all of this, I haven't had it happen again.......yet.
  12. I think he means the description of what the shed is about was a bit more than expected. I'd never heard before that it was a....
  13. ^ I kind of thought the same thing as well, but that seemed like more of a teaser detail than much of a spoiler. It did seem a bit out of place compared to what the cryptic teasers and Don interviews have revealed up to this point.
  14. Well, after clearing the cache, the issue where I stop being able to type is still there, but at least now I'm seeing the AD that seems to be causing it (see screenshot below). The circle in the middle will spin like it's loading and once it stops, my cursor disappears and I have to click in the window to get it back and type again. Then it spins again and stops. Cycles like this every few seconds. I hit the X on the ad to get rid of it and now the space where it was is blank but the cursor disappearing is still happening. Got so annoying that I had to type this out in NotePad and copy and paste it here. After copying and pasting the above section I'm typing in here normally. Seems like the issue lasts for a few minutes and stops.
  15. I seem to sometimes have issues while typing in the reply window where I'll hit a couple letters then my cursor goes away and I have to click in the window again to type a few more letters then it stops again. Very annoying. It might do this for a few minutes with me only able to type a couple words at a time, then it will clear up. Not sure if this is related, but I also sometimes hear an advertisement through my speakers on this site, but can't find where it's coming from. I don't see any video or anything when scrolling through the page. I'll see a thin ad box usually below the first post on the page, but it's not showing any sign that it's giving the audio. I'll see a speaker in the KIC Tab signifying that it's definitely coming from this site though. Or I might hear a periodic half a second long hiss sound like an ad was about to play, then got blocked. I'm using Google Chrome exclusively.
  16. You know there will be dummies shouting what it is when they get back in the station. Hopefully the cheers from everyone else will drown them out.
  17. ^ This is true since, as I've heard, last one in the shed is, in fact, a rotten egg. So, I'll be sitting near the front.
  18. Sounds great. Can't wait to hear it in person. Also, a Halloween roll would be awesome.
  19. Queue?! I'm going to have to wait in a LINE for this thing?!?!
  20. My wife and I split it the first year that they had the plan. There weren't many options then, but we got our money's worth and for us it was enough food depending on where we ate. We're planning on doing it again this year since there appear to be a lot of meal options. We'll probably end up breaking even on the opening weekend since we're going all 3 days.
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