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  1. ^Yes thank you! I have Type 1 Diabetes and I keep my blood sugar meter, my insulin, and candy for when I go low... The problem with buying lockers is I need it at all times! If something bad were to happen and I didn't have my bag... That would be a huge problem...
  2. Ya, my aunt renewed my pass for me. But I lost my pass for 2013 will I be able to get a new one? Last year when I renewed my pass.. They said that I could have a new one.
  3. Well since Banshee will have great capacity and it will have lockers, it will take some time off having to wait for people to put their loose articles in the bin. Also may I add if you go on Friday that should cut all the lines in half.. So I imagine a line for Banshee to be about 1-2 and a half hours at the most.
  4. Yay! Haha my friends and I have been planning this for a long time! We are going on Friday the 18th an hour before early rider time. Hoping to ride it a few times before the line gets too long!
  5. I have been searching and have found nothing... I was wondering when did they announce they were having first rider t-shirts for Diamondback. Also I accidentally posted this topic twice how do I delete the other one?
  6. Is Kings Island going to have Banshee first rider T-Shirts like they did on Diamondback?
  7. I think it would be interesting if they used some kind of Halloween Haunt music... Also add a couple Banshee screams every couple minutes I think would set the mood perfectly!
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