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  1. A RMC imo would probably be the best for this spot. A nice fast, fun, and thrilling wooden coaster. Where all you can see over the treetops is the lift hill and a few inversions. When I saw those blueprints I immediately thought RMC and it reminded me of Storm Chaser. Kings Island has a great spot here with amazing potential. I know whatever it is, it'll be spectacular. If it isn't a RMC, but a GCI I admit ill be disappointed, but will still be there opening day and plan on riding it every time I visit. This got me thinking also, do you remember the tweet that KI posted a while ago, with a pic of the land saying "People will definitely come". This made me think RMC even more, because I feel like a GCI won't be as appealing to the GP as a RMC will be. Keep in mind, us enthusiasts love the fun airtime, smooth GCIs. But the GP likes the fastest, highest, most thrilling, most loops etc. And that comes with a RMC. Especially with none being around here except for KK. KI could easily top KK's RMC, and bring back a lot of guests, and enthusiasts. We have the money, terrain, and company for it. Team RMC all the way!
  2. I know that whatever we get Kings Island knows best and what would be most satisfying to Enthusiasts and attract GP.
  3. Omg no way that makes me so so so excited!!! Now to find out what type of coaster it will be. You guys are extremely good at solving puzzles and clues aren't you?
  4. What do you mean by this? Is security out front like they do during Haunt?
  5. The more I think about it, I feel like it will be a flat. But then I think why would they have markers all the way back? Then I start to think. Remember how they got rid of the Tombstone Terror-Tory train part? Maybe it is because they plan on having the Coaster go through that area, and they don't want it interfering with it. But it could also be as simple as the train making the line take longer. Idk. Ki is confusing me at this moment. Theres plenty of reasons you could think of why it will be a coaster, and why it wont...
  6. Were no new teasers up today at the park? Magenta Lizard, I am pretty sure thats used for the Backwoods Bayou haunt attraction.
  7. Dear Kings Island, Stop teasing and trying to get under my skin...! Jk I am actually loving this, and that Snoop Dog video Ki posted actually made me laugh out loud!
  8. Anyone going to the park tomorrow, look for new teasers, Ill be there Saturday. I think its about time we would see another one! I'm so curious and maybe a little impatient
  9. If its a coaster we will find out probably early summer(placement of footers). I hope it would be a Blitz, RMC like Outlaw Run, Wing Coaster, or Dive. All those are something the park lacks and they would all fit perfectly with the terrain, and theme of Rivertown. Especially if you were to barely see most of the ride zoom across the treetops. I did not say Giga because, I do not think it is time for one yet, not to mention we just spent $24 Million Dollars on Banshee, and I think it still needs 2-3 years before its topped by a Giga. Gigas are expensive and yes one could probably fit there, but that area is usually crowded as it is, we don't need 3x the people in that area, it'll be a pain for everyone. Yes I want one eventually, I just do not think we NEED one now or in that area. If it isn't a coaster my second guess would be a Dark Ride in the Crypt building, I don't know why exactly thats just what my mind comes to, every time I walk by the building I feel like construction is going on in there. Most of the ride could fit in the building maybe a few sections where it goes around the building. It does not need to be like Wonder Mountain or Iron Reef, it could be a ride like Mystery Mine at Dollywood, or a good capacity Wild Mouse and I would be fine with that. And of course if it isn't a Dark Ride I would hope a big Flat or two, I say this because we only have three major flats(see Delirium, Drop Tower, and WindSeeker) and WindSeeker being our latest one in 2011, Its time for a new one imo. A big one like a Screamin' Swing, and maybe another flat but smaller. I do not think it would be a Water Ride for a few reasons... They are not very popular at least compared to the other attractions, it would not be something to attract the guests we've lost to HW or KK back to the park, plus why would they add a Water Ride to the Amusement Park when we just got a brand new slide complex at Soak City. If they want to get wet they can go to Soak City and go on Tropical Plunge, its included with Amusement Park admission. Just my opinion.
  10. "The Banshee has the track over your head so your upside down the whole ride?!" Oh god... *facepalm*
  11. I truly would not mind getting a coaster like Maverick especially if it is built by B&M or Mack. Cheaper than most, they pack a punch, better reliability and capacity, and more comfortable seating if built by one of those two companies. And it is very popular at Cedar Point and it would be here too Plus I can actually visually see it in my mind being there and fitting perfectly!
  12. Probably an In-app glitch probably shouldn't worry too much.
  13. Huh... Interesting. I just checked my app and its still the incorrect photo... Is anyone else's like this or is it just me?
  14. I know it is a ride that we will not be getting hopefully. I just found it weird how it was normal before until I just recently checked. There must have been someone doing that, and if so... For what purpose? I mean it is kinda hard to go in the app delete the original correct picture and add in a fake one on accident?
  15. I was looking at the Kings Island app on my phone and noticed this while going through the rides section... http://i63.tinypic.com/2hzn02o.png I remember looking at the App about a week ago at Opening Day and the picture was normal it was The Bat like it was supposed to be, now it's change to this? Mistake or? I mean if it was normal before how did it change now, someone had to have gone in and changed it. I got the photo from Kings Islands Mobile App which can be found on any App Store. I'm not sure if it is a hint towards something or not.
  16. Took me two hours to read all the missing replies and comments on this page that I have been behind on! I am loving all the speculation! I am ready for the next season already! But I should probably stop, and enjoy it on the way.
  17. If the lines for food are as bad as you say they were tonight, not looking forward to tomorrow.....
  18. Have all rides ran at least once tonight? Or is there one that's completely down for the entire night?
  19. Will the parks drop-off and pick-up be changed this year as well, or is it the same?
  20. I loved hearing Sledgehammer by Fifth Harmony while in line for Delirium last season. My favorite group. Delirium2018 who is obsessed with todays pop music
  21. Still hoping for that Screamin' Swing.
  22. Well not the exact same thing, just something to get their point across.
  23. Maybe they could build something similar to Verbolten from Busch Gardens Williamsburg using most inside and some outside as well. Verbolten has different scenarios with their coaster like Wolves, and the Guardian of the Black Forest etc. Maybe instead KI could use the old goddess that was inside the Tomb Raider/Crypt and use that as a scenario instead! That'd be so cool!
  24. I remember waiting more than an hour for the train! Ugh I hated it so much. I only go in it once every year.
  25. Slaughterhouse is usually pretty scary to me. You may just have gone on one of the bad nights, you get those sometimes. But, if you go again try Blackout. Just a tip/heads up, I recommend not going through Tombstone Terror-Tory(White Water Canyon Queue) its quite disappointing to most people including myselfand i consider myself easily scared.
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