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  1. Yesterday for a Saturday wasn't terrible. Most lines were about 45 minutes. Except for Firehawk Flight of Fear, and Beast. A lot of rides went down yesterday. Invertigo I think 4 times. Drop Tower was down several times before closing it completely. Delirium I think 3 times. Firehawk was down once. And Diamondback was down once.

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  2. Hey guys, did anyone else notice Drop Tower running abnormally today?

    There were a few ride cycles, (i happened to be on one) that looked a lot like this:

    It just didnt stop rotating until after it stopped going up.

    It closed after that though. :huh:

    I was on one of the cycles where it kept spinning at the top and stopped for a second before dropping. Not gonna lie scared me for a second. And after we dropped the restraints would not come up and we were stuck for about 15 minutes.
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  3. Drop Tower yesterday was on and off all day! I even got stuck on it for 15 minutes! The ride eventually was closed from about 3 till closing they were testing empty cycles all day.

  4. I did not hear anything but I did notice it was down. And for awhile too? Seems like there's always something wrong with a ride in Action Zone. It's a bummer Invertigo is a ride my friends and I always ride.

  5. The lines weren't terrible on Saturday. I noticed they were moving considerably slow because of the stacking, and the fact I had Fast Lane Plus. But it was a great day! The lines for food were terrible!! My friend and I(who was severely burnt) waited at Coney Mall Skyline for at least 45 minutes! We had a great chat with a nice family in front of us for awhile! My friend and I think their daughter were debating if it was raining and I thought it was kind of funny! But the family was sweet and fun to talk to! Anyway the food stands were severely understaffed and that bothered me considering it was Opening Day.

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