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  1. Omg hahaha I'm looking forward to being scared. I get scared very easily so it won't be hard.
  2. When I go I usually go on Friday. Sometimes Saturday as well. Friday is usually the best day to go. I usually get about every maze in except maybe 1 or 2. But I barely ride, the rides during Haunt because the lines for rides during Haunt are twice of what they are during the regular season. If you want to get a few rides and mazes in try going on a cold Friday. The cold scares the crowds away.
  3. I just can't wait till I'm 16 cuz I think that's when you can apply correct? Also Radioriders be sure to tell us where you will be working! I go to Haunt every weekend sometimes I go both Friday and Saturday!
  4. Am I being called a liar? Hahah.
  5. There is no "Second side" to the story. The joke was not directed towards the officer. I'm just guessing that the officer might of thought that. Also I guess I could say I was disturbingly loud.
  6. Well I was laughing exceedingly loud. Still he can't threaten to kick me out for laughing!
  7. Well I have noticed that KI security has gotten a little pathetic lately. I just read the article about the stolen articles in the locker, and that security honestly didn't even care. Yes not all security officers are like that. Although about 3 weeks back my friends and I were at KI walking past Hank's towards Adventure Express and one of my friends told a really funny joke. A security guard was a little bit ahead of us, and I was laughing really hard and he turned around and threatned to kick us out. Now that was ridiculous!!
  8. I wish Kings Island's Haunt could be as good as their Haunt.
  9. I hope it's that phobia maze people have been wanting to join the haunt.
  10. My dad, brothers,and I planned a trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg and we are going next week. Kinda creeped me out a bit.
  11. I was watching a video of Black Magic on Youtube I must say Bravo!!!
  12. That would be the maze called Trick-Or-Treat I believe? It is & I know for sure that that specific maze will not be coming to any other CF Haunt (since it houses KSF's icons), but I would love to see a maze similar to this! I would also like to see Black Magic at KI! I would love a maze like KSF's Forevermore!
  13. That would be the maze called Trick-Or-Treat I believe?
  14. Delirium2018


    Kings Island has had quite a few difficulties with rides this year. (FOF, DT, VF, SR&R KI&MVRR, White Water Canyon I remember had a few minor difficulties when I visited the park about 3 weeks ago, also Backlot Stunt Coasters fire hasn't been working either.)
  15. I'm all for it except the loose animals. Kings Island wouldn't let loose animals they don't want guests getting hurt. Plus I don't think the claustrophobia would be a very good idea. In case of an emergency or something like that.
  16. I remember posting a thread about the relocation of Slaughterhouse because Chicken Shack took over. KingsislandPR telling me it will be relocated. Maybe they are putting it there? It seems rather small though... Hmm
  17. I have Diabetes. I need to bring my bag on the ride. I have to if something were to happen I have to have my medical stuff with me! If I have to step out of line and come back. Suck it up I can't help it. I have a note signed by my diabetic doctor saying that it is absolutely necessary. If I'm still not allowed that's discrimination! I need this stuff to live.
  18. http://i.imgur.com/syyOggi.jpg They have to let me get out of line and take my bag on Banshee/Firehawk or it's discrimination.
  19. That's what we are trying to figure out. Why?
  20. You have won the award for the best toilets in the country...
  21. Drop Tower is still closed... Went today.
  22. I just want to know if it will be running this weekend.....
  23. What's wrong with Drop Tower? It wasn't open all Opening Weekend. I have never seen it closed 3 days in a row before... Nor did I see maintenance work on it.
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