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  1. Son of Beast: the tallest, fastest, and only looping wooden rollercoaster in the world!
  2. Sparky, great post. Your account is just the tip of the iceberg though. Words can't accuratley describe the true reality of what it encompasses to be a ride operator; you can never really understand until you've been there yourself. Contrary to popular belief its not just about checking restraints and pushing buttons.
  3. There will be a Special Interview Day on Saturday, January 25 from 10am - 4pm in the Human Resources Office. The job fairs will be held February 8, February 15, March 1, and March 8 from 10 am - 4 pm. When you go for your interview in rides they list all the rides that still have positions open and then ask for your choice. If you want to be able to choose your ride I would definitely advise arriving early.
  4. If it was slightly warmer than the current temperature of 12° with a windchill of -3° I would definitely love to be riding Son of Beast right now.
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