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  1. When you waiting ever so patiently to ride the Antique Cars and still waiting....
  2. Well its official earlier this week we found out that we are going to have a baby, which was a big suprise for the both of us and we are both really excited. In towards the end of May will be her 3rd month, my question for everyone is what can she ride at Kings Island, and is there any advice or tips you can give us?
  3. I think this 2019 season is going to be a great season!
  4. Kings Island doesn't really need one, it would be nice if they do however whatver the case may be I'm sure there is a big suprise in store for us in 2020.
  5. This was really great, I do miss the Nickelodeon theming in the park though.
  6. Will The Racer ever race backwards again?
  7. I guess you can say that your a master of disguise!
  8. Is there going to be any new food options in the park for 2019?
  9. Should Kings Island make a Haunt attraction themed to "Phantom Theater"?
  10. During this past WinterFest someone literally said "Why is White Water Canyon closed?"
  11. I really wish that Kings Island would allow Phantom Theater to return but if it doesn't the most I can see Kings Island doing is a Haunt attraction themed to the Phantom Theater.
  12. What will we expect from International Street later this year in 2019?
  13. This is completely amazing! Wow just wow! This 2019 season is going to be great!
  14. Hmm... this upcoming season you may be dissappinted
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