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  1. kingsislandfan1972

    International street makeover

    This is completely amazing! Wow just wow! This 2019 season is going to be great!
  2. kingsislandfan1972

    Dinos Alive and Xbase

    Hmm... this upcoming season you may be dissappinted
  3. kingsislandfan1972

    Scooby Let Me Down.

    I like that idea, I think they should get rid of the game aspect of the ride and go back being just a dark ride but not with cheap cutouts but with actual animatronics like the Phantom Theater had.
  4. kingsislandfan1972

    Haunt 2019 Discussion

    I know it may be a little early since its still January but does anybody predictions for this years Haunt at Kings Island?
  5. kingsislandfan1972

    New Rule for Planet Snoopy Rides

  6. kingsislandfan1972

    Ask Kings Island a Question

    My questions for Kings Island: 1. Will you ever bring back the backwards Racer cart? 2. Will The Beast's face ever be revealed? 3. Is it possible not to get wet on WWC?
  7. kingsislandfan1972

    How was your 2018 season?

    It was a great season WinterFest and Haunt was amazing, it was really cool to ride Mystic Timbers in the winter as well as meeting FYE Coasters, overall I give this season a 10 out of 10!
  8. kingsislandfan1972

    Our Winterfest 2018 Kings Island Video

    Thank you! I appreciate that, and I would love for a KIC admin to be in a future video, I'm sure we could arrange something.
  9. kingsislandfan1972

    Our Winterfest 2018 Kings Island Video

    This weekend my girlfriend and I did a video at Kings Island's WinterFest because we were the winners of the tree lightning ceremony, tell us what you think of the video! (Guest starring F.Y.E. Coasters ) https://youtu.be/dyb4WayZMXY
  10. kingsislandfan1972

    I Won The Lykins Energy Solutions Sweepstakes At Kings Island!!

    We will! I will also give KICentral a shout-out as well!
  11. kingsislandfan1972

    I Won The Lykins Energy Solutions Sweepstakes At Kings Island!!

    Hey guys, tommorrow is the night that my girlfriend and I will be doing the tree lighting! Who's all going to be there?
  12. kingsislandfan1972

    Resurrect a KI Coaster

    Wait didn't Kings Island resurrect The Bat...
  13. kingsislandfan1972

    Resurrect a KI Coaster

    King Cobra and Ghoster for me because it was a unique stand-up coaster all in its own and I really wish it would return to Kings Island one day in some way shape or form
  14. kingsislandfan1972

    Kings Island Nominated for Favorite Holiday Park

    I wonder if Kings Island won this becuase it wouldn't suprise me if it does, from what everyone is telling me, a lot more effort was put into WinterFest than Kings Island's Haunt, and from what I can see from watching YouTube, I'm starting to believe that's true.
  15. kingsislandfan1972

    WinterFest Tips And Advice?

    Thanks everyone for the advice, I really appreciate it!