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  1. My Diamondback Tattoo

    In honor of my favorite roller coaster and Diamondback is also my nick-name, I decided to get a tattoo that says Diamondback. Also Diamondback is the one of the reasons why I love roller coasters so much. So this is my tattoo, tell me what you think of it!
  2. I Love Kings Island Because..

    Finish the sentence, "I love Kings Island because..." and tell me why you love Kings Island!
  3. Disneyworld closes for the 5th Time In history due to the hurrican, such sad News. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/09/09/hurricane-irma-forces-disney-world-close-5th-time-parks-history/649770001/
  4. Haunt Or WinterFest?

    This year im going to Kings Island for Halloween Haunt and WinterFest, Im really excited for both, especially WinterFest since this will be the first WinterFest I will be attending, so what are you more excited for, Haunt Or WinterFest?
  5. Short Funny Kings Island Video That I Made

    In this short Kings Island comedy skit I made for my YouTube Channel in this video I made sure that I followed all the parks rules when I was recording, comment below and tell me what you thought of it! https://youtu.be/QL9ljDhSoHQ
  6. Guests Say The Darnest Things

    Literally one guest was at Kings Island and said: "I didn't know they moved the Eiffel Tower here!"
  7. Happy Birthday Kings Island!

    April 29th 45 years ago today a great amusement park opened up in Mason Ohio called Kings Island was born! Happy 45th birthday Kings Island!
  8. Boo Blasters at Winterfest

    Hopefully Flight of Fear will be open too.
  9. KI Advertisements Through the Years

    I liked the animated Kings Island advertisement ads from the pre-Paramount days, like the one for The Bat or the one from Phantom Theater.
  10. Scooby Let Me Down.

    I agree with you, Phantom Theater was a classic ride, I was just saying that more people prefer Scooby-Doo over Boo Blasters and more people would agree that Phantom Theater was best overall.
  11. A Very BoddaH Farewell

    Thank you very much for your time on this site, I wish you good luck for the future!
  12. Winnie Witch Cauldron discovered!

    I hope its there next time I go there, because I want to take a picture of it.
  13. Scooby Let Me Down.

    So it seems at this time people liked the Scooby theming, then in 2010, I'm sure these people were very disappointed when the Scooby theming was removed and replaced with "Booficer".
  14. ActionFX Theater!

    Its February 2017, and there sits an empty theater, which I hope will be used once again someday.
  15. Would You Like To See A Chaos @ Pki?

    A Chaos ride would be awesome to have in Coney Mall, but I wouldn't want to see "Shake Rattle and Roll" leave, but however a Chaos ride would make an excellent addition to Kings Island.