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  1. So while certain rides getting repainted for the 2022 season, what year do you think will we see a repainting of Diamondback?
  2. I didn't know that it was you for wrote that book, that is awesome! I read and reviewed the book on my YouTube channel, and you commented! https://youtu.be/HJV95q2JRCs
  3. I am excited about this, I wonder when they repaint Diamondback
  4. I like smelling the chain lift of The Beast, if you know what I am talking about...
  5. "You'll be back... you'll be back...! (Sinister laugh )
  6. Welcome to KIC! I grew up with the Phantom Theater and I was very sad to see it go, I know sometimes during Haunt they like to put the old animatronics on display but they last time they had Haunt, I didn't spot any.
  7. I forget what my highest score is, but its always different depending on what gun I have.
  8. I always have dreams of me skipping work to go to Kings Island, but my boss is tracking me down at the park, but luckily I am smart enough to avoid her!
  9. 5. Racer 4. Orion 3. Mystic Timbers 2. The Beast 1. Diamondback
  10. I see 7th Portal, which is a old 3-D ride at Kings Island in the Action Theater. Magnum XL is a coaster at Cedar Point, which I think it's funny that they reference a coaster from Cedar Point. And the Bavarian Beetle is a old ride from Kings Island, but I never got a chance to ride it since they removed it before I was born.
  11. I don't have Diamondback tattooed on my arm for a reason!
  12. I don't know if this counts, but this is a picture of me with my girl in the Festhaus at Kings Island.
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