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  1. So while certain rides getting repainted for the 2022 season, what year do you think will we see a repainting of Diamondback?
  2. I didn't know that it was you for wrote that book, that is awesome! I read and reviewed the book on my YouTube channel, and you commented! https://youtu.be/HJV95q2JRCs
  3. I am excited about this, I wonder when they repaint Diamondback
  4. I like smelling the chain lift of The Beast, if you know what I am talking about...
  5. "You'll be back... you'll be back...! (Sinister laugh )
  6. Welcome to KIC! I grew up with the Phantom Theater and I was very sad to see it go, I know sometimes during Haunt they like to put the old animatronics on display but they last time they had Haunt, I didn't spot any.
  7. I forget what my highest score is, but its always different depending on what gun I have.
  8. I always have dreams of me skipping work to go to Kings Island, but my boss is tracking me down at the park, but luckily I am smart enough to avoid her!
  9. 5. Racer 4. Orion 3. Mystic Timbers 2. The Beast 1. Diamondback
  10. I see 7th Portal, which is a old 3-D ride at Kings Island in the Action Theater. Magnum XL is a coaster at Cedar Point, which I think it's funny that they reference a coaster from Cedar Point. And the Bavarian Beetle is a old ride from Kings Island, but I never got a chance to ride it since they removed it before I was born.
  11. I don't have Diamondback tattooed on my arm for a reason!
  12. I don't know if this counts, but this is a picture of me with my girl in the Festhaus at Kings Island.
  13. I'm sure people back then probably thought the SOB was going to be just as good as The Beast, but people slowly realized that their was no comparison and The Beast reigned supreme.
  14. In my opinion Orion & Mystic Timbers both have the best overall theming of a coaster at Kings Island, it's kind of hard to pick which coaster has the best overall theming like "Orion's" space theming throughout the Que and ride itself, and then you have "Mystic Timbers" spooky woods & lumberyard theming throughout the que and ride itself. So I am asking you out of "Orion" & "Mystic Timbers" which coaster has the best overall ride theming?( Note: this has nothing to do with the overall coaster experience, this is just about the overall theming of the coaster!)
  15. These are not my questions but I did find them online at this website https://coasterbuzz.com/Forums/Topic/the-ultimate-pki-phantom-theatre-trivia-quiz So how well do you think you know the Phantom Theater? Well try answering some of these questions to find out! The answers are also posted on the site too! 1. How many animated Maestro figures appear throughout the ride?2. What does the back stage janitor say as he switches on and off the lights and shines a flashlight?3. Name 4 of the magic tricks occurring as you pass by the magician's dressing room.4. What is significant about the "doom buggies" or cars you ride in?5. Name the following Phantom Theatre Characters:- The soprano that hits the glass breaking high note.- The stuntman that gets shot from a cannon.- The magician.- The little seen or heard tenor.- The Shakespeare reciting actor6. What does the levitating usher say to you just before your buggie enters the elaborate "theatre" stage scene?7. Name the spooky character which only his hands are seen as he tries to escape from behind a creaking door.8. What manufacturer built the ride conveyance system for the attraction?9. What three items is the high note hitting soprano holding each time you see her throughout the ride?10. How many air/wind effects are used on guests while riding the attraction?
  16. I only ridden Orion one time last summer we only did a two day trip to Kings Island and we spent the rest of the summer at Cedar Point.
  17. Gotta have to go with The Beast, you can't beat a night ride on The Beast!
  18. That actually sounds like a good idea, and The Phantom Theater in RiverTown would fit perfectly in the land theming!
  19. That is a good idea, hopefully they go back to the traditional animatronics instead of cardboard cutouts.
  20. I've been thinking this for a while now, maybe put some animatronics and maybe even a dark tunnel scene would be cool if it was added to WWC. I think it would be really cool if they made something similar to the Haunted River that used to be at Kings Dominion.
  21. Didn't Mall Of America have a Camp Snoopy theming before changing into Nickelodeon Universe?
  22. Merry Christmas to you too Don! I can't wait for the 2021 Kings Island season!
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