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  1. Fact folks: at 287' tall it is NOT A GIGA. Drop length has nothing to do with it by definition. If it was about drop length then Magnum XL-200 would not be a hyper coaster. That said Orion will be a sweet ride. Please note there is no MCB, the ride will be short but FAST and smooth.
  2. I too saw this at the annoucement, and had the oppurtunity to ask Don Helbig about it. His response was "no that's not happening".
  3. Maybe I've missed something, but if the lift is going to be 295' tall then by definition it's a hyper coaster not a giga. If it drops 400' into a tunnel it's still only a hyper coaster. Am I wrong?
  4. Many places are going to self-order kiosks, so they don't have to hire staff. One person can babysit many kiosks. like the self check out lanes at Krogers. Management LOVES to not have to pay people. I think soon most customer service will be self-service.
  5. In keeping with the X-Base theme you should know that both Orion and Polaris have military connotations. Polaris is a two stage nuclear missile, but submarine launched so maybe not so in tune with X-base. Orion was a military/NASA project that was to be a rocket powered by (love this) nuclear explosions! The nuclear test ban treaty of 1963 ended the project. Also the red buildings are wood coaster maintenance. The big concrete slab down the hill behind them was the elephant barn in the wild animal habitat days Rozzis used to launch the fireworks from there and King Cobra was st
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