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  1. I really doubt it's for Kings Island, as said previously via Kings Island's twitter, the park has no plans as to replace Vortex immediately, and B&M track isn't made overnight, they have plenty of work in China, I would suspect that the track piece is for a China project rather than a domestic.
  2. More than likely it's for overseas, or it's dive coaster track for Emperor at Seaworld San Diego, normally domestic track doesn't show up outside until around July or August. Yukon was an exception because of the work they had to do around Vortex and take out sections of track to fit and lower pieces of track into that tunnel.
  3. I have to go for the impulses, the launches are good, and Steel Venom was actually my favorite coaster at Valleyfair! The holding brake (depending on if they work) are incredible works of technology, and Wicked Twister is the hidden gem of Cedar Point that never has a line.
  4. I wonder if it'll make that weird noise that Fury 325's trim makes
  5. As Waltny said, the original file shows a trim brake in that spot, so yes, that's a trim.
  6. The helix is just for length, I really feel like it messes up the pacing of the ride, and while Fury would've been shorter, I think it would've been a much more superior ride without it. I actually enjoyed Copperhead Strike far more than Fury this past year.
  7. well considering the last time The Beach did anything on Facebook was in August 12th, but they haven't posted an actual status since July 16th, I really doubt it.
  8. amusement parks are not museums, I'm sure Kings Island has some evaluations to do with the land the ride sits on to decide what's best, but I can see this going 50/50, I would be sad to see the station go, but not too upset, and unlike Son of Beast, the station is in prime guest view, and might look ugly for a few years before something else goes into place.
  9. Apparently it's from 1974. I'm really thinking about going to the auction tomorrow to see if I can't pick up a sign that says Coney Island on it.
  10. I don't know the specific reason but when you're investing in something that will cost millions of dollars to build, I'd assume that these comfort issues have been fixed since Skyrush (Skyrush was sort of a prototype Intamin Wing Coaster with lapbars). I haven't ridden any newer Intamin Megacoaster, so I can't say for myself.
  11. If possible, and if you have a platinum pass, start in the back of the park and ride Steel Vengeance first from the resort gate, you will save HOURS worth of time as most days Steel Vengeance is consistently a 1-2 hour wait, then ride Maverick and Millennium Force, by that point early entry should be over, after that I would definitely do a small loop to Dragster and do Rougarou, then I don't think Iron Dragon opens until 11, and I know Corkscrew doesn't open until 11, so either ride Dragster, or make your way to some of the area 1 rides (front of the park), hit up Raptor later in the day, as it has a huge wait in the morning most days. If you're willing to spend the money, definitely eat at Melt for lunch or dinner, I think my bill was $30 but it was $30 very well spent as it has the best food in the park (and not in the dining plan ). Most importantly Cedar Point isn't just roller coasters, take some time on the beach, I had a great time swimming in Lake Erie last year. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but most importantly have fun!
  12. KI is as strict as ever now with social media, and since I worked at the park in 2018 and I'm working at Cedar Point this season, I'm not going to tell very many stories, but this is a story I'll never forget: so I was on the last crew of Firehawk this past season, one time in July I think it was, I was sitting down in Firehawk's yellow train parked in station two, we were obviously down for weather and it was pouring, there was no one in our station besides us, and then lightning stuck WindSeeker and it was easily the most frightening moment of my life when lightning only a few hundred feet away strikes a steel tower from the side. If you're contemplating on working at the park, I can't stress it enough, just do it, it's such a good experience, and I can't wait for my start at Cedar Point this season.
  13. Cedar Fair announced intentions to buy the land back in 2016, good for the park and hopefully it'll remove even more barriers around what is proposed at that property.
  14. With the amount of land cleared (as of now, they could clear more for all we know, but I'm talking about now), I think it'll be a B&M dive coaster, but if it is, I want more of a Valkyria or Baron 1898 and not Valravn or Yukon Striker.
  15. From what I've heard, the rides spinning motion isn't sickening enough to where it's a throw up immediately type of roller coaster, honestly, I think a Mack Xtreme Spinner would be a great fit for KI, or a launched infinity coaster.
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