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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. My money is on Silver Dollar City, notice that FUN said they were freezing all nonessential capital expenditures, Kings Dominion has had Freefly track in their parking lot for more than a year now, then I doubt Six Flags will want to work with Gerslauer after the Texas Giant incident, as for SEAs, most of their parks already have all of their 2022 projects finalized from 2021, as they've said on conference calls that they are going to continue adding to their parks, and because of the challenging location aspect of it, I doubt this is going to Kentucky Kingdom (along with HFE stating that they
  2. I know I mentioned it on Twitter but I cannot get enough of this book! Outstanding work!
  3. Dive Machines and RMCs are getting stale, once you ride one you've pretty much rode them all, at least that's what it feels like to me, so I'd really like to see something unique take Vortex's plot of land.
  4. I have to go Diamondback to normal four across trains.
  5. Very sad, looks like a massive budget cut, Kennywood is hard to love these days, the park looked like it was facing an identity crisis last season.
  6. I want to also add Superman Escape From Krypton as being extremely endangered, I can see them leaving it SBNO for a bit while they figure out what to do with it, I know this... monstrosity is from a real Six Flags survey back around 2017-2018 for Magic Mountain.
  7. Viper just got an entire new controls system, I can't see them pouring all this money into the ride, and then decide they don't want it anymore, I also just found Xcalibur at SFSTL just went through a huge refurbishment to improve on it's downtime, so I can't see that ride being touched, at least for a few years.
  8. Alright playing ride deadpool: SFA: Batwing (scrapped), along with... Penguin River? Whatever is that water ride next to Superman. SFGADV: Top Spin (scrapped) SFGAM: V2 (possibly refurbished or relocated) SFMM: Tidal Wave (scrapped), Scream (refurb/relocated) SFFT: Pandemonium (relocated) SFNE: Goliath OR Flashback (probably scrapped) SFSTL: Xcalibur (scrapped) SFDL: Mind Eraser: rumor has it, it needs new trains after this year, might as well relocate and replace with something better. TGE: Alpine Bobsled (scrapped) SFOT: La Vibora (scrapped)
  9. local parks that have been around for generations that started as trolly parks. I wish Ohio's trolly parks stayed around longer, but there are very specific reasons these parks closed.
  10. I remember 2010 and seeing discussions on this topic on TPR.. Yikes * Soak City revamp- as said before, some of the older slides back there are miserable to ride, and I would love to see a modern slide complex around where Pineapple Pipeline currently is, along with a water coaster somewhere in Soak City (wishful thinking) * New launch coaster- LSM and air powered launches have come a long since 2005 when KI added Backlot Stunt Coaster, I think it would be great to have some sort of new launch coaster where Vortex used to sit. * Do anything with the TRTR building, but don't let
  11. Any idea where Velocity is on this? Note that most manufacturers subcontract launch LSMs/LIMS, but I'm curious if their LSMs just aren't cutting it.
  12. Don't be discouraged from going if you haven't been to Dollywood, it's a great park even without Lightning Rod, every one of their rides are top tier. I know Lightning Rod has been a huge pain for the park (as with most RMCs), I'm personally hoping that this means Lightning Rod will be able to run two trains constantly.
  13. If Kings Island were to get something between Haunt and Winterfest, I think it'll be what Carowinds did last season with their Peanuts Festival, though it wasn't very busy when we went last year on either day, Fury had an hour wait in the morning on that Sunday, but that was because they were only running one train due to a mechanical issue, and the third train was already off the track for the season, meanwhile Copperhead Strike, and Afterburn were walk on waits.
  14. Any corporation that would acquire Holiday World would no doubt in my mind ruin the park, and since Kings Island is within a couple hour driving distance, I don't think it would work out financially since you would be competing with yourself in that market, and would ultimately Geauga Lake that park.
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