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  1. rhyano

    Infinity falls

    "Opening summer 2018"
  2. rhyano

    Holiwood Nights 2018 + Kentucky Kingdom

    Very fun weekend! Glad to spend it with you guys!
  3. new names are not new credits in my book
  4. TEA is never reliable, just saying, it's actually higher than that.
  5. rhyano

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Actually Intamin uses a single spine, they have a new style of track that Hyperion is using
  6. rhyano

    Ideas for the Crypt building?

    I think a dark ride with some sort of coaster element would be awesome! I'm thinking a Mack Inverted Powered Coaster!
  7. rhyano

    That KIC Look - New Shirt Ideas

    Thank you so much! They look very nice!
  8. rhyano

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    GCI makes a ton of large wooden coasters, I don't consider a 109ft tall GCI roller coaster a "small" wooden coaster, same can be said for Thunderhead at Dollywood, the same can be said with over examples, Maverick is only 105ft, but that's a 21 million dollar investment, Mystery Mine is 85ft and that was 17.5 million dollars, right now the largest GCI built is Wodan at Europa Park at 131ft, and I think there's one in China that I can't remember the name of the park. I really think enthusiasts underestimate how much a roller coaster actually costs to construct, even when RMCs were on the cheaper end to build, they were still millions of dollars and parks don't just drop millions of dollars everyday, Brad Thomas has a great quote in Devin Olson's Outlaw Run documentary: "10.5 million dollars for any company is significant, we don't take our investments lightly"
  9. rhyano

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Where do you get the 2021 rumor? There's no hints or anything credible to the point of calling out random years, also Son of Beast's old station is really ugly.
  10. Falcon's Fury is incredible, but not very forceful.
  11. rhyano

    Alan Schilke vs Werner Stengel

    My vote goes to Ron Toomer.
  12. rhyano

    Things Paramount got right/wrong

    Where does Flight of Fear fit into this? That is one project that I think Paramount did extremely well, the more and more I spend time in the building both as a guest and as an employee, Flight of Fear was defiantly over the top, groundbreaking attraction when it opened, also I think Paramount did Boomerang Bay right too!
  13. I think it's still very unlikely due to their water table being so high, that's why Valravn didn't have a splashdown.
  14. Those were discontinued due to RMC now making their own wooden roller coasters (RMC helped design and construct them) also not making two posts, I know the last Intamin water ride at CP was a complete disaster, but Chiapas of the US would be fantastic, it would be cool if Mack could do something like that, or a Pulsar clone.