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  1. I don't see Kings Island or Cedar Point being ready in time by mid-May because of the stay at home order until May 1st, I see a Memorial Day weekend opening as it is right now.
  2. B&M is a very reliable company, and that's what Kings Island wants, as an enthusiast, I'd love an Intamin any day, I think Intamin produces better rides than RMC (wildly overrated rides honestly), I don't think a B&M Floorless coaster is the right move, part of it to me feels dated, but if Kings Island went with one, you would still see me there on opening day, we make up probably a little less than 3% of Kings Island's attendance, I'm sure a B&M Floorless coaster would draw big crowds.
  3. If this ends up being true I'm excited for this, I really don't see anything wrong with them replacing a Top Spin with a 4D Freefly, I think I said it in another thread, if you forget about Volcano for a second and look at this as a Crypt replacement, that's a darn good replacement that I'd be more than happy to have rather than an empty plot of land, and yeah, I think a true Volcano replacement is in the works, we'll just have to wait and see.
  4. Universal Studios Beijing is getting a Hulk clone (with drive tires and not an LSM launch like speculated beforehand, also the photo was taken from the grassy area outside the plant, next to the road, I didn't go onto the gravel because I didn't want to trespass, but I got a good enough image of a piece of track's tag close up. This was taken in February of 2018.) https://rcdb.com/17349.htm (Also Mods, if the image isn't okay, feel free to remove it)
  5. Except one is significantly better (Riddler's Revenge)
  6. I'd much rather have something like The Smiler than a B&M Floorless.
  7. Theme it to a classic amusement park if that makes sense, this to me, would've been the perfect ride to be named The Ledge, but Cedar Fair dropped that trademark. edit: actually The Ledge is still active. https://trademark.trademarkia.com/the-ledge-87431876.html
  8. I really like 4D Freefly coasters, they don't seem too expensive, and give great rides, granted I've only been on Joker at Six Flags Great America, but if it runs anything like Joker does, it'll be a fine addition to a park that desperately needs something new, and if you forget about Volcano for a minute, a 4D Freefly is a great replacement for The Crypt. I'm sure Kings Dominion will have something eventually for Volcano's plot of land, maybe that's why they shelved their wing coaster, which also would've been a fine addition, but not a true worthy replacement to the ride Volcano was, just maybe they're going to hold out for something bigger than a wing coaster.
  9. Technically but not really, Backlot is in Coney Mall, but the crew meets in Rivertown, and associates with that side of the park instead of meeting at Skyline. I've never understood that myself, I think it's to break up power between areas and managers.
  10. In terms of parks outside of China, Tokyo Disney just announced that they will be closed for an extended period of time due to the Coronavirus, same with Universal Studios Japan, I think this is going to be a problem for this season, but I don't think it necessarily means closure, I think we will see a lot more focus on cleanliness this season in terms of the industry as a whole, El Toro Ryan said it best, we touch the same handrails, and the same restraints. If it gets bad over here, and that's a pretty big if, then I can see parks closing for an extended period to stop the spread of the virus.
  11. GateKeeper makes sense, most of the time it's capacity outweighs it's demand, so there's either never a line, or the wait is very short, Millennium Force should've been FL+ to begin with, and I'm extremely surprised that Valravn moved off of Fast Lane Plus so quickly considering how popular the ride is still.
  12. Cedar Point does it during Halloweekends for college kids, you work in rides in non safety positions (entrance and crowd/separator), earn the wage they are paying on that day for their fraternity or college sport. They also do it in Merchandise, Games, and Park Sweeps. Most of the time it's very hard work, I almost feel bad for them because their bodies aren't conditioned to it like ours are, and they work all day, Saturday and Sunday.
  13. Both are good options, me personally, I would choose Lighthouse Point, and get a lighthouse on the water, the only downfall in my opinion is the walk to the Magnum gate.
  14. I really doubt it's for Kings Island, as said previously via Kings Island's twitter, the park has no plans as to replace Vortex immediately, and B&M track isn't made overnight, they have plenty of work in China, I would suspect that the track piece is for a China project rather than a domestic.
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