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  1. I don't like to answer with a ride that I have not ridden yet, so in that case I have to go Mystic Timbers, it really filled the gap for a new modern wooden coaster, on top of the fact that it's a family thrill ride, meaning that kids that are 48 inches can ride, so really the average age of someone seven or older can ride, which is great for the family value of Kings Island. There really hasn't been a bad roller coaster that Cedar Fair has added.
  2. I tend to agree with this, the only think I see filling Vortex's land for a few years is either grass, or Monster Jam
  3. I'm really sad that I missed Apocalypse in June, hopefully it'll run much better than it has in the past, the park had extremely high hopes for it too when they put it in, I guess anything is better than what was there before... Anyway on the topic of the Infinity Flyer, as stated they look really heavy and I don't think a structure that is almost 50 years old (Racer) would be able to support this without absolutely destroying the track, same thing with Timberliners, I'm not sure how heavy they are, but I feel like Timberliners are really meant for aggressive wooden coasters, I've only ridden one Timberliner roller coaster, and that was Hades 360, and I think the Timberliner trains ran extremely well, and made the ride extremely intense, but not rough, and the ride sits in my top 10 overall. (Also I'd like to say there's a very common missperception on that park that everything is poorly maintained, I think their wooden coasters are extremely well maintained other than Pegasus, but I think that's just bad design, but everything else not so much..) I think PTCs on older rides run just fine personally, and I just can't see The Beast or Racer running with a Millennium Flyer, Infinity Flyer, or Timberliner.
  4. Yes because Kinzel isn't going to say on a press day advertising their new ride "this ride made me black out". There are alot of points to be said here, as someone who has background operating Intamin rides, they are very maintenance heavy and require constant attention from ride operations and maintenance, and while yes, Cedar Point's Intamin rides are very popular, uptime is very important, and if your new ride isn't reliable, it isn't good for business, and that's why Intamin rides have not been built in the US as frequently as they once were. Look at Hagrid's Magical Creatures Moterbike Adventure for instance, it's still not running all of it's trains, and the ride very much still has it's issues, though the ride itself is nothing short of incredible. Some parks seek the rewards of installing an Intamin, and in my opinion they provide the best ride experiences (yes over most RMC rides). I highly recommend watching El Toro Ryan's videos about operations, he's a good guy, and one of the very few coaster channels that aren't full of clickbait videos.
  5. Not to change the subject too much, but Holovis has created an app called Crowd Solo, and I really do think that it is going to be the frontliner for theme parks reopening all over the world, and it's free for attractions to use. Holovis hosted a webcast this morning showing off the app, I unfortunately didn't make it like I wanted to, but I'm sure there will be a replay posted online showing it off, and I highly recommend looking into it! http://www.holovis.com/free-social-distancing-app-to-help-destinations-re-open-safely/
  6. In 2018, I wanted the Lost Coaster credit, there was no one in the station, so I went over to a neighboring ride and asked if it was running today, the operator said that it required four people to ride because it would valley if it didn't, keep in mind this was a Monday where school was starting in August, it was completely dead, I was already marathoning Cornball with no one in my train, so I convinced the only four people I can find on a dead midway to ride Lost Coaster with me, and that is how I got the credit. I have an unuploaded YouTube video of the park on this day, might upload it in the future. Besides that point, I'm very happy the park is in the hands of a family and not a corporation, when that news article came out and said that they were painting and doing improvements like that I got so excited because in 2018 it really felt like it was going to close any day, parts of the park just felt abandoned.
  7. I wouldn't say they are out of touch, while it is a long way away still, Universal and Disney are both set on opening up June 1st, and I'm assuming the rest of the industry will follow with social distancing in place, take a look at Universal's survey they sent out to park guests and annual passholders in this Blooloop article: https://blooloop.com/news/universal-orlando-survey-reopening-precautions-coronavirus/
  8. Did you know Yukon Striker's vertical loop cancelled?! Kidding of course, that was a real video that Amusement Insiders posted, but anyway, back on topic. Six Flags may plan on trying to open all of their parks by June 1st, but I think this is going to be on a region by region basis depending on government recommendations.
  9. Riddler's Revenge is a great ride, and is very well designed to not go complete overkill on the amount of force to your feet, but intense enough to still feel like a B&M from the 90s with no headbanging at all.
  10. I don't see Kings Island or Cedar Point being ready in time by mid-May because of the stay at home order until May 1st, I see a Memorial Day weekend opening as it is right now.
  11. B&M is a very reliable company, and that's what Kings Island wants, as an enthusiast, I'd love an Intamin any day, I think Intamin produces better rides than RMC (wildly overrated rides honestly), I don't think a B&M Floorless coaster is the right move, part of it to me feels dated, but if Kings Island went with one, you would still see me there on opening day, we make up probably a little less than 3% of Kings Island's attendance, I'm sure a B&M Floorless coaster would draw big crowds.
  12. If this ends up being true I'm excited for this, I really don't see anything wrong with them replacing a Top Spin with a 4D Freefly, I think I said it in another thread, if you forget about Volcano for a second and look at this as a Crypt replacement, that's a darn good replacement that I'd be more than happy to have rather than an empty plot of land, and yeah, I think a true Volcano replacement is in the works, we'll just have to wait and see.
  13. Universal Studios Beijing is getting a Hulk clone (with drive tires and not an LSM launch like speculated beforehand, also the photo was taken from the grassy area outside the plant, next to the road, I didn't go onto the gravel because I didn't want to trespass, but I got a good enough image of a piece of track's tag close up. This was taken in February of 2018.) https://rcdb.com/17349.htm (Also Mods, if the image isn't okay, feel free to remove it)
  14. Except one is significantly better (Riddler's Revenge)
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