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  1. Here is a better picture, but as was mentioned before this is very unlikely an official teaser from the park. I suspect you won’t see it up much longer.
  2. Its actually easy. We do not usually pronounce each letter in the acronym, rather we say the root of the acronym as a word and add whatever ride acronym were referring to. For example: Last ride of the night on The Beast would be LROTNOB, pronounced "Luh-Rot-Nob" ('The' is ommitted because it would make the pronunciation difficult) First ride of the day on Flight of Fear would be FROTDOFOF, pronounced "Fer-Rot-Dawf-Off Here, you need only to remember how to pronounce LROTNO- and FROTDO- to highlight what ride you want and when. This mnemonic is varied when your referring to different types of attractions. The main one that comes to mind is Dinosaurs Alive! Last walk of the day through Dinosaurs Alive!, would be LWOTDODA, pronounced "Luh-Watt-Dode-Uh" Take a guess at what LWETDA stood for? I know that a few friends from KIC were there with me for that one. I suppose its beneficial to elaborate that outside of, "LROTNOB" this naming device is not used religiously. It is merely a fun way of sharing a common understanding of what sounds like utter gibberish. Think of it along the lines of the personal appeal to learning a foreign language. I can see that this post is veering off topic, so allow me to bring it back: You know its off-season when you take the time to explain amusement park vernacular in hopes that it will be fused into vocabularies around the park during the upcoming season.
  3. @ohiocolts and I started using the acronym LROTNOB 3 years ago and it spread like wildfire between friends and other enthusiasts. LROTNOB is essentially a noun to us now, more so than an acronym. It also has some traditions involved too. But LROTN can be used for the last ride of any attraction. As I’m typing this out I’m realizing the complexity of our ride specific vernacular, so I’ll save you the details and leave it at this.
  4. With the addition of any new coaster in the Cedar Fair chain, the likelihood that you must store your loose articles in a locker is very high. I would like to venture that Mystic Timbers will be the same way. Since last season, rumors have been circulating that due to MT new lockers, Diamondback will be removing their station bins, and not allowing bags, souvenirs cups, etc. I could see this happening but I also think it would cause some outcry from frequent guests. Do you think this is a plausible outcome for the 2017 season?
  5. I am going to assume my first ride of the KI season will be on Banshee. I am going to be on the crew this year, so I am under the impression that we will get a ride sometime during training or before the park opens for the season.
  6. When you realize you may have to download all your funpix off the app, else they may disappear at the new year
  7. Best: -First Ride of the Season on Beast (zen) -Last ride of the season on Beast -LROTNOB in general -Daily KI&MVRR Worst: -Dining services -Not getting LROTNOB (slit), then getting escorted to DB to only not get LROTNODB. (At least I can say I rode DB in a thunderstorm)
  8. I took Ohiocolts into US which was his very first maze.https://vimeo.com/186170724https://vimeo.com/186170795 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I found it ironic that they changed the sign-up sheet to the Great Pumpkin Fest right after I tweeted at them that there is no Haunt on October 9: https://twitter.com/alec_aandjgoods/status/780173790215041025 I am excited to go regardless!
  10. I'm excited for Field of Screams. Its going to be located behind/beside the Blue Racer and make use of DA as queue. I also believe Bayou is being moved to where Cornstalkers formerly was
  11. Why move in 4 days before official move in day?
  12. They are moving what appear to be benches towards announcement area as of right now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Spotted near the Crypt building. What appears to be wood. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Wow I feel moronic. I completely overlooked that detail. carry on
  15. Wait a second. Is that a genuine screen shot of VisitKingsIsland.com or did someone edit that photo, because I just got on the website and it was not on the homepage? I'm leaning towards the latter because there are 7 little dots on the bottom of the featured banner but on the webpage there are only 4 as of 12:22 PM.
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