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  1. It was tweeted asking a simple question: wood or steel? Do you like wooden coasters, or steel coasters? That was the question being asked. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. There was no wait and see how it goes approach to it. A limited number of pieces were going to be available, and that limited number was reached.
  3. The Vortex track slices will only be available online if there are some left after this weekend.
  4. From what I remember and have seen in photos, yes.
  5. When The Racer opened in 1972, the trains were four cars long which is the same as the Shooting Star had been at Coney Island. A fifth car was added to the trains in 1973.
  6. No, it doesn't. I'm not on the lookout for things like this when I experience attractions. I'm just trying to enjoy the moment and have fun.
  7. Kings Dominion and Canada's Wonderland didn't have the same stand up ride that Kings Island had. I rode all three and their similarities were different. The stand up coaster at each park gave over 20 million rides and remained popular with guests from the day they opened until giving their last rides. The retirement of each of the three rides were met with a great deal of sadness by guests. For some it was their first big coaster, or their favorite ride. For others it may have been the site of their first job. Literally thousands of people have wonderful memories of these stand up coasters.
  8. Less than 1% of the videos on Kings Island's YouTube channel are unlisted, which is a far cry from "always" linked to unlisted. They start out as unlisted until the content they're going to be associated with (blogs, email newsletters, etc.) has been published/distributed.
  9. This Saturday (July 25) is National Carousel Day. How will you celebrate? BLOG: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/july/celebrate-national-carousel-day-this-saturday
  10. Kings Island's culinary team has created a very special menu item now available for a limited time only at the new Meteor Canteen Consumption Station in Area 72: The Celestial Sausage. BLOG: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/july/kings-island-foodie-news-the-celestial-sausage-is-now-available-for-a-limited-time
  11. The designer of The Racer, Racer 75 and Thunder Road, John Allen, considered The Racer to be the finest of the roller coasters he designed during his legendary career. And he designed some good ones!
  12. Shake, Rattle & Roll debuted 45 years ago. Guests loved it! Today its opening would result in a thread comparing it to other similar type rides, debates about the ride's colors, the lighting package, how the queue was set up, etc. Once upon a time, people just enjoyed the ride.
  13. When this happens please provide names so the park can look into it.
  14. Really? When did 5,282 feet of track (Diamondback) and 5,318 feet of track (Behemoth) become MUCH longer than 5,321 (Orion)?
  15. Anyone that does not work at the park or in the industry is the GP.
  16. There's still two days left before the end of the week.
  17. If I had a dollar for every time you've mentioned POV, I could buy a boat!
  18. It exists. It's real. And it's spectacular! We'll be sharing photos and video of one of the most anticipated new rides in the world when the time is right to do so.
  19. I remember seeing actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth, known for her Broadway role as Galenda in 'Wicked' performing in an Opryland show called Way Out West. They had some great shows. I'd travel to Nashville two or three times every summer in the 1980's to visit Opryland.
  20. In the age of COVID-19, I, like many people in America, was forced to work from home for the past 10-plus weeks where I and others at the park would need a pretty long lens to capture photos and video to show the grand scale of this new baby. That's how the world was working these days.
  21. 46.93% of the park's posts on Facebook beginning January 1 through February 29 were focused on Orion, which is a significantly higher number than barely anything.
  22. You won't until later this month. It will be announced when you can begin to purchase or reserve a visit.
  23. Low ridership? Don't be fooled by wait times. Adventure Express is a high capacity ride and annually ranks among the top attractions in the park for ridership.
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