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  1. The online store is located under Attractions & Things To Do.
  2. I remember it well. I enjoyed it, riding it multiple times every year throughout its run at the park. It wasn't included with park admission. I remember it being $3.50 at one point. There was a good variety of animals, and you got an up close look at many of them. It was worth the cost to do it. I also experienced Kings Dominion's. The similarities between Kings Island's and Kings Dominion's were different.
  3. A little over 6,350 days ago is when the last repainting project for the Eiffel Tower began.
  4. The Lunch Basket served hot dogs, chili dogs, hamburgers, fries.
  5. Skyline Chili replaced The Lunch Basket in 1985 in Coney Mall.
  6. How's the view of the fireworks from Action Zone vs. Area 72?
  7. Blog post published yesterday. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2021/july/taste-your-way-around-the-world-at-grand-carnivale
  8. Tired act. Need some new material.
  9. There's nothing to see in the maintenance shop when the park is open, unless bare walls and a floor interest you.
  10. Saddened by this news. I met Paul in 1981. We did a couple of TV shows together talking about roller coasters in the 1980's and I enjoyed working with him on stories he was writing for industry publications. The last time I saw him was about a year ago when he visited Kings Island to ride Orion. He'll be missed by many.
  11. Really? https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2021/june/kings-island-is-now-on-tiktok
  12. The cars were labelled N or S (North, South) depending on the side they operated on.
  13. In 1972, The Racer had four cars per train. A fifth car was added in 1973.
  14. Each side had a Blue and Red train from The Racer's opening in 1972 through the 2007 season. I made the suggestion to have one side Blue and the other side Red prior to 2008. Depending on how long it took to dispatch a train, there were multiple times every day the ride operated from 1972-2007 when it was Blue versus Blue, Red versus Red.
  15. For the majority of the attendees, Coasterstock is not about ERT. It's a weekend celebration, a big "Family Reunion" for many. A chance to unite or reunite with other like-minded people. Oh, sure, there's ERT. But it's far from the most important part of the event for many of those who return to participate in the event year after year. And the event was created to be that way. You keep going on and on about Adventure Express not being part of the ERT lineup. As noted earlier in this thread, it is not located within the footprint of where other rides are located during the ERT sessions. However, you will be able to get in several rides on Adventure Express immediately following each of the morning ERT sessions during the first hour is open and you can get in a couple of night rides before the park closes as well.
  16. The Train Photo Opportunity and Q&A was done this way so attendees can come and go at their leisure, have an opportunity to capture better photos, have more of conversation with the engineers and conductors, and just overall to make it a better experience for those interested in the story behind our steam trains. Having the Banshee backstage photo opportunity during the ERT session allows attendees to come and go at their leisure and offered us the chance to fit in two additional activities after the park opened, starting with the chance for everyone to ride the Grand Carousel together and to offer a book signing with Evan Ponstingle, author of Kings Island: A Ride Through Time. Now you may not care about a ride on the Grand Carousel, but for many of the attendees it's something they're going to enjoy doing together as a group. I'm the one who thought Flight of Fear ERT at night was a great idea. It's located next to Orion, near The Racer and falls within the footprint of where the night time ERT rides are located, which is Coney Mall, Area 72 and Rivertown. There are two different experiences being offered on Flight of Fear. One night it's lights on, the next night it's lights off. Where is the tour of the spaghetti bowl and Haunt maze walkthroughs? While things are getting back to normal from the COVID-19 pandemic, we're not there yet with being able to have a group of this size together in an indoor facility. In developing the itinerary for this event, it's always done with what the majority of the attendees would enjoy in mind.
  17. I will have to try the Buffalo Dip.

  18. No matter what have been used you'd find something that wasn't right to you.
  19. Nobody made and tested that jump before Robbie attempted it. He used the same ramps used for the jump to make practice runs between 35 and 50 feet the week leading up to the big event. Robbie could ride a bike! People that worked with his father, Evel Knievel, told me Robbie was more skilled. During the practice sessions he'd make jumps with hands in the air, do 360-degree turns in the air, go up and off the ramp doing a wheelie... it was quite the show he'd put on. Robbie's landing was very similar to his father's jump at Kings Island. Evel hit the last Greyhound bus when he landed, breaking his bike.
  20. From the park's opening in 1972 into the 1990's, the ride crews would cut the line on every attraction so the last rides would occur within a few minutes of the park closing time. There were many days where if you wanted to get a night ride on The Beast you had to be in the queue 45-90 minutes before the park closed, depending on what day of the week and time of year it was. At The Racer during the years I was riding it almost daily from 1981-1990, the line would get cut 20-30 minutes before the park closed, sometimes up to 45 minutes on a Saturday. I never felt like I was getting cheated. If the park operating calendar said the park closed at 10 p.m., it was understood by guests that meant rides stopped running at 10 p.m. That's the way it was.
  21. On this Christmas Eve, I wanted to take a minute to wish everyone that is a part of the KIC Community a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy holiday season. I look forward to seeing you at the park in 2021!
  22. It was tweeted asking a simple question: wood or steel? Do you like wooden coasters, or steel coasters? That was the question being asked. Nothing more, nothing less.
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