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  1. Carowinds does there Halloween event as a separate ticket event starting later in the day
  2. Krakens Vr will have sound so if nothing else its a step up from SIX. Oh and its completely optional
  3. Kings Island 2016 Discussion Thread

    I dont believe it is
  4. Kings Island 2016 Discussion Thread

    Fridays are just for Haunt
  5. New Kentucky Theme Park?

    I think I read a similar story just a year ago
  6. Kentucky Kingdom

    Good chance I will be going on KKs closing day for the 2016 season
  7. Dollywood 2016

    It was down atleast half the day on the 10th
  8. Golden Ticket Awards 2016

    I cant take a group of voters that claims Carowinds Intimidator is better then Diamondback seriously
  9. SIX 2017

    Cant wait for the world first Justice League vr Larson Looper
  10. Current wait times

    how crowded would you guys and girls expect for tomorrow ? (I havnt been on a Saturday for a few years)
  11. EPCOT is getting a coaster

    Epcot was lacking this
  12. National Roller Coaster Day 2016

    I will be there if I can find someone to cover my shift
  13. Kings Island 2016 Discussion Thread

    I have never been asked to remove my prescription glasses (with no strap) at KI
  14. I can confirm Malems statement about that week being dead crowdwise