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  1. And now they have added 3 levels of membership on top of gold
  2. Carowinds does there Halloween event as a separate ticket event starting later in the day
  3. Krakens Vr will have sound so if nothing else its a step up from SIX. Oh and its completely optional
  4. Good chance I will be going on KKs closing day for the 2016 season
  5. It was down atleast half the day on the 10th
  6. I cant take a group of voters that claims Carowinds Intimidator is better then Diamondback seriously
  7. Cant wait for the world first Justice League vr Larson Looper
  8. how crowded would you guys and girls expect for tomorrow ? (I havnt been on a Saturday for a few years)
  9. I will be there if I can find someone to cover my shift
  10. I have never been asked to remove my prescription glasses (with no strap) at KI
  11. I can confirm Malems statement about that week being dead crowdwise
  12. So I was looking through my Facebook messages and I have one from someone I dont know that reads ''R U retarded fury 325 best coaster ever please they trimmed it a lot and doesn't have the over bank turns and overall intensity that MilleniumForce and I-305 after all Intamin makes the Fastest in the World Fury lacks to me I like The Wing Coasters from B&M id say up there with Maverick''
  13. Something different every time you ride adds credibility to the theory of a Verbolten like show building
  14. Im thinking a dark ride thats ties in with the MT theme
  15. The ride isnt based off the new movie they just share the name
  16. The Original ToT is still going to be in Florida so its not like there wiping it up completely
  17. I was being sarcastic (as usual)
  18. Now everyone can stop talking about Winterfest
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