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  1. New Swan Lake on one spot, new coaster on the other. :)
  2. The Coney Island theme was supposed to be Coney Island "after the turn of the [20th] century." If a coaster is to go on The Vortex plot, I say build an RMC hybrid inspired by the look of the Coney Wildcat.
  3. Good thoughts, but I would just as soon ship Backlot (coaster only) to Michigan's Adventure. On the site make a new Swan Lake. This would bring back some of the beauty we lost in 2008.
  4. IF they wanted to re-theme Banshee as part of an AZ re-theme, I don't think that would be the expensive or difficult part of the change. It would need a sign, new paint scheme (will need new paint anyway) and tombstones (if they want to keep them). Nothing else is strictly Irish. Call it Poltergeist assuming Six Flags Fiesta Texas is ok with that, if not something similar.
  5. I hope you're exactly right. I think the big question is which happens first The Vortex plot or AZ. Invertigo, Congo Falls, and The Bat, all could be nearing the end given age and ridership. All those things will need replacements at some point. With that considered the AZ revamp/retheme seems more pressing. I think Invertigo could be replaced by a flat ride or two without complaint. The Bat would probably need a large coaster to take its place and if Congo is to be replaced I wouldn't mind some type of new water ride. If it happens, I could see this being a two year project like the 1999-2000 expansion.
  6. Not all this relates to your post directly, but I will say I like the way they did it. Reserving hype and pomp for the biggest additions means people take you seriously at those events. How much better is this surprise announcement as opposed to the ultra-hyped "shed"? They overdelivered relative to expectations here which is a lost art in the social media age. Many people know what is marketing over-hype (the shed) and what has substance (the great coaster itself). Those who don't often end up disappointed.
  7. I guess we all spoke too soon. It's so nice to have a surprise! That's an excellent choice of flat rides, probably the two I would have chosen myself. Traditionally sized flats are just what the park was missing. I do hope that Oktoberfest can live on in another iteration at some point. As long as Festhaus exists, we can hope it may be re-born as an Action Zone re-theme at some point. That would be a lot of work though as it would likely require a new Biergarten to be constructed and new facades for all the buildings.
  8. @robintodd reading the above @DeltaFlyer is not a whiner who only buys passes when there's a new coaster. Ten straight years of passes is pretty solid. It's good that you are enjoying the park. However, most of us are (or should be) glad "on- again off-again" visitors exist. Without them there would never be a reason to make any new additions to the park (above maintenance/replacement). The fact that amusement parks add things on a regular basis rather than simply maintain the status quo means that they bring people and money through the gate. We'll see in some capacity how this might affect attendance and per capita spending-- although KI is just one piece of the CF pie.
  9. I see this sentiment tossed around here often and I just don't see it. Where is the heavy theming over the last 10 years? Take Kings Island which has received more additions than any CF park in those years. Banshee is lightly themed coaster in an un-themed park area. Mystic Timbers has some themed props and a themed brake run that correspond to a story. Orion is themed marginally more than Diamondback with the few props and hangar in the queue. This is not a criticism. In my opinion the current level of theming is well suited for a regional, seasonal park. Kings Island hasn't been themed like a Busch Gardens or Dollywood level since just about the beginning. There's nothing wrong with this, it's just a different approach for a slightly different customer. I think that a good portion of the theming is to allow for marketing campaigns. Some people get more excited by a story, others think it's interesting the first time they see it and move on, others still only care about the ride itself. I'd say the latter two groups together are the vast majority of guests, but I could be wrong.
  10. @MisterSG1Understand that your (clearly) strong views on the rights of minors are not what everyone believes. You may disagree, but to most people it is just and fair that adulthood has privileges and rights that come with it. Adults are expected to be responsible by way of their life experience and more fully developed brains. Parents/Guardians are expected to take care of minors and to teach them responsibility. Parents/guardians are responsible for much of their teenagers actions until they turn 18. Of course adulthood doesn't look the same for all and there are plenty of adults who still act irresponsibly, but there needs to be an age cutoff somewhere. Right now, legislatures have decided that's 18. This is how society has always functioned. If you don't like it and want to change it, you are in for a much bigger fight than an amusement park chaperone policy. The reason for the policy is this: There are teenagers who have been causing trouble/a bad image for the park. Cedar Fair can legally restrict teenagers from entering without a chaperone. Cedar Fair believes that to most the positives of such a policy outweigh the negatives. Therefore revenues will not decline as they fear it would if such a policy were not put in place.
  11. I don't think this is a major part of their goal. I think it's about simple revenue. [If If they decide they want to discourage lower income buyers a more effective way would be to nix the installment plans for passes. Kings Island didn't have this option before 2010ish. Dollywood, Holiday World, and Indiana Beach still don't have them]. I can't understand though why Kings Island passes are 30% more than Cedar Point other than they think the KI customer will still pay it. Bold move.
  12. I believe that the flat rides mentioned are already there now and are not new for 2023. Reading the carefully worded press release the 'recently' is key. "Guests can also enjoy the recently expanded and upgraded All-American Corners area."
  13. I don't disagree. Re-read my lines above. .
  14. Respectfully, I don't see this as a 1:1 comparison as I think the expense is what we've been talking about rather than quality (result). Any operator can have bad luck on additions that don't pan out Cedar Fair included (thankfully mostly not at KI). Firehawk was a relocation from a closing park (use it or lose it). Bat/Top Gun was impressive in its time like Banshee is now. SOB cost more than Mystic Timbers, but definitely was a mistake in retrospect. FOF ended up being a quality addition and was very innovative in its time. TR:TR was very ambitious and pretty expensive but also poorly executed. Paramount also added Drop Tower and Delirium which is a bigger expense than WindSeeker. I don't know how the expenditures would average out on an annual basis, but I think Paramount put in plenty of money to attempt to improve the park.
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