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  1. Just about any flat ride could fit if they re-route the Delirium line to run the other direction. I would like to see a three ride package for Oktoberfest or three flats outside of Coney Mall. Come to think of it has Rivertown ever had a flat ride other than Tomb Raider/The Crypt?
  2. Banshee --> Poltergeist Congo Falls --> Black Forest Falls The Bat--> Fledermaus
  3. Unlike steel coasters wooden coasters have indefinite lifespans for as long as they're cared for and popular. One hundred years or more for The Beast are possible. The only way I could ever see the brakes being lessened is if they were to buy a set of Millennium Flyers trains for it which once retrofitted properly are easier on wooden track.
  4. ^ 'Access to' as in ability to use it this way any day all summer.
  5. Yep, the vast majority of kids do okay with it, but some don't. In recent years the park has almost certainly upped the baby sitting quotient with the addition of meal plans. For around $200 (or $16 bucks a month) per kid you get access to a safe place to drop off your kids that entertains and feeds them all summer.
  6. Yes, look up the Pony Express at Knott's and the MotoCoaster at Darien Lake. They're not huge themselves, but you'll see how KI could fit a larger version of something like that with a longer track and more capacity. Backlot itself was too small for the plot they gave it. Thanks! My initial thought was to just re-theme Backlot, giving it Steeplechase trains, and replacing the Backlot theme with beautiful landscaping. This is unlikely given the different manufacturers. Also, its been long enough now that it's probably not worth revamping vs replacement. They could even give it Kentucky Derbyesque theming if they would like a regional tie-in.
  7. Backlot is nice in that it's a family coaster, but it is just a blight on the park. It has to go. 1)( Highly Unlikely) Remove Backlot Stunt Coaster. Move the antique cars to their rightful location. Add flat rides on the current 'tiques sight. Various other traditional-sized flats throughout the park. OR 2) (Also very unlikely) Remove Backlot and replace it with a Steeplechase (Pony Express)- a larger version than the one at Knott's. Put in some nice landscaping. Various other traditional-sized flats throughout the park. My somewhat more realistic wish is to overhaul Action Zone into a cohesive theme when Congo and Invertigo hit the "service life" wall. Even though it's nice to see Timberwolf used this year I'm still not entirely convinced it's long for this world. We shall see. With that factored into the equation there is some great potential in that area for a revamp.
  8. That's true, but remember the risks are on both sides for buyers and sellers, especially for the buying/selling of a future good or service.
  9. Disclaimers found to not be reasonable as evidenced in this case are thrown out routinely. Reason is always used in evaluating the validity of the terms even when agreed upon by the paying customer. If the logic of your first sentence above was taken to to the letter of the law then the disclaimer-- "All operating dates and hours are subject to change without notice." --could mean that after you bought your pass the park could in theory decide that the 2022 operating season now consists of 3 Saturdays in July and you would have no recourse. The park did not of course go to this length in 2020, but my argument is that there is a point at which changes to an operating season become unreasonable and that it is a judge/jury's job to make that determination. I think the park should have honored refund requests made in good faith in 2020. The 2020 pass people bought (many of which were purchased before the pandemic) was for a normal 2020 operating season, not a severely reduced 2020 season and a 2021 season. Although the "deal" of a shortened, masked 2020 with an extension through the 2021 season was happily accepted by most (including me), I can easily see how some wouldn't have felt that way. People tied up money for a year waiting for a normal year in 2021 they thought they would get in 2020. Some did not go in 2020 at all due to concern over the virus, the discomfort of wearing a mask, or the less than ideal ride situation of half capacity trains. Life situations change over a year so a replacement is not an acceptable remedy for everyone. *This is not at all a criticism of daily park operations during the pandemic. It is just an opinion that under the circumstances, not refunding money to those who honestly sought a refund was not reasonable not to mention poor customer relations.
  10. That's a pretty darn good idea there @Hawaiian Coasters 325 although I'd think they'd probably just start any theming from scratch at this point. It seems like the perfect place for one of those as there are no big flats (or any flats) in Rivertown. That'd make a be a great complement to whatever they use The Vortex plot for.
  11. @purdude86 You've got that right. I think it's even worse when you consider the lack of traditional sized flats. When was the last "non- giant" flat that was added that still exists... maybe Viking Fury around 1981? Woodstock Gliders was added several years back if you want to count rides in the kids area. I'd love to see something they used to have come back and several new ones. Put them in Oktoberfest, Rivertown, or Action Zone because Coney Mall has almost all the flats. My picks: Spinning Barrels (Keggers)/ Tea Cups (Culdrons), Huss Swing Around/ Larson Mega Bounce Zamperla Super Air Race/ Air Race Zamperla Endeavor Larson Tilt-a-Whirl/Mega Whirl Gerstlauer Sky Roller
  12. I don't know if they were new or just new to me, but I really appreciated the animatronics near the midways. The green goblin that talks and stands up from the chair (my lame description, ha) is pretty darn cool.
  13. Although Rivertown generally allows for more of what people consider theming than Coney Mall, I think it should stay in Coney Mall. Without Vortex, that midway is empty from Shake Rattle and Roll to WindSeeker. If they do put the next attraction in Rivertown I would at least leave a little room for a flat ride or two near where The Vortex entrance was. The current empty space, combined with the skeeball building only used for Haunt, makes that end of Coney Mall too sparse without something there. Also I think it would be cool to see them go all out on Old Coney theming for a new attraction.
  14. Taft/KECO Best- Decision to include roller coasters in the park after they were generally regarded as old fashioned post-Disney. The Racer and The Beast specifically. Impeccable landscaping and attention to detail in area theming. Above all Kings Island is a special place. Worst- The Bat Paramount Best- World class kids' areas with relevant IP. Outer Limits: Flight of Fear, Action FX Theatre. Theming was excellent when they wanted it to be. A new attraction was added almost every year. Worst- General decline in park appearance/ cost cutting in landscaping. In hindsight the years from 2000-2005 were the worst 5 year period in park history. 2000- Son of Beast a very ambitious failure 2002- Tomb Raider: The Ride was a failure 2005: Italian Job: Stunt Track replaces the charming Antique Cars and provided cover to relocate the Flying Eagles. The parks were downright dirty in some places towards the end of the Paramount era. I remember the walls of The Racer brake tunnels covered in gum and writing. Cedar Fair Best- Diamondback- The first successful major coaster in 13 years. All major coasters have been well received and are reliable. Rides are rarely closed. Have largely corrected mistakes from CBS era (later years) Paramount. Worst- Diamondback- destroyed Swan Lake. Royal Fountain "revamp", Major de-emphasizing of live entertainment/special events, Fast Lane Plus and meal plans. Kids' area does not receive the attention it did in the Paramount era. Years with no additions are commonplace and non-coaster additions are scarce.
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