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  1. Unfortunately though they had a lot of old, steel coasters. They all have to come down at some point. I agree with you though that it would be pretty excessive to see three go in three years (with one replacement). Since steel coasters have a limited life and wood coasters have an indefinite life, I'm curious about the lifespan of RMC hybrids. I think that might depend on how much the i-beam track costs to replace. @BeastForever Thank you for your factoid on The Beast and Racer supports. Few would ever guess that.
  2. I don't think expansion should be a focus right now. There are way too many things on developed land that need to be addressed first. If an "expansion " happens it will probably be just a better utilization of the land they've used. Ki has been in a tough position as of late with a lot of their rides getting up there in age and cost. Potential short term Chopping Block: Invertigo Bat Congo Falls Timberwolf Other areas for improvement include a 17 year-old dark ride, an ugly, empty tan box, empty action theater, empty Vortex plot, eyesore of coaster in Backl
  3. I understand what you're saying, but this would just make a lot of people angry. Remember when they tried to make Haunt not included with the Gold Pass? How about the time they wanted to take free parking off the Gold Pass? You can't give someone something for "free" and then start charging for it. If they want additional revenue to invest in the water park, it's best to just raise the season pass and ticket price. I think it's understood that for most people, the park is the draw and Soak City is a nice bonus.
  4. I think park goers both enthusiast and normal, more than anything want something: 1. Enjoyable- This is important because why else would you ride it? 2. Different- This is important because why would you need to go to ride coaster x if it's very similar to coaster y? Orion is a good coaster, probably better than Firehawk or Vortex. However, I don't think Orion is that different than Diamondback in terms of ride experience. I don't think it will be just enthusiasts that say that either. Sometimes casual park fans lump rides together more than enthusiasts. They don't care if B&am
  5. Do you say that because of how the new Antique Cars cut into the Coney midway?
  6. I was surprised by how fun the Swing Around at Darien Lake (Corn Popper) was. It doesn't look like anything special just looking at it. @wabashcr, if you loved Skylab, I'd bet you'd love an Endeavor. It's essentially a Skylab with a great view and dangling feet. The open design limits the risk of nausea common on Skylab type rides. If you make a trip to KK sometime, It's definitely worth a try. I'd put the barrels where the ladder game is in Oktoberfest as I think someone suggested. The Trabant, (or the "face-off" like replacement the Wipe-out) would be a good nod to the old Whe
  7. I think three giant flat rides is enough for the time being. it would be nice to have more of the traditional sized flats such as an Endeavor, Air Race, Swing Around, spinning barrels, Trabant, etc.
  8. With an uncertain economy for Cedar Fair and KI just having gotten an expensive coaster it's likely the odds of getting one or more flat rides within the next several years is high. What would you guys like to see?
  9. Kings Island has seen an especially dynamic past three seasons for coasters. Which option is most true for you? This is a fun, hypothetical scenario.
  10. IF, (big if), the park wants to use the old Vortex site for a coaster I don't see a dive machine (or any other B&M): 1. Orion was a very expensive addition at $30 million. 2. Dive Machines are quite expensive. The last two Cedar Fair purchased, Valravyn and Yukon Striker were around $25 Million. If KI is set on a Dive Machine I would think they would have to wait a full 5 years to 2025 to spread the cost. Think of Diamondback ($22M) in '09 and Banshee in '14 ($24M). 3. I doubt the park wants to have that prime land sitting vacant for more than necessary. 4. I think the
  11. Do you know what? That is an excellent idea! With the addition of Diamondback, and the removal of Swan Lake, Rivertown lost a lot of it's old look and charm. A return of a real, nicely landscaped lake would help so much to restore the look at least in another location. For those of you too young to remember, this was Swan Lake. Today it is the site of the Diamondback splashdown pool, brake run, and station. Credit to the fine folks of KIExtreme.com.
  12. Does anyone know if the band organ is working this year?
  13. Seeing the old Vortex plot empty was odd and a little sad. Seeing it empty also proved to me that a coaster and little else could go there as you can see how truly "un-flat" that plot is.
  14. @FOFirehawkFAN, the SOB chain echo was a KI signature in the same way. How likely is it that at the time they get rid of Invertigo they also remove Timberwolf and Congo Falls? That would open a lot of flat, usable space for midways flats, a coaster, or a newer, larger water ride. Personally, I'd hate to see a water ride go without a replacement.
  15. That's a pretty a broad brush. I doubt you'd say the same about people with other bad habits or addictions. Almost everyone does something they regret. Banning smoking entirely might minutely improve the experience of non-smokers who aren't in a group with smokers, but KI is a business and a lot of their customers are smokers. KI is a product. They have to cater to a customer. A national park is not a business, and will exist whether people come or not. They can have that policy with no ill-effects. I do get an occasional whiff of smoke from time to time at KI. I think the best
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