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  1. I'd love to have the original Coney/Kings Island flyers back as well as the original much larger antique cars. KCKC could have been replaced with almost anything else and it would have been better. It's ironic that two of the park's biggest "eyesores" are BLSC and the former TR:TR building. Hindsight is 20/20, but this still was a series of unfortunate decisions.
  2. Thanks for sharing. I'd say that's the only logical answer to the question at this point. They can't say they plan to buy them and distract from Orion/spoil a future announcement. Also why would the park say they plan to buy anything before actually doing so? Consider also they may or may not have known in advance about Coney closing it's amusement side, and decisions like this aren't made over night. I would be somewhat surprised if KI does purchase any of Coney's rides, but I wouldn't rule it out either at this point.
  3. I agree. l miss the neon light tubes on the center piece removed several years back.
  4. I guess I misplaced the Musik Express from another park. I guess Flying Bobs and maybe Tilt-a-Whirl would be the only real options for KI. Maybe they would want the Round Up if it's in storage, but I doubt it. Flying Bobs is a fun flat though. I'm sure they could find somewhere to put it in the Coney Mall.
  5. This is very sad news. I thought Coney had it's niche in the market, that being a smaller park perfect for families. I can't say whether this was the case or if the park did not position itself well enough to make money serving that demographic. There's one less amusement park in the Cincinnati area. In just 20 years we've went from three amusement parks and a picnic park, to one large amusement park and a picnic park. A significant piece of Cincinnati history will be no more. As far as the future of Coney, I don't buy the pitch of "a world class swim and play facility." I don't want to see the Sunlite Pool, close but I don't know if it makes it. Despite what they say, I don't know if enough people will drive to Coney for a pool and a few extras. There are local aquatic centers and YMCA's for that. I think the rides side was what made their pool a choice for many over these types of places. I have some good memories of Coney Island especially when I went there for a Boy Scout event in the early 2000s. I really hate to see it go. I hadn't planned on it, but I'll definitely be making a visit to say goodbye.
  6. The Flying Bobs, Musik Express and Trabant (still there?), and Super Round Up come to mind as high enough capacity. Also 2 (3?) of them were ride models previously at KI.
  7. I'd hang onto it! Thanks for sharing!
  8. ...and (an expanded) antique cars moved to the site.
  9. I remember being really excited reading this article. It's a shame we never got any of the "picked" rides. The closest we got was the new set of Tin Lizzies. https://www.latimes.com/travel/themeparks/la-trb-cedar-fair-flat-rides-20150806-story.html
  10. @RustbucketIt's amazing how much ranking vary from person to person. I've been on 155 coasters and Steel Vengeance is at #1 comfortably with Lightning Rod next, Twisted Colossus and then Fury 325. Steel Vengeance is my new definition of the perfect coaster and blows me away. Millennium Force loved by many is probably not in my top 25 steel and I also prefer Magnum and Maverick. My favorite wooden is Voyage, but it's been over 5 years since I've been on it.
  11. It came off as entitled no doubt. I totally get the "coaster enthusiast" bad image. I don't think he's necessarily wrong about his definition of a giga though. Wikipedia does it best with hypers over 200 in drop height but not in vertical height like Phantom's Revenge given an asterisk. It won't matter much in the long run, but I think the park did bring this on themselves to an extent by not just building the extra 13 ft. I highly doubt they're losing any sleep over it though! I expect this to be an excellent ride and that it will supercede DB or Banshee as the favorite steel coaster.
  12. I wouldn't touch The Beast or The Racer for a potential RMC job. As someone who has ridden both a topper track "wood" coaster and 2 i-box "hybid" coasters, I can say that the track feel is the same. What RMC calls a wood coaster is a structural steel track bolted to wood. Only GCI and the Gravity Group make true wooden coasters. RMC just likes to market that they do. By the way all three RMC's I've been on are FAN-TAS-TIC.
  13. I think the best way to label these might be a separate category or hyper with an asterisk. The problem with your line is thinking is that you don't get the sustained speed of the drops, (I actually rode both and Phantom is one of my all-time favorites), on those coasters. Whatever speed you get through the use of terrain is scrubbed off when you return back to the height the lift started at. Think of a 100 ft high coaster that goes into a 100 ft ravine. That's not as good as a 200 ft coaster because you'll only net 100 ft worth of speed from the drop.
  14. Because a term is "new" (19 years old actually in this case) doesn't mean it has no meaning. You would look at me pretty funny if I called a walkie talkie a "smartphone" (also a newer word). As far as the argument goes (and the park and most people won't care), if KI was my park I would not call it a Giga just to try to avoid any perception of dishonesty by the guests.
  15. It's a goofy trick to try to make it seem taller. You don't see anyone use drop LENGTH as a stat. You don't see The Beast bragging about its 500 ft LONG second drop! It looks solid. I like the name Orion better than Polaris, but Shooting Star is better than either! If this coaster is 80% of what Fury 325 is they'll have a very good coaster.
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