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  1. If theming somehow became important again to the powers that be, I'd like to see all of what used to be known as Action Zone absorbed into Oktoberfest with a full retheme.
  2. I'd love to see the station reused for some future coaster. The handicap accessibility issue did cross my mind. I don't know how the rules would apply in this case. I remember they had to widen the Shake Rattle and Roll line, on the other hand Cedar Point re-used the White Water Landing line and station for Maverick.
  3. I rode the new Zamperla Endeavor at Kentucky Kingdom. It is everything good about the Enterprise, but better. Better view (less nausea and more enjoyable) and legs dangle. I definitely would approve of one being installed at KI.
  4. Since we do not know the fate of The Vortex station, (I'd love to see it re-used someday), I'd very much appreciate if someone could do a video like this for Vortex.
  5. Thank you for posting these pictures! I'm completely confused now. Are there still two levels in the station house and one is not used? I have never noticed it if that is the case.
  6. @Rivertown Rider In theory with a healthy investment Oktoberfest could just absorb Action Zone since it is just generic amusement park these days. I'd really like to see a return to better developed themes for the areas. I had high hopes for the now concluded Ouimet Era in this regard to more avail.
  7. I'm really impressed by the fact that Kahn's and Rainbo made sausages and bread respectively IN the park. Also the German food selection in the Bier Garten is impressive. Why not try this at the park again? I think it'd be a hit! Think like Busch Gardens!
  8. I like to be blown away by a coaster when riding one the first couple times. I'm more than willing to put up with downtime in exchange for a fantastic ride. RMC and CCI/Gravity Group are my idea of what a coaster should be. They don't let up (and sometimes get more intense), until they hit the brakes. Examples of their brilliance are the seemingly 20 straight seconds of reverse banking on Legend and the "top gun stall" on Twisted Colossus.
  9. In an ideal world I would choose an independent to run KI as their only business. No one treats a business better than an independent operator who would treat the park as his or her baby. If I had to choose an existing amusement park company it would either be Herschend or Busch Parks/Sea World. I would probably lean towards Herschend since I believe their parks are more similar to KI than Sea World/Busch's parks are.
  10. The premise is simple. Imagine you could snap your fingers and select one group or entity to own and operate Kings Island. Who would you choose and why?
  11. You are correct. But I will say Intamin prefabs are wooden in the same way that O'doul's is beer.
  12. Intamin Prefabs use laser cut plywood held together with epoxy, (I'm not in construction). The train wheels they use are polyurethane to further increase smoothness. They like RMC, have been stripped of all wooden coaster feel. At least Intamin prefabs have track made of wood unlike all RMCs. When you think of a "wooden coaster" neither experience comes to mind,(although both systems have resulted in great coasters).
  13. I've been on both a "wooden" and a hybrid RMC. There is no difference in feel whatsoever. What RMC markets as their "wooden coaster" is closer in feel and smoothness to Adventure Expess than Beast or Racer. RMC uses a steel track bolted to a wooden structure for complete smoothness. If they do go with RMC they might as well go with the iron horse track so they can make it have several inversions.
  14. Anyone can install whatever they want. The laws you're speaking of affect the manufacturing of incandescent light bulbs. There's a certain efficiency a bulb has to make to be sold in the US and incandescent bulbs usually fail to meet that standard. Novelty lights used for decorative purposes are exempt from the standard. They'll be incandescent amusement ride bulbs for many years to come.
  15. This is a concern of mine as well. I'd hope could fit the next coaster in the current spot without removing many trees. I'm curious if a coaster like Steel Vengeance would fit in that spot.
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