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  1. kinda symbolic that the first pics of Mystic Timbers is of cutting trees.
  2. ^ Yea touch your kid every once a while, they might thank you for it later in life for not being a socialial path.
  3. Right now is the best era, we got Banshee and we got Diamondback + all the other greats. I liked the 90's era but we are in the best time right now. IMO
  4. It all comes down to what the federal law says. I would think Cedar Fair would have their own lawyers or legal advisors that know excatly what it says.
  5. I didnt think the road was that bumpy. lol
  6. I loved Blue Streak, and thought Mean Streak was rough. Prob the roughest wooden I have been on, including Thunderhead. Then again Thunderhead is worth it.
  7. I have always heard that The Spider got someone hurt, by one of the chairs flying off is that true?
  8. Camden Park is was got me back to Kings Island after 10 years and reignited my love for both parks. Glad you had a great time.
  9. When SOB was announced that they was tearing it down, did they tease with it or did they just come out and say, "Its being removed" Mantis is getting the PR about how its being squashed doesnt since to me. Why would they waste money on PR and make light of the fact a ride is being removed? I say its being renamed and painted or getting floorless trains or all three. Like Terpy said, they are in the business of making money.
  10. Oh ha ha. That pic isn't mine. I just pulled that pic off the internet. I'm surprised they let that pic go though. I pulled my arm in my shirt and acted like it was cut off and it was the only screen blocked. I guess what they are saying loose a limb, no. Play with nipple, yes.
  11. Camden Park for me is real close, and its a great place to take my daughter when I get her on the weekends. Last saturday it wasn't dead and they put on a good fireworks show. Big Dipper is a classic ride, not to mention the Haunted House dark ride. I never get tired of The Scrambler or go marathon The Rattler. Imagine getting to stay Delirium for like 20 rotations. Yes I would love to have KI in my backyard buts thats a 3 hour drive.
  12. One nice little coaster, besides Big Dipper and I think that place could really pick up. Alwell I can dream.
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