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  1. I've been many days when it's raining or storming. In my experience, the stormy days aren't bad as the storms usually come and go and then everything starts back up. I've been when storms were all around but never touched KI. I always go regardless unless it's just a complete wall of rain and you know it's not gonna be dry
  2. anyone headed to the park today??
  3. Park spokesperson Tony Clark released the following statement to WKYC Thursday morning: “At approximately 9:30 p.m. last night, a train on the GateKeeper roller coaster did not complete its full circuit due to weather conditions at the time. The train came to a stop on a section of track near the main entrance. The ride’s safety systems engaged as designed and an additional train was stopped on the lift hill. Guests in both trains were escorted safely from the ride.” here is a link to one of the articles. it's very short and to the point. https://www.wkyc.
  4. The silence is kind of startling. What's going on at the construction site today? we wanna hear from those of you at the park.
  5. was the Firehawk loop moved again?
  6. read through........a lot of people think they will start soon. but who knows......with recent rides they have already been started by this point.
  7. I thought that was pretty cool too!!
  8. I'm extremely excited to be getting a coaster of this magnitude. I'm just a little confused at the overall height that it will be. even with the actual blueprint with hard numbers it still seems that the height is still up in there air. I'll be very excited for whatever the stats are.......but it would be a little confusing if this thing is <300'. I'm sure they have something up their sleeve that gets it to 300' whether it grading the ground or what not.........time will tell.
  9. I was just needing some extended reading time here on KIC!! I guess my wish has been granted!!
  10. Well, that pretty much goes without saying...... but thanks anyway.
  11. be sure to let us know what the concrete mixer truck is doing, if you would be so kind!
  12. Wow. This had me laughing, people really do say the craziest things sometimes.
  13. sounds like we all need to step away from the topic!! LOL. we're going crazy!
  14. woohoo......hopefully some clues will come from those pictures.
  15. It would be really cool to see the mill feature flowing. and definitely some kind of water feature in the middle.
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