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  1. If I wasn't an hour away, that would be so perfect, Ohioparksrock.
  2. Thanks for your input, everyone. I'm an older person (note that I've had a pass since 1986) who still loves KI. To me, that was my number one problem with having a full-time day job. Plus, my home is 1 hour from the park. A bit west of Dayton. AND I still need to finish my accounting degree. I'm thinking that I will utilize those April/May chilly weekends a great deal. Sadly, my accounting books are too thick to carry with me and study while in line. I am hoping that, during the summer, I can get one evening and one weekend day per week.
  3. For the first time in over 20 years, I now have a full-time position. Day shift, 8am-5pm. For all of you who work a full schedule, do you have any advice on scheduling my visits?
  4. I, too, love the roaming entertainment. I would like to see more. Any new restaurant additions?
  5. I really like Firehawk. *For me, I find it better to ride early in the day. This ride takes a good bit of time to load/unload so the line can take forever if you wait too late. *The harness isn't uncomfortable at first, but, if I tense up during the ride, I find that my shins will get bruised. Over time, I've learned to just relax and not brace myself. It's much better that way. *I do like it when they lay the ride back. For those first couple of minutes, the head is just a bit lower than the body, and it feels good on the spine. * *I don't believe the ride feels scary, but one's first time on a new coaster always seems a little daunting, doesn't it? *The jolt when the ride stops will take you by surprise the first couple of times you ride it *I would recommend the ride. But then, I recommend that everyone try every ride at least once.
  6. And I'm sincerely hoping for a hot summer so that I can be comfortable at Soak City.
  7. Magenta Lizard, this year I was able to purchase a 2016 cup (in advance) that will allow me to have free drinks all season long...not just on the first day. I believe it was $24.99. They do not add it to your gold pass. They gave me a receipt, told me to keep it all winter, and bring it back on my first visit. I was told that I would then get a cup which would have a bar code for unlimited refills.
  8. I'm looking forward to using my Gold Pass, my food pass, AND my drink pass. I'm set!
  9. My childhood at Kings Island began with opening season. Although I love the BIG coasters, I do miss some of the rides they had back then. I think the one I miss the most was the Bayern Curve. I enjoyed the Sky Ride, the Tumble Bug, and the Zodiac (huge ferris wheel). I can remember The Bat being where The Vortex is located. That building one walks through was called The Bat House.
  10. Agreed. They've done a splendid job this year.
  11. I'm going to give Kings Island a Shout Out for allowing our military personnel into the park for free this weekend. I am not military, but I certainly support those who are.
  12. I wouldn't mind a "retro" ride being reintroduced. Something along the lines of a sky ride, Bayern Curve, or even Tumble Bug. Although I love the big coasters, one can still have fun on something much simpler.
  13. I want to give a Shout Out to Alex. He is a worker on Diamondback. Great young man! Very courteous and lost of smiles.
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