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  1. Kudos to the Disney cast member for his handling of the situation.
  2. Typically ride crews arrange power hours themselves...there is no pressure from management that a crew is required to have a power hour. Typically, you can find these occuring the last hour or two before the park closes.
  3. The park is closed August 25-28 mostly due to staffing issues with their employees being back in school...and also a lot of their guests.
  4. Correct, and the fact that the water was causing horrible hard water stains on the Mini's. The side of the trains did not have neon green lights when the ride opened. From my understanding of some folks who opened the ride, the "stair bump" was installed, but amounted to nothing more than the feeling that you were rolling over a rough piece of track. I.E. Imagine sitting on a vibrating cell phone. The "effect" didn't translate well. The effect was installed through the audio system which never really was fully installed and eventually abandoned. The fog in the tunnel was cool. But yeah, the whole thing was way too over-engineered and didn't have the visuals that everyone was promised. Unfortunately the ride was never really 100% completed as marketed.
  5. What do you mean? Of COURSE I like Vortex. Was it something I said in the PTR? Edit: If you meant the air hockey playing piece, I understand now. I don't know how that got there. But for future reference, I'm not the best at picking up "sarcasm." Just so you know. Ah jeez... I see I'm going to have to display this picture to explain my comment (which takes all the fun out of it)...
  6. Correct... Under 2 train operation the second train is parked (usually) on lift 2. This is false because that's not how they do it on the Cedar Creek Mine Ride at Cedar Point. Facepalm Of course...how could I be so ignorant
  7. Correct... Under 2 train operation the second train is parked (usually) on lift 2.
  8. KI went through this exact same situation at the beginning of this season and they survived.
  9. That is not how the Speed Lane worked at IJST. Boddah1994 describes it best:
  10. The most I've ever paid for Slingshot is $0... Ah...brings back memories of riding close to 40 times in a row on a crisp day in early March.
  11. ^Hope that pool was heavily sanitized after the event. Just thinking of the number of people who didn't want to get out to use the restroom due to the risk of not being able to get back into the wave pool.
  12. Article from the Cincinnati Enquirer that was posted earlier this morning. http://news.cincinnati.com/article/AB/20130613/NEWS01/306130041/Kings-Island-angers-special-needs-parents?odyssey=obinsite I have my own opinion on this matter, but I'm curious to see what everyone else thinks. Thoughts?
  13. I do love how they say its the 2nd time this year that a ride has "unexpectedly" gone down. Guess all the downtime that rides experience everyday must be planned according to this media outlet.
  14. But apparently not so expensive as to cause you to eat elsewhere.
  15. I think you are considering the brake shed a block brake when infact it is not used as one (not to say it couldn't be). This is why lift 1 will slow until the train ahead of it has crested the 2nd lift. Top of lift 1 to lift 2 is considered 1 block. Assuming only 1 train can be stacked outside the station (not sure if this is accurate), I count 4 blocks. AE used to run 3 trains with only 2 bar checkers (1 per side), but now only runs 2 with more bar checkers...explain that one.
  16. I can assure you that those footers are not from the monorail and were infact from KK. Thank you for the photo Silver2005. You can see the footers that we are talking about in that picture if you look close enough (3rd support from the right after completing the turnaround).
  17. As of 2012 I have seen WS open for fireworks. Side tracking but anyone ever see WS running opening day? I was their never saw it running and also never even made it back by it, so if it's in a million pieces, I didn't know that lol. Not sure about opening day, but it was not running on Sunday.
  18. Guess who made #1?? http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2013/04/29/top-4-dinosaur-theme-parks/
  19. Oh boy...another new season once again brings these types of posts. Just a suggestion... We don't need a new post everytime a ride goes down with guests on it. It happens more than you would think in a normal operating day.
  20. Just because you can't see them doesn't necessarily mean there aren't more nearby. I can assure you that there are more than 5 police officers on the premises during normal operation.
  21. http://www.ocregister.com/entertainment/ride-500610-knott-evacuation.html
  22. How much was FP in 2012? Off the top of my head I was thinking $50.
  23. It’s not uncommon for ride restrictions to change. I remember when anyone could ride Viking Fury at KI, then it was changed to one must have a chaperone if they are under a certain height. That change was literally implemented overnight in the middle of a season. The height requirement on Racer was also changed between seasons.
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