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  1. I am a Cedar Point local and i used to be a KI local and i know that the lines can get crazy for haunt. I waited 2.5 hours for The Beast in 2009 but i was only like 9 so i don't remeber much. I am coming down for a visit the last weekend of operation. Any advice and tips/ past stories for haunt at KI. Oh also what are some of the scarriest/best mazes. Thanks
  2. I was in line for Millennium Force this sunday and i noticed these four square things that stuck out from the track. Does anybody know what they are there for
  3. Its going to rain on sunday so i wouldnt imagine big crowds
  4. Did anybody notice that the season pass dining plan works at all parks in 2015 if you have a platinum pass. I am from West Chester and I moved near Cedar Point so i am glad that i will bd getting my Skyline not overcharged while at the park
  5. Everyone is freaking out over a giga coaster turning Carowinds into a Cedar Point. Look what happened to Canada's Wonderland.
  6. When ever i have used Fastlane at CP or gone to CP the lines have been the minimal for Fastlane. The easiest ride to marathon there is Maverick because of how the merge system works. I can only take 3 rides in a row on that before i need a pain pill for my legs because i hate the new Intamin restraints. I never go to CP on a saturday though because that is just begging for disaster. Friday nights are the shortest waits for some reason. I walked into a empty Raptor station in the middle of july around 3:30. Same with Wicked Twister. Gatekeeper was 5 min
  7. Screamscape just posted that the Mantis new paint and floorless conversion are linked and are going to happen. This makes the chances in my opinion 70% sure it will happen. But it is Screamscape and they have been wrong
  8. what is up with one of Magnum's trains? It is in pieces. The line was a half hour on a wednesday.
  9. i was at the park today and noticed that Skyhawk no longer has cables
  10. I just rode it today in 1-2 and it was great. I push myself forward so the bar is at my waist and it was smooth
  11. I run about 35 miles a week and do lots of core for cross country so i have pretty strong legs. I forgot to mention that i do pull on on the bar on magnum. I just don't understand how it is ranked so high and how people love it.
  12. I have been wondering for a long time how to ride Magnum at Cedar Point with out getting my thighs crushed. I would love the ride if the air time hills didn't require me to take an aspirin after riding it. Also I have a similar issue on Maverick but I developed a method. I usually push forward on the lap bar while riding Maverick so it doesn't squeeze my legs and cut off circulation to them. Any other tips for either of these rides would be great!!!
  13. im guessing he meant to say me but the e makes an i sound so yea
  14. Gatekeeper is nothing huge and it was 25 million
  15. whatever, all i know is that it craps all over Gatekeeper
  16. the answer to the steel coaster question is all of the above
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