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  1. these KICentral quotes are a joke and i just got thunder sounds out of my speakers
  2. there are over 700 people on the livestream 30 min before it even starts
  3. just throwing it out there, could this be a new cheap S&S wing rider. The kind that uses magnets
  4. CSF only makes track for B&Ms in North America i thought
  5. there is some construction by the structure of Dragster so maybe a drop ride? That seems to appeal to teens and thrill seekers. The main problem with this is one word... INTAMIN
  6. somebody should make the photo shop with Banshee and Drop Tower and replace Drop Tower with SRR
  7. Its gonna be Rougaro cause of what happened at the coaster campout and what Tony tweeted "No tweetups today, kids. Working on a "verRrrry hard assignment."
  8. Mantis has received a partial paint change. A very tiny change, but maybe it is getting revamped finally?
  9. some athletes can be role models. Freestyle skiers are good people. Nick Goepper is my role model because he proved that if u work hard then anything can be achieved. He won an Olympic medal and grew up skiing on a hill. But i also know him because our sisters know each other from that Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy
  10. Thorpe Park turned some of the Swarm seats backwards. Or manits sit down trains
  11. here is a pic, i will take it down if it is not allowed
  12. Somebody leaked the blueprints of Fury 325 or what ever the Carowinds giga coaster is. Found them on Instagram but i don't know if a screen shot is allowed on this page
  13. nobody rides Mean Streak. On a saturday it is a walk on. If the iron horse treatment were not to work out and have some down time then nobody would really care.
  14. My home park is cp so i dont want to drive 4 hours to get a new one
  15. Wish Cedar Fair would try to work with them for one coaster just to see how it goes. But I know that they wouldn't do that. However we also have Top Thrill Dragster which was a somewhat successful experiment.
  16. I emailed Cedar Point and Kings Island. I read somewhere that they do without any questions. http://pointbuzz.com/Forums/Thread/30139.aspx?page=1#501092
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