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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. It isnt park wide at all. Its only the front and Action Zone. Mystic timbers is fully operational.
  2. Mystic timbers is a full queue ugh. I got in line. How long does this take? There appeared to be 0 stacking.
  3. I have gotten my friend into Cedar Point early with a bring a friend ticket and my platinum pass.
  4. ITS ABOUT DANG TIME. The question is, did the service speed increase?
  5. I know this will never happen but i wish that gci did a beast renovation so it doesn't have any trims and it has more laterals and airtime hills instead of flats. It has so much potential that is wasted. Like i said, ki will never ruin a classic but it would make The Beast a top 5 woodie again. I would atleast appreciate some millennium flyers or anything that isnt a ptc train.
  6. I am just curious, does anybody have a picture of the switchbacks or what mystic timbers' queue looks? I have seen the twisted wood fence entranc but I haven't seen where they store a majority of the people at.
  7. Last year preview night felt like a ghost town. Banshee was only a station wait. However every mom and their brother comes to opening weekend when there is a new ride.
  8. I may get the plan just so i can use big cups for water instead of those tiny things. I only used my cup for sports drinks for the electrolytes since it was really hot last summer.
  9. I am the odd one out here but Diamondback needs lockers really badly. It would dramatically improve capacity. Also, why aren't all crews trained or perform equally. The ride ops on Gatekeeper, Fury 325, and Banshee and all usually super fast and are working hard. They also have very minimal lines as a result. I don't understand why Diamondback can't get this treatment. It has the most potential for capacity improvemnt and is the most popular ride. I already know that Mystic Timbers will be my favorite since ejector air is the only element i really like on a ride. I hope that mystic timbers run
  10. I rode it once when it didn't have the loop. I was like 8 tears old. I just remember the first drop being unbelievable, i held on for dear life. I hadn't been on many rides so I didn't know what a good drop actually was. I thought it was a little rough but not that bad. I do remember everybody around me groaning in pain though. I liked the ride but Banshee is way better. I really wish rmc could have built a complete recreation with some rmc features like airtime and wace turns. Easily could be a top 5 coaster in the US imo.
  11. I see this and Diamondback sharing the same lockers. I hope this is the case since it will dramatically help the Diamondback operations.
  12. Cedar Point was a ghost town. The lines picked up a tiny big because most of the rides were doing 1 or 2 train ops which destroys the capacity. Overall an amazing day. I learned to never ride millennium in the pouring rain.
  13. You guys do realize the rmc truck is a normal truck that they painted their phone number and website on right...
  14. So apparently the Mean Streak station is all ready gutted and the track is gone. https://instagram.com/p/BKt6_-mgIHS/
  15. Has it been said if it will get the soft millennium flyer trains or the stiff ones like on Ghostrider? I know some of the ptc trains are Carowinds are super soft unlike at KI or CP.
  16. The crowds are much better today. I am actually very impressed with the Adventure Express crew. There were only 2 of them on the platform and they were booking it. They felt faster than the Diamondback crew.
  17. Crowds seem to be much lighter than yesterday. Of course the crowds didnt really roll in until 12 yesterday
  18. Since I left early yesterday I am going to give this morning a shot. Has Banshee been running really smooth recently? I didn't even feel the usual rattle but the forces did feel weaker (but i thought Fury 325 was forceless in the morning too).
  19. The webcams look ridiculous right now. I havent seen the park this busy all year. Especially for a sunday. I left at 12:30 becuase it wasnt worth the heat.
  20. Well we all know how those woodies turned out...
  21. Is it worth coming saturday night? I am driving down from Cleveland and can get there at 6:30 ish. I am going sunday but I don't have any plans for that night.
  22. The ride cycled between trims on or off when I was there. I think its like every 1 in 3 dispatches. You know you got one when you slow down on the transfer track
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