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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. They had a teaser saying there is more coming with snoopy holding blueprints
  2. They don't have to worry about wind speeds or anything like that with wood coasters since they can fabricate the supports on the ground. With steel you already have fabricated parts so you may not be able to work some days because of wind. Kings Island isn't behind on progress. Then announced the ride in July. Thats super early compared to any other Cedar Fair ride recently besides Gatekeeper for obvious reasons.
  3. I love getting Larosas on my meal plan since I am from Cincinnati and live in Cleveland. Looks like I won't be doing it labor day weekend. Crowds usually aren't that bad but I am used to Cedar Point crowds. I still love going labor day weekend but I can see why the locals don't
  4. I used cash for the lockets at CP like two weeks ago. There are too many teenagers to go credit only.
  5. I rode Mean Streak 4 times today and was lucky enough to get a trim free ride on my last one. I thought it was better than The Beast!!! It had crazy laterals and some good airtime. I was very impressed but sad that it couldn't always be that good. Unfortunately the MCBR hit hard and was as slow as usual after. The ride had potential. Now I wouldn't actually be mad if GCI took it over.
  6. I don't know why only Carowinds gets nice food. Kings Island is like a 5 star restaurant compared to Cedar Point though
  7. They can also start marking all of the cut points and start doing other things ahead of time so they can work fast in the winter. Also they can install any extra footers for new supports now if necessary.
  8. Keep in mind that winters in Sandusky are harsher than they are down here. Even with Cedar Point opening later than Kings Island, the weather doesn't give them as much time to work. The only problem is wind. The lake effect snow isn't a problem until you go west towards Cleveland and PA and even a little NY.
  9. Id take a RMC over a woodie any day of the week. The GP around CP think that all wood coasters are terrible and suck. Kings Island GP has a different view.
  10. I don't think fountains kill algea, or does algea hurt the fish. The fountain moving supplies oxygenated water which helps algea grow. You may be talking about the scum on top of the water.
  11. Mystic Timbers won't come close to the area with the fence put up in April that was cleared and had the teaser signs. Antique cars would fit nicely because of the kids area right there, plus the retaining wall would help make that area flat. Only problem is the train.
  12. They said they will announce their next CAPTIAL investment so that leads me to belive that nothing is leaving. Hopefully a Mass Effect ride like at CGA. They cant cost much considering Carowinds got one after Fury 325 and that is over double the cost of Mystic Timbers and Carowinds makes less money than KI.
  13. Tower of Terror is unique each time you ride... with the random drops and assents.
  14. People were disappointed. Nobody was screaming like at Banshee
  15. Capacity of 1275 riders per hour. Thats really good considering its 24 riders per vehicle
  16. They made the thing in no limits.... That looked worse than the storm chaser rendering. But the shed is obviously a drop element.
  17. Name guess is now Wildfire. It wasn't smoke, it was fog if that helps.
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