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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. This name will allow for some really good theming. How would you theme a ride to a cat? Cedar Fair has been doing a good job with their theming recently and this will be a good night ride contender with The Beast if the theming fits the name.
  2. I was just on the site...I have a webcam up now. I thought I confirmed it but my computer glitched lol. Im sorry for any confusion
  3. I'll take a guess haha Son of Diamondback? haha Id rather have that tbh
  4. Ill give you a hint. Don was actually curious if he could have a splinter cat in his house.
  5. He told me and trust me, you don't want to know nor will you ever guess it.
  6. So it must be RMC if there is wood TRACK on site. GCI and GG build the layers on site and not prefabricated, unless this is the first prefab for GCI.
  7. Im calling it. The wood coaster will have a drop element in the box.
  8. Well we all know how the Iron Rattler type trains work out...
  9. The people may think this thread is going downhill and is boring but it is 100x better than any thread on pointbuzz. I really wish KI was my home park and not CP.
  10. Off topic: Look at the Diamondback webcam rn. Ive never seen dispatches this fast. They are dispatching before the previous train hits the mcbr!!!
  11. Imagine if it was a wood coaster with a drop element inside the crypt building.
  12. Be glad you arent at Cedar Point
  13. I am ruling out a family coaster. They are putting way too much effort into this. They wouldn't want to get any hate for over hyping it either.
  14. They havent released the location for the new ride yet so they could always cancel the last show in the main theater and put the announcement in there. Festhaus is always an option as well.
  15. I would imagine that this has to be a major thrill ride. This is getting teased more than Banshee was. That is the reason I am on team RMC. I think it will break the inversion record or something. Like I have said before. I trust Rob Decker (except Valravn, but alteast it looks great).
  16. I think they are delivering teasers to the local news stations. They had boxes of stuff. Sort of like how Fury 325 had the beekeepers deliver stuff.
  17. In reality its just a number. Maverick at Cedar Point is awful according to the numbers, but it's the best ride in the park. Millennium Force has the numbers, but it is really boring in my opinion. I wish somehow they would re profile the airtime hills so you actually get some nice Fury 325 like airtime. I would rather ride Magnum than Millennium since I am addicted to airtime.
  18. Field of Dreams was a movie where things that died were brought back. Son of Beast died. That means they are gonna build a clone of Son of Beast.
  19. I personally like KI more than CP. CP is my home park but it has no charm. KI used to be my home park and I feel a lot of charm. I get excited to go to Kings Island, but for Cedar Point it just feels like another day at a park. Cedar Point has quantity but not quality. Except for Gatekeeper and Maverick. I could do without the rest.
  20. Vertical loops aren't even that fun since there are no laterals. Plus that would look ugly.
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