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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Kings Island just tweeted a picture of a giant cut down tree https://twitter.com/kingsislandpr/status/731256608966246400
  2. Mean Streak at Cedar Point has orange markers all over its footers so does that mean its for communication lines? I don't look too much into color.
  3. I was very underwhelmed by it but I do like how beautiful it looks. It was a good addition but I would have prefered a much cheaper GCI twister woodie. Even a clone of Gold Striker would be great. EDIT: Valravn has my all time favorite brake run though. Its so fast, it may be my favorite part of the ride honestly XD
  4. The walk of shame is what keeps me fit lol. I never have taken it since im only 16 but my friend is getting pretty close on the stupid PTC trains.
  5. Speaking of that, one of my biggest hopes for next year is a 45th anniversary restoration of Racer. New track work, new LED chaser lights running the whole course, and most importantly, restoring the original red white and blue paint job. Perhaps even new trains if the park is willing.Again, wishful thinking. Been wanting it to happen for years. I would honestly love to see that happen more than getting a giga. Also a return of the backwards Racer. If it used to be unsafe then they can design a way to make it safe Six Flags runs their rides backwards.
  6. I remember when Gatekeeper began its testing I drove up the causeway and I turned around at the booths by instruction. The park wasnt open but I was allowed to turn around. Strangely there was somebody working a toll booth and it was April I believe.
  7. They really should have just made two bigger parking tolls in the original spots but only like 7 or 8 lanes each. That would have been the only full proof method.
  8. I'm not going to complain about what Cedar Fair decides to do with Kings Island. Lets try to figure out what Cedar Fair has installed that was considered a bad addition. I thought Valravn would be a waste of money but this weekend I saw how nice it fit in the park. I was actually impressed with the way it looked. However I am not a fan of dive machines personally so it was meh. However the GP loved it
  9. I saw the new markings for myself. I saw hundreds of Mean Streak's footers marked with an orange dot. All of the footers were on the outer portion of the ride. I don't think GCI touched the footers on Ghostrider.
  10. Supposedly there are survey markers around Mean Streak already. We didn't get any markers for valravn until june/july if I recall. RMC always starts early on their projects and Id imagine Cedar Point would start super early so they don't miss opening weekend like some other parks. I'm not saying its confirmed but it is super early and the markers are everywhere apparently. I will be there on Sunday with a dslr.
  11. I don't understand why some rides have a rattle and some don't. Is it the maintainence department lacking or is it just random if you get a glossy smooth ride for years like Afterburn.
  12. This. Going into preview day it said I had 3 visits for 2016 when I only had been to Kings Island once the previous year. I rescanned my pass and it updated to 1 inside the park.
  13. Please, no.. Don't worry would never happen. Both are maintenance and downtime nightmares. A few years after it opened Dick Kinzel who at the time was CEO of Cedar Fair called Top Thrill Dragster the worst business decision he had ever made. I cannot see another ever being built at a Cedar Fair park unless Intimin can somehow prove they fixed all the issues. Cedar Point has also figured out how to keep the ride open atleast 50% of the time unlike its first few years when he made that quote. Am I saying it is reliable, absolutely not, but i am saying it isnt as bad as it used to be.
  14. I have a nice solution. They could make ERT for platinum pass holders only. That would thin it out and sort of put a price on it. Gold pass holders would get all of the same benefits as usual like free parking. It would also increase the revenue for Cedar Fair because more people would buy Platinum passes. I know this will never happen but it would be cool since I'm a pp holder.
  15. Cedar Point is a bad example for this because certain rides have no line at certain times of the day. Raptor is right at the front so it gets a big line in the morning but its a walkon at 3:00, same with GK. Millennium is in the middle of the park so it attracts more people. Kings Island may be a different story because its a circle and not a long thin oval with no ways through the center. When I went to Carowinds Fury was a 10 min wait max except for night. Intimidator had a longer line. Afterburn had a 15 min wait most of the day. Carowinds has a similar layout as Kings Island so I would imm
  16. I rode it a total of 6 times opening weekend so I doubt it was the train.
  17. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Its ridiculous a 2 year old b&m is rough already.
  18. Speaking of wheels making things smoother, did maintainence start using a different wheel on Banshee because I found it to have an insane rattle. If it had the normal otsr then i wouldnt ride it because it would be rough. Maybe it was just running bad opening weekend but sfill.
  19. Most new rides have trouble their first year. I remember Banshee used to shut down a lot and it got annoying. However some rides happed to have almosg no downtime their first year. I know my comparisons are both b&ms since they are the only things Cedar Faif invests in. Fury 325 was up the entire time when I went go Carowinds. Also I only remeber seeing Rougarou down once the entire time I was at Cedar Point out of my 8 visits there.
  20. Opening day I grabbed like 10 cups of water since I dressed for the forecasted 67 degrees, not 83. I wasn't questioned. Isn't it a law to give out free water?
  21. This is off topic but do you think parks will start retracking certain parts of their b&m's if they want. A good example would be the drop out of Diamondback's turnaround before the trim. It has a very very large rattle. Is it even possible to just replace that park of the track? Universal is retracking their entire Hulk coaster but I found a majority of the ride to be rough with a rattle.
  22. Brandon! I forgot to get any info to contact you! Also welcome to KIC. One day we will find the blue Intamin track;)
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