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  1. Before opening this I thought he was refering to the meal deals in the Paramount Era / early Cedar Fair Era. The one at Larosa's was a pretty good deal. I remember our family got it a lot. It was like a whole pizza, salad, and 4 drinks for $40 which is a steal compared to now.
  2. I wish Backlot Stunt Coaster could get its water effects back. Not only the splashdown but the water in the MCBR. You can see it in an old POV.
  3. It is probably for the new railway crossing. They never finished that.
  4. Last year for Banshee I can recall the line getting up to 30+ min during ERT. However this was fine because at 4:00 the line was 20 min or less. However Diamondstack cough cough Diamondback's line doesn't get shorter throughout the day.
  5. I love Maverick as a ride but the dang Intamin lapbar cuts off circulations to my legs unless i ride with my butt 3 inches in front of the back on the seat. Ive done it numerous times and it is very comfortable while still being secure.
  6. I just get to the park 15-30 minutes before ERT starts. Then I run lol. It has worked every time so far. But seriously, the ERT is corrupt. Cedar Point had over 5 coasters last year and the lines still back up a little. Kings Island needs to open more than one ride. Id say 500 people attend ERT at Kings Island per day. Diamondback's currently operatef capacity is maybs 1,000 people per hour with the stacking. That is a 30 minute wait. So Kings Island can do two things, tell Carowinds to train their Diamondback crew, or open up more rides for ERT.
  7. If B&M makes the giga in 2017, do you think they would think about using a lift cable instead of a chain?
  8. It appears the Fury 325 will lose the title of worlds tallest and fastest giga coaster in 2017 anyway so maybe they could make a giga taller than Fury 325
  9. Maybe paying for food with the Kings Island app? Busch Gardens does it and it would help with not worrying about losing ur credit card
  10. Is this a joke? They don't take care of them. They just make them steel lol.
  11. Cedar Fair owns Carowinds and Kings Island. Cedar Point had their record broken by a Six Flags park. Cedar Fair won't break their own record if they don't have to.
  12. They can disagree all they want, but they are unlikely to see a B&M anytime soon. Cedar Fair only buys $20+ million dollar rides from B&M. I do think Michigan's Adventure will receive a new coaster in the next few years, just not a B&M. With attendance estimated to be below 1 million people a year the best they are likely to see is a $10 million dollar ride. Lots of great rides can fit in that kind of budget just not a B&M.Valleyfair is in the same position. Likely to see a new ride but not a B&M. This is from Cedar Fair's website. The top three parks for revenue and
  13. I'm surprised nobody has came up with a solution to the grease stains. The only thing I can come up with is S&S. They made their foam easily replaceable and claim they are the only manufacturer to do that, they showed it at IAPPA a few years back I think. When I am at Cedar Point, the seats on Power Tower are spottless unlike another Drop Tower I know.....
  14. I never chatted with anybody from KICentral however I was near the right side. I met a guy from ACE and the kid who got there at 7:30 that was on Kings Island's twitter. I was wearing a Fury 325 shirt with just the green and yellow eyes of that helps.The tweet https://twitter.com/kingsislandpr/status/721307233028583424
  15. Haha I got to the gate at 8:30, I ran to Diamondback, walked on. Then I went to Banshee and waited for 20 for the rope to drop. Walked on that. Then I went Panda Express at 11, waited 20 min vs 2 hours. I got a lot done opening day and miraculously avoided any line longer than 40 min (Diamondback at 3:00 and Banshee for front row at 8:15).
  16. Banshee was doing power hour tonight. They were dispatching while the other train was in the pretzel loop.
  17. Larosas in rivertown was a 10-15 minute wait. Very fast and nice service. I was impressed that the employees knew what my dining plan was and how to handle it. Last night they had to scan my pass like four times at Skyline in coney mall. Lines actually were decent today. Banshee is was a 35 min wait including the front row line. I got first ride of the day on Diamondback front row. I got 1st ride of the day on Banshee 4th row. Only complaint is the line for water cups lol.
  18. First official rider of the season... this guy
  19. I am at the front gate and there are no cars parked yet lol
  20. They closed Banshee at 9:50, I am salty that I didn't get my night ride on it.
  21. My pass indicates that i have season pass dining. I don't know if that is the same thing as platinum pass dining.
  22. Probably Millennium Force tnite and a Fury 325 shirt tomorrow.
  23. Should I try to use the copy of my pass in my apple wallet or should i not risk it and bring my actual pass tonight? I havent used the digital pass on my phone before but it has the same number as my plastic pass.
  24. Im ready for insanely long lines. How busy was the preview night last year? They didn't seem to advertise it that much this year.
  25. Well it was nice to look at.
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