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  1. I meant the actual road that Kings Island sits on isnt wide. I recall it only being 2-3 lanes.
  2. How should somebody approach the park if they are coming from the south? The road isnt wide and I feel like it will get backed up a lot. I am visiting my old friends in West Chester and I forget the area.
  3. I want a modern woodie with a twister layout. Kings Island needs a twister woodie. I know this would never happen but what it The Beast was reprofiled by GCI? We could remove most of the awful trims and actually get airtime on that one hill again. Plus that would likely yield MFII trains
  4. I wonder why they made the toll signs so small. Why didnt they make the signs the size of the turnpike ones. People aren't going to be able to read "self scan" from 50 ft away.
  5. That would not be worth $200 for four people.
  6. Griffon at Busch Gardens was around 17 million I believe. Valravn is taller and longer so and the value of the US dollar has gone down so I would imagine that it would be more than 17 million.
  7. I heard that Thunder Road had structure problems with its foundation. That is much harder to fix. Also the ride wasnt popular so it probably wasn't worth the cost of maintaining it. I haven't been to Holiday World but i would assume they would keep The Raven since they don't have many rides.
  8. B&M didnt give them a deal. The ride costed a little more than $15 million dollars that was leaked lol. It was probably around 20 million
  9. I would love it to be a GCI but i doubt it will be.
  10. I just want a GCI somewhere in Ohio. It may be more likely for it to come to Kings Island due to its terrain and they don't make as much money as Cedar Point.
  11. If you think about it Cedar Point had added a new "coaster experience" the last 4 years and could market it as the 5th in a row.
  12. I dont understand why the crews aren't trained like Carowinds' crews. The are fantastic anc fast.
  13. Tony said the track was too cold to stop the trains.
  14. https://www.periscope.tv/TonyClarkCP/1ZkJzQLVQzRGv Here is a link to the broadcast
  15. The Beach advertises The Cliff as a 5 story fall. Usually parks reference stories as 10ft. I havent been on The Cliff since I was ten but I remember it being taller than 50ft.
  16. That would require a RFID chip and those aren't the cheapest things to put into a season pass. Plus everybody would need pass reprints.
  17. I found RVII to be kind of rough last summer. It had a great layout but after two rides the headache took away from the experience. I hadnt ate or drank much that day and I also had to drive two hours for the first time (i had my temps) so i was tired. I personally dont like GG because their rides get to rough too fast. I fell in love with GCI at SFMM in 2012. The seats are so comfortable and the pacing is fantastic.
  18. On my phone for some reason i got my Cedar Point platinum pass to be saved as a Kings Island pass in my Apple wallet. Kings Island announced digital passes last year with the app so i tried it out. It says Kings Island in the upper right hand corner so maybe it will work lol.
  19. I renewed my Cedar Point platinum pass in October so would I be able to attend? I'm assuming I could since its a Cedar Fair pass.
  20. It will be certainly needed opening day and the first few weekends! Not with the previous Diamondback operators
  21. The day Diamondback gets lockers needs to be the day you can buy all season lockers. I wouldnt mind paying $40 to $50 for unlimited lockers all season because that's probably what i pay rn
  22. Is there a passholder preview day this year? I know Carowinds had one and Cedar Point is having one but will Kings Island be having one? I can't find it anywhere on the website or on Google. I am driving down from Cleveland on the 15th so I was wondering if I could possibly riding coasters a day earlier than expected.
  23. Dragster and Raptor are finally getting some love as well
  24. The line for ice cream at 10:30 was still 20 minutes. I didn't make the cut for The Beast before fireworks so on the walk back the ice cream line was still all the way to the kid carousel. I hadn't experienced the awful Diamondback crews for myself this year and I was super disappointed. The line was 75 minutes when I checked it and the main queue wasn't even full. I went to Carowinds and the ride operators were running and out of breath after every dispatch on a weekday. Banshee looked okay but still could have been better. It only had a 20 minute wait with the one long queue and one extra s
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