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  1. Im heading the sunday of Labor Day. In the past its been average crowds but I live at Cedar Point and crowds have been giant this year. EDIT: I fixed my capitalization terpy
  2. http://m.imgur.com/KGE82vL,Pdkv544,Lf57jAH,VOdhEm3,UmDVBqB,NMbcy0e,2ZOfZSz I got some pictures of the track by hotel breakers express. The brake run pieces have dual wheel drives!
  3. Keep in mind that was over 20 years ago. No. It wasn't. Not even 20. Much less "more than.." Actually it was 20 because Mantis opened in 1996 but originally used the Banshee logo which was released in 1995. Dorney Park just recolored and used Steel Force instead of Banshee. So in reality the logo is about 20 years old
  4. I am going to throw all of my evidence that proves this layout wrong. Number 1, the supports are all wrong. Compare the turn to Oblivion the Dark Hole. There aren't enough supports. Two, the ride layout has no station, transfer room, stairs, brakes or anything in any recent layout. Three (sketchy), this logo is too detailed too come from Cedar Fair. Cedar Fair has never used a logo this detailed. The most detailed they have designed is Banshee and it looks like a circle compared to this raven. This is just my opinion and conclusion.
  5. I'm just going to leave this over here.... http://imgur.com/mCjaiME
  6. Did the Terp not capitalize a trademark made by Cedar Fair!????!!!
  7. I am a Cedar Point local and i have noticed that they have a Platinum Pass Fast Lane discount. Is this applicable to Kings Island? My only open time is July 2-3 and I was wonderint if I could save $15 on Fast Lane. Thanks!!
  8. If Carowinds wanted to replace Thunder Road with a GCI, then they would remove the Hurler. Also with that logic, Cedar Fair would have replaced Mean Streak at Cedar Point a long time ago with a simple GCI.
  9. Back when my sister was still in Planet Snoopy, the Kite Eating Tree. It gives me a feeling that Drop Tower can't.
  10. Diamondback - row 2 or back car Vortex - never rode anything but front so I will be trying the 5-1 and 7-1 theory. Anybody like 6-1? Invertigo - I never get too banged up Flight of Fear - I can't find a smooth seat that doesn't jerk you like crazy. Some rides are smooth some are worse than SOB. Firehawk - any seat Racer - non wheel seat Banshee - I got Fast Lane and got put in row 8 and the seat closest to the queue (I don't know seat numbers) 5 times in a row and kept on graying out. I then asked for the front and it was amazing. The Bat - doesn't matter The Beast - front on night ri
  11. Cedar Point has midways instead of themed areas. I don't mind it though. The Gemini Midway looks fantastic at night. Maybe they fixed up the Wicked Twister Midway but Cedar Point would have promoted the crap out if it. And soon to come, The Blue Streak Midway. Cedar Point does't need theming since they have the Lake so its kind of like a giant boardwalk in a way.
  12. They are planting grass in the land that was cleared where the Turnpike Cars once stood. I'm so confused why except it may be for coaster campout.
  13. I really want Cedar Point to get a new GCI. The only twisty coaster we have is Maverick and we have very little non painful airtime (Magnum). When i visit Kings Island I always marathon Diamondback because it has the most amazing airtime besides El Toro imo.
  14. Go the day after opening day. Last year the longest line was 15 minutes for Millennium Force during ERT.
  15. I'm from Kings Island, but I moved to Cedar Point. I am thrilled that they made a platinum pass plan. I always try to eat as much Larosa's and Skyline as possible when coming back for a visit. I love the Larosa's meal plans but I am sad that they removed the three way from skyline. I can't really complain because Cedar Point doesn't offer any local food, just a bunch of grease. It will be convenient to not have to carry too much cash around now.
  16. Cedar Fair has just filed a new trademark for the name Valravn. Many people who follow me on instagram think it will be Cedar Point's 2016 project. Thoughts? I'm on mobile so I can't post a photo onto it. The serial number is 86601000
  17. So what do you guys exactly mean by snapping? I've only rode the ones at Cedar Point twice.
  18. All of the Six Flags clones??? Batman, Superman, maybe X-Flight in the future.
  19. At Cedar Point they let my aunt ride Gatekeeper with a huge fanny pack. I don't know how it fit cause she was barely fitting without it.
  20. Well I'm a Cedar Point local so I still have 29 days. ;(
  21. The Cone in West Chester has it I think. I moved away from there five years ago, but as a kid I think I had it there.
  22. I tried to search if any of the rides besides WindSeeker close for high winds and there were no results. I'm a Cedar Point local and i know how easily all of the rides there shut down for winds. Its supposed to be very windy and cold Saturday so i think it is a recipe for no lines. Any high wind experiences at KI?
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