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  1. It is an event where you must purchase a ticket - your season pass does not work, as this is a fundraiser. Looks like a new group is hosting this year. Yes, Planet Snoopy is generally closed during the event. In the past, meal plans and drink plans have worked, not sure about this year. I will be there loud, proud, and most likely with some form of glitter on me somewhere. A meet up would be fun!
  2. I saw where info about this year's event is now online! https://www.cincinnatipride.org/pridenight.html One of my most fave nights of the year!!!
  3. Complete mayhem and bedlam...but would not have given up the experience for anything! I had a great time despite the lines, crowds, and everything else. Being among the first to experience Mystic Timbers is something I will cherish for a very long time.
  4. To me, the horrible state of the parking lot is a major detraction to the entire feel and vibe of Kings Island. Knowing I have risked my car's alignment is generally not a good way to start my #KIBestDay . I think if I could have one "wish list" item to push to the top of the list, it would be the parking lot at this wonderful park. I know other things need tended to as well, but the parking lot is really getting bad.
  5. I was more into enjoying the unique Beast ride experience to pause to look at the fence.
  6. Anyone going??? https://www.facebook.com/events/218841421961128/
  7. I would contact the park directly regarding your request: ATTN: Guest Services6300 Kings Island DriveKings Island, OH 450341-513-754-5700 https://www.visitkingsisland.com/help/contact-us
  8. Really, really, really hoping they do something special to overlay or something with the shed for Halloween!
  9. Anyone heard any announcement of the event for this year (2017) yet???
  10. When you have rheumatoid arthritis, 300 feet after a long day can mean the world.
  11. I asked the question on the contact form on visitkingsisland.com and received this response
  12. Super busy, but fantastic day overall. My only complaint was (again) food service was woefully slow...and Mystic Timbers is just wonderful all around.
  13. I feel horrible living about 20 minutes from Camden Park as well and not having been there in at least a decade or so. I cannot remember the headlights ever working either.
  14. Apparently ghost stories at Christmas is an old tradition http://www.gothichorrorstories.com/classic-gothic-ghost-stories/christmas-ghost-stories-the-ghost-of-christmas-past-goes-further-back-than-you-might-realize-2/ Just discovered this a couple of years ago myself! Interesting read....
  15. I know I am in the minority, but removing bins really would serve to make load in of rides much quicker and efficient. Hello Cedar Fair...give us the option for drink wristbands and/or putting them on our season pass card and much of the complaints go away.
  16. Considering Cedar Fair is far superior in their upkeep and maintenance toward their rides than Camden Park and that Big Dipper at Camden Park has been around since 1958 (and not treated with the tender loving care that the Cedar Fair rides are treated to), I would think that The Racer and The Beast roller coaster(s) would both still have quite a bit of shelf life on them.
  17. I have to say that Pride Night seems to have hit its pace this year! Wonderful event for a wonderful cause and SO happy it will be returning. Unlike the speculation previous, knowing that Kings Island is so accomodating toward this event is the prime reason I renew my Cedar Fair Platinum Pass every year and feel better about spending the additional money (even if I don't get to go to any other park). I know it is a buy out night, but clearly with the additional decorations and the obvious mentions on the main sign for the park, they are approving of this event.
  18. Will be there with rainbows on!
  19. It was super fun to see Adam The Woo at Kings Island. I think he underestimated the park and popularity of the park.
  20. 7/7/16 - I got an email from Kings Island promoting Pride Night. I had to save it...made me smile to see them so positive about the event.
  21. OMG! I am not completely crazy...well, I am completely crazy....but at least others saw what I saw. LOL - Can today just be Friday already?
  22. I want to make one of the most ridiculous speculations and highest of conspiracy theories of all conspiracy theories in a “decoding” thread….so take this with a grain of salt…. During Announcement #1 decoding, there was mention of an axe being sent to media outlets http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php/topic/31913-decoding-episode-ii-rivertown-2017-and-the-falling-trees/page-202#entry736863 The announcement of Mean Streak Last Rites, an axe and mention of the word axe is mentioned heavily: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYcva24mxU0 The most far fetched and obtuse decoding from the realm of Area 51, Art Bell, X Files, and The Kardashians is Cedar Fair moving Mean Streak from Cedar Point to free up area in the back of the park to Kings Island. Please be gentle in throwing stones and realize this decoding should be taken in the spirit of fun and light hearted humor. J
  23. I attended the Cincinnati Pride Parade and Festival this year at Sawyer Point, and as a Platinum Season Pass Holder, it was very pleasant to see uniformed staff from Kings Island at the GLBTQ Center of Greater Cincinnati booth helping promote the event. As Christian and a member of the GLBTQ Community, it is fantastic that Cedar Fair permits such diverse events as SpiritSong and Pride Night to both occur at Kings Island. I will certainly be at Pride Night! Cannot wait for another fun night!!!
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