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  1. As a usually single rider, the inability to entertain myself on my phone in a multi-hour line has completely removed the urge to make any attempt to visit Sandusky this year. I've heard so many great things about Steel Vengeance, I had been considering trying to get up there this fall, and stay at the Breakers no less, for my husband's and my 20th anniversary. He's not into coasters, so I would be standing in line alone most likely. It is extremely irritating to me, because if they bothered to be hard nosed against people who take out their phones on rides (removal from the park, or at the very least having security waiting for them at the exit to have a little talk), they wouldn't have to ban cell phones in the queues from people like me who secure my phone in a closed pocket on rides religiously. But if they don't want my money so they can make a few extra bucks on lockers, so be it *shrugs*
  2. Magenta Lizard

    Yelling at ride ops??

    I witnessed somebody yelling at one of the ushers at Gravity soon after she opened the doors for a show the other day. The woman was unloading her stroller and complaining the whole time about how somebody should have come out and told her before the doors opened that it wasn't allowed inside, she was at the front of the line right next to the door and now look at all these people going past her, she could have unloaded it while she had been waiting if somebody had just come out to tell her that it wasn't allowed inside! The usher was being very calm and just taking it, but as I went past I said quietly "well, there /are/ signs saying it..." If the woman had been standing there right next to the door for as long as she was saying in her rant, she had plenty of time to notice the sign /right next to the door/ that says strollers must be left outside. Or to look around and notice all the other parents parking their strollers outside the doors... Don't know where she thought she was going to be able to park it if it was allowed inside with her. Blocking access for other guests, I assume.
  3. Magenta Lizard

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    It's on my list to try. I wavered between it and the corn this time around.
  4. Magenta Lizard

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    I finally tried the option of getting three sides instead of one meat and one side at Coney BBQ yesterday. I'll admit, I was expecting some confusion or hassle, but the young woman working the line knew what I meant, and the young man at the cash register didn't question it (although, to be fair, he had apparently had to ask his supervisor how to ring up my friend who had already gone through with his three sides, but it was his first day on the register). All season I've wanted to try other sides, but been unwilling to give up my beloved baked sweet potato. Seriously, I have gotten one meal (with sweet potato) for at least 25 of my 32 visits so far this season. That's how much I love it. So I was excited when I heard 3 sides on dining was an option but I waited a bit to try it because there were some interesting meats (like blueberry sausage, which was really good) and I was just worried it would be a hassle. I got a sweet potato (obvs), and corn on the cob and collard greens. I was pleasantly surprised by the corn, because it seems like every time I've got corn on the cob at a restaurant it has been frozen. I don't know if they're using local corn or not, but it was definitely fresh. Also, it's my first time ever trying collard greens, although I've wanted to. These were really good, with lots of bacon, and a nice amount of spicy BBQ flavoring.
  5. I may have a dark sense of humor, but when I noticed the giant "firecrackers" in this display in the window of Convenience Corner, I laughed. I'm sure it's been there all July. Please, nobody report it as suspicious.
  6. Magenta Lizard

    Ask Kings Island a Question

    They're still there, no question. My question for Kings Island: Does the park spray or do anything else special to keep mosquitos away? Because they're remarkably mosquito free for an outdoor park.
  7. Magenta Lizard

    Interesting Things Ride-Ops Do

    I'd suggest stopping by guest services to mention that interaction, because the tower employee was being inappropriate, both in the assessment, and method of delivery. Light displays of affection between a couple are actually quite family-friendly.
  8. Magenta Lizard

    Banshee gift shop converted to arcade

    All merchandise has been removed and there are several crane games in there now. I prefer it this way, because that particular gift shop was always awkward, IMHO. From what I've heard, it was also particularly vulnerable to theft.
  9. Magenta Lizard

    Soak City Glow Party

    I went on Friday. I also was feeling pretty tired by the time I got over there (about 9:30), since I'd been at the park all day. I walked, because I barely missed the train and as tired as I was, I knew it was going to be almost 10 if I waited for the single train on the track to get back and take it over. I got there before the train had left the Soak City station again. So, when I got there, sitting and listening to a live band was just the thing I needed, and they were really good. They went on a half hour break once the fireworks started, so I took the opportunity to check out some of the other things going on. There were a lot of things I could see would be fun, but I wasn't really into myself. The decorations were all pretty cool. Toward the end of the band's break, I realized I was hungry and started to check out the food options. Thought it was strange that no prices were listed at the little stands (which were, I believe, some of the houses used as shops under the Eiffel Tower last Winterfest), but ultimately saw they were selling food tickets at one end for $6 each ($5 if you have a gold or platinum pass) that could be used for any of the food offerings. I got the plantain chips (tostones, I think they were called) with ginger lime syrup. I think I am going to have dreams about that syrup for quite some time, it was soooooooo good. If I had attended again, I would have liked to try the barbacoa tacos and Mexican corn as well. I feel like $5 was a very fair price for specialty food inside the park, especially for as much as I got. When I decided to head back over to the dry park for late ERT, once again the train was pulling away as I got nearby. So really my only major complaint about the event was having only one train running.
  10. Magenta Lizard

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I do too. You make so many of these, eventually you're going to hit on the actual plans and they'll say, wait we can't do it anymore because it isn't original
  11. Magenta Lizard

    Gravity - Kings Island Theater 2018

    I forgot to mention in my post about the music from the show, Shazam has suggested that Pushing the Boundaries by Ian Livingstone is the percussion from the bar act, and World Challenge by Satnam Ramgotra is the one used during the tumbling. But I've been unable to find a source to listen to those pieces to double check. Also, they've added a new thing for the woman alien in blue during the preshow
  12. Magenta Lizard

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    As a Haunt if it follows the same pattern of previous years. Mostly just the dark maze, I think they had either limited or no scare actors inside it.
  13. Magenta Lizard

    KI lets slip plans for 2019 exist on IG today?

    That rumor sprang entirely from a lack of a comma in a single tweet. Kings Island isn't getting a Skywarp.
  14. Magenta Lizard

    Gravity - Kings Island Theater 2018

    ^^^^ it's on my other post about the music (and the same song that was used during the Rola Bola act) Et si c'etait un veau (which seems to mean "and if it were veal", but I feel something may be missing in translation)
  15. Magenta Lizard

    Gravity - Kings Island Theater 2018

    After trying lots of times (including at least five times during the same performance before it finally came up with something) Shazam finally identified the music from the laser act: Even the Best by Invasion from Mars: