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  1. I prefer the overflap/two button pockets as well. They’re easier to get into the pockets when I want, the pockets are roomier and all my crap is held on the outside of the shorts/pants leg rather than the inside (so more comfortable), and I am much less likely to accidentally leave them hanging wide open on a ride (even with one button open the flap keeps things more secure than an unzipped pocket). I always thought I wanted zipper ones until I used them a few times.
  2. In the parking lot, they have the street sweeper that drives around at the end of the night so at least it doesn’t have to be a person walking to deal with people’s abandoned food bags and dirty diapers. That is one job at the park that looks fun and I wouldn’t mind trying sometime Just drive around with approximately the flight path of a bumblebee, and not have to directly deal with people much.
  3. I’m among the lighter of the “heavy” players at KI. Believe me, the loss of a few dollars here and there from extremely casual players must be far made up for by the convenience that encourages those of us who spend hundreds of dollars a season on games. There are a select few who spend literally thousands. There’s also some very good reasons casinos don’t use cash, and most of them apply here. For me in particular as a player, it’s nice to not need to carry enough cash every visit to be certain I won’t be left hanging if I see a couple Totos in the Wizard of Oz coin pushers throughout the day. And while I can’t say for absolute certain because I haven’t tried amounts that low, I believe you can absolutely add less than $5, even with a credit card transaction, by selecting “other amount.” I think it goes as low as $1. I will confirm this next chance I get to attend.
  4. Yeah, which is why this site has a general rule about citing the source of information when it is stated as fact rather than speculation. Although it was said with great self-assurance, there was no citation as to why the poster is the only one here who “knows” that so I’m willing to still dismiss it as speculation at this point. As for cargos, yeah, you gotta be a little careful what you choose to carry in them. Even something like a chapstick can be a problem. I used to carry one loose in my cargo pocket and couldn’t figure out for some time why I had a very specific bruise on my thigh all the time. Once I did figure out it was the chapstick, I started carrying it inside my changepurse in my pocket instead. Just enough padding to fix the problem apparently
  5. Yes, but only after Haunt begins. You can come and go as you please up until then. But if you leave during Haunt you cannot reenter.
  6. I’ve always found it funny at Kings Island, most of the kids running ahead get tired out very quickly, and with a brisk walk rather than running I can beat most of them.
  7. Yeah, I was thinking of ignoring the intervening years I wasn’t a season passholder and just getting one that says since 1991...
  8. That article said he only won the right to a jury trial (on appeal: the first judge threw out the case), not a judgement. I wonder what ended up happening, if the guy dropped it, if the park settled, or if the trial actually happened... I’m pretty sure that was before tort reform so I would actually be a little surprised if the park was found guilty in the case if it went to trial.
  9. In that case, next should be a resurfaced parking lot followed by the return of the backwards Racer. I do also feel that since Mike Koontz became general manager, the park has been paying a lot more attention to guest feedback, though. Especially on the little things that make a big difference.
  10. RCDB can only settle that score if you accept them as a governing authority
  11. Definitely agree. Someone willing to flout the rules in a way that is as clearly obvious to those nearby as a lit cigarette or plume of vape is not someone who believes the rules (or other people) are important. They are going to do what they want when they want, whatever that might be.
  12. Yesterday there was a guy in front of the cashier for Slingshot smoking. There is a smoking section within clear sight of there. One of the major problems with making the park smoke free is that it isn’t going to make jerks like that stay away, or even change their behavior unless they are kicked out, and I really don’t see that happening (although I have heard of a few occasions of people being kicked out for the safety hazard of a phone on the ride, personally the worst I’ve seen is it being removed on the lift hill and handed back by security after a “stern lecture” of about ten seconds). What banning smoking park-wide /will/ do is move the respectful smokers who already use the designated areas now into either restroom stalls or just outside the entrance, where you’ll likely be walking through a toxic fog every time you walk in or out from the parking lot. I already notice that more than the smoking sections, especially when everyone is leaving at the end of the night and a good number of smokers light up immediately outside the gates to smoke on their trip to their cars. Tobacco smoke gives me migraines, so I’ve always been pretty sensitive to the situation. But /believe me/ smokers and smoking are way less of a problem than they ever have been in the past. You know phones out on rides being a problem now? Imagine burning ash. When I was a kid, people were allowed to smoke in queues (really /anywhere/ outside and a good number of smoking sections indoors). And those lines were typically much longer than anything we see on a regular basis today. It was impossible to avoid cigarette smoke. Except for a few outliers, whose behavior wouldn’t be affected by a total ban, it is very easy to just avoid getting too close to the current smoking areas. I worry very much that trying to crank down any more on it will make avoiding it way worse than it is currently.
  13. Me, I’m mostly here for Gravity today. But the crowds are quite a bit larger than I expected
  14. The number is 69050 and is meant for “safety or security concerns”, I’m not certain that smoking outside the designated areas is really that. I’ve only tried to use it once, and wasn’t particularly satisfied with the response. Someone in front of me on Mystic Timbers’ very first train of the day had his phone out in his raised hand for the whole ride (after I asked him to put it away on the lift hill because I was worried the ride ops would actually stop us). I took a pic of him at the bottom of the exit stairs and sent it with a description of what happened to the number. I got an immediate bot response but nothing else so I assumed they were just going to take care of it or not, and it didn’t really need my further intervention (I had included that it was the first train and he had it out in the photo, so it wasn’t just my word against his, they could call up the funpix to confirm). Over an hour later, I got a human message that asked if I was still there and could speak with a ride supervisor about it. Obviously I hadn’t been hanging around waiting for a response for the whole hour, and there was really nothing I could add other than direct the ride supe to the proof as I already had (and since the ride supervisor isn’t security and I’m sure the kid wasn’t hanging out in the immediate area any more either, I don’t know how it would have helped, anyway) so I told them it had been an hour, so no, and they thanked me in reply and that was it. So while it is a cool idea to give guests an implied direct line to security, so we can report things without having to get into potential scuffles with other guests, I wouldn’t plan to use it for a serious or pressing concern. It would be better to direct such information to the nearest employee and let them contact security, if there is no security member nearby.
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