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  1. It's always nice to see Adventure Express getting a little love! They've spelled out the ride name in rocks alongside the queue line! This is to the right when you enter the covered part of the queue, before it bends off to the left.
  2. My high score this season (probably my all-time high) is 5160. Had a ride stoppage to contribute to that, though! On other occasions this season I've gotten 1800 and 1860, I'm pretty sure those were without the ride stopping at all.
  3. Probably becoming screen-blind from overexposure. The maps are still around, I actually used one last week, although I forget why now...
  4. Maybe the teaser video was done by a different creative company than the shed was? Tree-gor (pronounced like Igor, my name for the creature) does send vines into the doors of the shed to rip them open though.
  5. Personally I think 2019 is when we're going to start seeing teasing, for a giga to open in 2020.
  6. I had friends recently say they rode something like 11 times and never got to see the tree, on the same day I rode three times and got the tree twice. I had been under the impression they increased the tree frequency because I've gotten it so often lately! I would have to say over the entire season so far, I've gotten bats more often than the others.
  7. I can not wait for this show! My only question is: will I be happy seeing only one showing each day I visit the park or am I going to need to exchange my 5:00 Origins shows for USS? Considering I still get anxious during Origins' Rola Bola act even though I have seen it over 40 times, I may find one show of USS a day is all my nerves can take!
  8. Punctuation is key. I believe it meant: "How was the event? I thought Coney would announce a new coaster (at the event), but that was wishful thinking." In answer, I know some attendees suggested it! But no new coaster is currently planned.
  9. Actually I said it made me feel stabby. As I said afterward, I'd rather listen to the William Shatner cover of Rocket Man than that nasally atrocity!
  10. I know it's too late to help you, but we found out last night that Chick-Fil-A was open until midnight. Many/most of the restaurants not on International Street close an hour before closing.
  11. It has ranged from being twice as long of waits after it started than there were before closing, to being walk ons the whole time. It all depends on how full the park is and how nice the weather is (which are pretty related). Usually, even when it has been busy, though, crowds usually tend to drop off as the night goes on. So towards midnight it may be all walk ons even if it was busy earlier. Tl;dr: it all depends and is hard to predict for sure, but should be fun if you can stay till midnight.
  12. The same way they get people back there for Urgent Scare at Haunt? It's not an ideally situated path, but probably better than The Bat's.
  13. ^yes, I've noticed a surprising number of young people who cite Vortex as their favorite coaster in the park.
  14. ^WindSeeker makes me feel as secure and safe as I think I could be at that height. It is really pretty gentle: the only fear factor is the height if you're scared of such things. My only fear is getting stuck up there when I need to use the restroom, personally. But it has only very rarely ever been stopped and needed evac.
  15. Not Kings Island related but worth a mention. I follow a few Pokémon Go pages/groups on Facebook. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. there is a post about something new in the game, one of the first five comments is "people still play this?" I'd like to reply with "people still follow groups for things they don't play?" but it breaks my vow to try to be positive. I mean, geez, tho. I have such a full feed from the different things I like (friends, KI, cats, horror, Pokémon Go, knitting all come to mind) I surely don't have the time, energy, or interest it would take to troll pages about things I don't like. It seriously is as easy to unfollow as make a comment and would completely solve these peoples' "problem."