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  1. Magenta Lizard

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    So, anyway, lost in more exciting news and speculation, there are some new tables at Kings Island...
  2. Magenta Lizard

    Kings Island Confirms removal of Coaster

    And the other four coasters are protesting the funeral?
  3. Magenta Lizard

    Early Haunt 2018 Reviews

    I mostly enjoyed Haunted Homecoming. It is mostly fun and goofy. And I think I probably will end up doing the Time Warp with friends in the aisle at some point this season... I was never a big fan of Hot Blooded beyond appreciation for the water curtain. There were some good performances in the show but mostly I was left uncomfortable. It was a show that was trying desperately to be sexy and edgy, but just never came through with any chemistry. HHC manages to sidestep that by having the interactions between the performers be purposefully a bit corny, and gives the backstory of it being a high school show-choir (albeit back from the dead). All in all, it's goofy, corny, and fun, rather than spooky, dark, or edgy. I enjoyed most of the song selections, and they were by-and-large well performed. I will miss hearing the explosions reverberating throughout the park at the end of Hot Blooded shows, though.
  4. Magenta Lizard

    Blood Drums 2018

    ^yeah, hadn't thought about that. I wonder what they did there?
  5. Magenta Lizard

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    The most recent post I'm seeing on their Facebook was 8:30 yesterday morning (a video about taking kids to the park). None of their instagrams on their official account say it either... Is it in comments somewhere?
  6. Magenta Lizard

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    The SOB references have been part of Haunt decorations for the past handful of years. It seems weird to me that there are news sources saying "the park has announced" yet a curious lack of that actual announcement on any of their official channels thus far. Unless you count Chad Showalter retweeting the news station saying it, but on his personal account not the @KingsIslandPR
  7. Magenta Lizard

    Blood Drums 2018

    If you mean the Four Drummers Drumming show, his name is Josh. I knew he looked familiar when I watched the show yesterday, but for some reason I didn't make the connection. It seems so obvious now, since I knew Bryce was in both shows. I haven't closely followed Blood Drums in the past, so I am not very familiar with the previous fire dancer. For the couple shows I caught Sunday, the new one was really good. I was very impressed with his skills spinning the long pole with four flames on each end in particular. I assume a big difficulty in having him on a stage (in addition to the risk of a flaming apparatus possibly making it farther into the crowd) is making something both temporary and fireproof. The stone pavers in the area he works are already showing signs of scorching from only three days of shows. It would interfere with the dance party aspect of the show, but a section of bleachers placed in the courtyard, maybe a bit farther back toward the tower, could allow more people to be able to see the dance without being too much in the line of fire. Another option would be some sort of smallish concrete stairs/platform that he could step up onto for at least part of the time to make him more visible.
  8. Magenta Lizard

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    It's probably nothing, or only has internal meaning, but... I noticed from the brake run of Diamondback that there are bright red symbols on the back of a couple of the tombstones out there in the field. They look a bit like a letter "H" only with the horizontal line extra long, beyond the vertical ones. They appeared to be possibly made with three strips of reflective tape. The symbols are on the side of the tombstones opposite the mock funeral, so they apparently aren't meant to be seen, and are only visible there from the brake run. I can't think of anything offhand that the letter "H" would mean, tho. Doubt it's Hanks
  9. Magenta Lizard

    Skeleton Key Experience

    I know! The fear I was missing out on some cool prize was the reason I got into that conversation, and found out how terribly rare it was for anyone to even win. Even something like a small certificate of completion would have made somebody like me happy and cost them next to nothing, but as rarely as it happened they could have had a fairly pricey prize and barely notice the cost. It was both disappointing and relieving (because we had already lost) to find out there was no prize. I seem to remember another Skeleton Key room a couple years ago had one person root around in the (false) hollow abdomen of a scareactor, looking for a key to get out of the room. It almost had to have been Kill Mart. I'm going to dig out my maps from the last couple years to see if I missed any others. (Edit: nope, that's all of them)
  10. Magenta Lizard

    Skeleton Key Experience

    There are no Skeleton Key rooms this year. In prior years, the general idea was that one scareactor in the room would talk for a bit, then something would happen and the participants would go from that room into the main maze: Slaughterhouse had Sam the butcher with a large animal carcass. One year I went through another scareactor burst out of the carcass with a chainsaw at the end, last year one of the participants was chosen to dig through rubber organs inside the carcass to unlock the door instead. Madame Fatale's featured a room with shelves of aquariums containing snakes. At the end of the story, the lights went out and rubber snakes dropped down from the ceiling around everyone. Sorority House had participants eat or drink something mildly strange as a "hazing ritual." Urgent Scare chose one participant to climb into a casket and be sent into the "crematory furnace." Backwoods Bayou required participants to feel around the dark room until someone found the key to be let out. The Viewing was different than the other rooms in that it wasn't connected to a maze. It was laid out as a funeral viewing in the front hallway of the KI theater, and there were several objects around the room that could help fill in several "blanks" in the story of the recently deceased. There was a whiteboard with his story, and the goal was to fill in a dozen or so little pieces of trivia about him, and it had to be done in a ridiculously short amount of time (about twice as much of the time was used explaining the game than was given to solve). I spoke to the woman running the room last year and even though they took groups in about every five minutes every Haunt night, she had only had a couple groups actually win by completing the story, ever. There was no prize if a group did, either.
  11. Magenta Lizard

    Labor day crowds- how bad?

    So far it's worse than I expected. Line for security is about 20 deep BEYOND the flagpole
  12. Magenta Lizard

    Ask Kings Island a Question

    Last night I had a night ride on Beast, with bright flashes of lightning from a still-distant storm. I asked the friend I was riding with if lightning struck the coaster, it becomes a time-machine, right?
  13. Magenta Lizard

    New Years Eve at WinterFest

    That sounds like the NYE celebration is going to be a paid event and I am totally ok with that. I already CAN NOT WAIT!!!!
  14. Magenta Lizard

    Ride Patches

    Unfortunately, no, they still aren't selling them. I wish they were.
  15. Magenta Lizard

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    In at least a couple places around the park (former Dinos Alive/ current smoking section, beside Coney Freestyle) there are pumpkin plants. I thought that they looked like pumpkin leaves from a failed attempt to grow my own pumpkins when I was a young teen. So I had been watching them to see what developed, and indeed there are little pumpkins growing! So darn cute! I don't know why it is so exciting for me to see crop plants as part of the KI landscape, maybe growing up in Ohio made me a farm girl at heart (if not in reality). A couple years ago, there were green peppers, tomatoes, and more suspected pumpkins back by the WindSeeker restrooms. The plants were removed and replaced before pumpkins actually grew that year, unfortunately.