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  1. ^um, oops!
  2. Want. To. Ride!
  3. ^ things like that are almost always, in my experience, started by a ride op as filler specifically because there is something already causing a delay, to keep the people stuck in restraints occupied and distracted.
  4. Well, they've already changed once (Hand2Hand switched out for Cyr duo). I haven't heard any specific rumors, but it is always a possibility.
  5. -What sort of Roller Coasters would you recommend for someone who isn't a big Coaster enthusiast? Adventure Express, The Bat, maybe Backlot Stunt Coaster, and Woodstock Express is a fun small wooden coaster. Racer, maybe, but be sure to sit in a middle row of one of the three-row cars. -What do you like Shows wise? Origins, a Cirque Experience, hands down -How early should you get a spot for the Fireworks? Where would you suggest? You can actually see them pretty well from a good portion of the park, from the parking lot, from Great Wolf Lodge and it's parking lot. If you do ride Racer, ride the blue side and you will get a good view of the place where the fireworks shoot from, in a field near the turnaround of the coaster. A really good spot to watch is the top of the Eiffel Tower but I suspect you would need to get up there hours before, on July 4th. If you don't watch from the parking lot (or surrounding areas outside the park), expect it to be a good hour before even bothering trying to leave. Traffic flow out of the lot is not great at the best of times and it is likely to be at capacity on the 4th, with nearly all those people staying for fireworks.
  6. It is currently open
  7. I'm going tomorrow anyway. I considered switching to Friday in hopes storms/threat of storms would keep people at home but I worry it would just backfire with everyone who bought tickets coming anyway, wandering around with no rides open, and no one will want to be at Soak City (making it even more crowded). I have plenty of other things I can entertain myself with at the park if lines get too bad, and if it gets simply too crowded I could leave early (who am I kidding? ;)) I'll report back tomorrow and maybe it can give you some idea how Friday will be?
  8. ^ welcome to KIC! I hadn't noticed those before, I'll have to check it out
  9. ^well for example, here is a video that shows both some of the cool slacklining tricks they can do when just fooling around, as well as the reason why it might be a bad idea to do them onstage:
  10. You can do it! As you ascend, focus on the scenery and the backstage areas you can't see from the ground. When you get near the top, the speed slows greatly before reaching the actual top. Look at one of the tall structures like a coaster nearby, and compare it to things behind it so you can see you are still rising even though you don't feel it. Soon it will actually stop, and there will be a mechanical clank. Start counting. At about 6 or 7, you will feel the addicting adrenaline rush of descent. Expect to walk out the exit gate ready to take on the world!
  11. It's a new slack line/tight rope performer, and he often does more difficult tricks than last year's did. However, he has scaled back a little since the beginning. When people mention that the things the performers do aren't as spectacular as something they've seen on some YouTube video, I like to point out that these performers can do much more difficult things than are in the show. But, these are the things they can do consistently and safely (usually) 19 shows a week with only one day off (and I'm certain there are rehearsals in the mix on top of that). I think maybe the load of those 19 shows have caused him to scale back but he is still very impressive. One show he missed what he was trying to do, flipped around the line at his waistline and managed to land on his feet in front. It was a truly spectacular save, because it looked for a moment he was headed face first for the mat.
  12. It's been much lighter on the brake run since toward the end of last season. I love it too!
  13. Even though I've rode a few dozen times now, I'm still finding new things about the shed. Yesterday I noticed
  14. So to answer my own question from earlier, yes, they do open at 11
  15. Pork is pretty low-calorie for meat (if you bypass the sauce), and protein tends to be filling. Eat just the meat without the bun, and probably skip the sides (beans would probably straddle the calorie/filling ratio the best of the sides they offer tho, if you're worried about being too hungry afterward). I'm still craving the corn pudding, probably going to need to have some again tomorrow. Does anyone know if the Smokehouse opens at 11?