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  1. Oh, it would definitely have to be a modified version. I am certain some brave translator has made it into a roll for band organs, at some point, tho. It's pretty much the best known non-religious piece for pipe organ, that I can think of. I just grabbed that video to show the song I was talking about, but it turned out that as I watched it, I got a deeper understanding of the construction of my favorite song. Bonus!
  2. Heh, I was making a request (for something I'd love to hear on the Haunt list: ), not trying to identify what was playing. I'll have to listen again to try to figure out what is back.
  3. I think it was down (not keeping time, no hands) a good deal of the 2015 season, so I was pleasantly surprised with its new cement face that includes planters in the shape of letters forming "Kings Island" They definitely seem to have stepped back up their landscaping game this last season and it makes me very happy. At one point they had food-bearing plants back by the restrooms near WindSeeker (tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins). It delighted me because it was unexpected. I hope somebody had a couple dinners off the fruits before they changed it out again.
  4. Rust (and words)
  5. Tocatta and Fugue in D minor! It may be obvious but I still love it. I am so excited to know you are still working with the park on the band organ! I'll definitely be stopping by to see what's playing.
  6. That new shot makes me wonder if those of us who "saw red" on the Snapchat the other day were all wrong and only @calakapepegot the color of the test train right! I guess in about three weeks (at the latest), we'll all know the colors of the trains for sure.
  7. There's a KI Snapchat up right now, with a lieutenant from KI Police talking about open interviews next week for KI Security.
  8. Both tunnels are along the new WWC entrance/exit path, one on either side of the train crossing. I recently tweeted a pic I took late in last season, showing the other tunnel after vines had begun to grow in more. Considering how much headway they made in a single, partial, season, I think they will have really good coverage by July, probably dense by the end of Haunt 2017.
  9. Yeah, that one was only on Snapchat so far as I can tell, and I didn't screen shot (it has since expired). My strong impression was that it was red, though.
  10. You know, I think on the Snapchat the train coming out of the station (which appeared red) was a different one than in the video of the one on the first drop, now that you post those images. I didn't pay as much attention on the long shot because I was assuming it was the same, red, train. So, I'm thinking red (from Snapchat), light blue (from the teaser pics), and tan or brown or orange (or however you want to characterize that^ one).
  11. The train in the test video didn't have the decorative front on it. This has been confirmed through Twitter, I believe. But yes, it appeared red. Just don't know how/whether that's going to match up otherwise.
  12. Did I miss something?
  13. I would be gobsmacked if the ugly "feather boa" of vines in the middle wasn't a temporary thing, only there while they finish placing the vines in a more natural arrangement. I was a little surprised at the "Kings Island" on the billboard too, but then I realized this is going to be a prime photo background, and people seeing all those pics on social media might not have otherwise known what park their friends were visiting. That definitely does appear to be a sheep. I'm curious if it really does say "I love (sheep silhouette)"
  14. I'm fairly experienced with sewing but I don't find adding a zipper a simple thing. I haven't bothered to do it with any of my cargos because it is such a pain in the butt. Maybe a tailor who is getting paid, but I wouldn't suggest asking a family member who just likes to sew (unless you want them to kind of hate you ;)) Since I try to keep the stuff in my pockets from being individually too small, I have never had any problem with stuff trying to escape from my two-buttoned flap pockets.
  15. Actually, you can see in the Snapchat that the lead car just isn't on yet