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  1. We always called them “sippers”, but yeah, lack of a consistent, unique, name for them makes researching them difficult. Found this Cedar Point version of the Orange I mentioned but I still can’t find any pics of Fred
  2. Maybe they’ll relocate the maintenance buildings that line Coney Mall back there and build the coaster closer to Racer? Or open up a path connecting X-base and the end of Coney Mall. Dunno.
  3. This just made me realize Rivertown is actually on the opposite side of the park from the river
  4. This is what Scooby looked like. Still searching for a Fred
  5. There were red Fred Flintstones, and brown Scooby Doos too. Orange oranges . As I recall, the grape ones tasted best but it was hard to turn down a drink shaped like Scooby. I always tried so hard in my childlike way to save these containers and my mom always ended up throwing them out eventually.
  6. I’m as certain as I can be without inside information that there will be construction teasers at the park when we’re allowed in Friday. However, even if there aren’t I would find it impossible to be disappointed, with a full new year at the park, new ride, new shows, new theming, and new experiences, all stretched out in front of me
  7. Very interesting idea! Welcome to KIC @Tom Hapner!
  8. It looks like the line for the new ‘tiques is seven days and a few hours (somebody had to make the joke, why not me?)
  9. I feel like we’re currently lacking in green
  10. It actually doesn’t surprise me to see KI focusing more on entertainment, due to the popularity of the Cirque shows and all of the entertainment at Winterfest, along with the current emphasis on nostalgia (shows used to be much more of a selling point for the park). The thing I would be most interested in the park adding is roaming entertainment. There have been at least a couple attempts on that front in the past few years (the KI Five, the KI Paint Department improvisational drummers) but for reasons unknown to me they fizzled. I personally enjoyed those attempts quite a bit so I don’t think “lack of quality” were the reasons they apparently failed or were cancelled. The roaming entertainment at Winterfest has also been quite enjoyable.
  11. “What a day!” (btw, will it be ok for us to “enter” more than once if we come up with more ideas?)
  12. I feel like the fact it is on early ride time is going to make the t-shirt giveaway a bit of a nightmare. Hope I get one tho!
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