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  1. It seemed to me in the late 80s-early 90s that it got faster as the track heated up during the day. No idea why it would be, but it always seemed tamer in the cooler morning, or on cooler days in general.

    As for being faster in the past, I think we remember it that way due to lack of competition. It was faster and wilder than the other coasters I had ridden at that time. Now it has competition from things like Diamondback just within the same park.

    I used to find the height of the lift hill on Beast to be intimidating. I still do, sometimes. But, one day I went on Diamondback five or so times in a row before riding Beast, and the first hill of The Beast seemed quaint.

    I think it just takes more to thrill us as much more intense rides have been built. We're a bit jaded in a way we couldn't be in the past.

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  2. It was a teen dressed as Tinkerbell, not a child. They allow children to dress up in park, but allowing adults/teens may create confusion between who is a legitimate employee working on Disney's behalf and who is just some other guest.

    They don't want someone who may appear to be an employee acting inappropriately, and then have people assume it is Disney's responsibility.

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  3. Wow, "some guys", huh? Sounds legit.

    I can definitely say it won't be a parking lot, even though I have absolutely no inside information. They wouldn't put a parking lot in a place that visible to a ride, and if they were even going to do that, they wouldn't be publicizing the decision on social media.

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  4. I'll admit, there is a bit of train wreck interest for me in what will happen when the type of people drawn by a Christian music festival and the kind of people I have heard showed up on the other bring-a-friend days collide in large numbers. I'm sure there is some overlap between the types, but potential real conflict between the extremes of either groups. Putting those differences in the pressure cooker of a packed park may be explosive.

    You're right though, it's probably something best viewed through the lens of the media. I feel a lot of sympathy for the people responsible for keeping everyone at the park safe this weekend.

    Does anyone happen to know what the maximum park capacity is? Has anyone here experienced that limit being reached? Do they stop letting people in at that point, but let more in as people leave?

  5. Aww, you mean I can't get my picture taken with it July 14th, my thirty-*mumble*th birthday? I'm heartbroken.

    Ok, not that I would.

    I went from being completely stymied by the existence of the noodle to feeling sad it is leaving. Weird, huh?

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  6. Honestly, I think they should move over by the waterpark (obviously far enough away not to endanger the slides or anything). Other than movie nights, it closes early anyway, so it wouldn't affect operation like it does with The Beast.

    I haven't looked over there from above to see if there is any available land to make it feasible, though.

  7. The character may have existed before the ride, but raptors are much older than that. Raptor (the ride) is named after raptors (the birds of prey) as far as I know. There's no reason to believe any attempts at trademark infringement in either direction.

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  8. I have a bad memory. So it was really odd today when I turned the corner by Boo Blasters and suddenly saw the area in front of me, in my mind's eye, as it was when I was a kid, around 25-30 years ago. I walked through there several times this year, and couldn't remember what it used to look like, but suddenly I flashed back to it today.

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  9. I could have gotten better pics myself from a different part of the station, but I'll admit I was more interested in getting on The Beast :)

    I saw it all quite well the couple times I rode, coming back into the station I had a fair amount of time to see them working close-up. But, couldn't take any pictures at that point, obviously.

    I definitely think this is for Haunt, because it doesn't seem large enough to be anything else, to me. Just a long rectangular building or tent, with the in and out ramps.

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  10. I noticed a few black-uniformed security at the park today. They looked more police-y than the usual park-ranger colored uniforms on most of the security I've seen. And the ones in the dark uniforms also seemed positioned to be a very visible presence.

    I like to see security in the park too. Protect us from the idiots and the idiots from themselves.

  11. Putting on my Nancy Drew hat, I think it is a very good possibility. FoF had been down at least a week, it finally opened, and a couple hours later, the entire section of the park lost power. And when the power came back up later that night, FoF didn't, and hasn't been up yet since. Whatever the electrical issues are going on with it, they seem to be ongoing.

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  12. A couple women in my row after riding Banshee:

    Woman 1: That was even better than the first time we rode it!

    Woman 2: Yes, and longer!

    Woman 1: Much longer!

    Um... it's a coaster, it is the same length as it was the first time you rode it. Glad you enjoyed your ride though!

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  13. Am I the only one who grays out during the positive G parts of Banshee? I haven't noticed it on any other ride, but I definitely get sparkles in my vision at parts of Banshee. The last turn before the giggle roll (final inversion) is the worst culprit. I had to stop marathoning it today (taking advantage of the 5-minute wait around noon) because it got so bad.

    I don't really notice it happening in the mornings. I think it must be a combo of my naturally low bold pressure and slight dehydration. Just wondering if it happens to anyone else.

  14. There is a cobra in one of the tunnels that used to sway back and forth. The spears used to pop out as the train went by. On the final lift hill, at the end, it used to have a light in the chalice he is dumping, to make it look like it was molten lava or metal. There was also a burst of hot air (later replaced with cold air) as you went below it. You can basically tell how the rest of the drum thumpers are supposed to work/ be lit, even though they are at times not working properly or have bulbs out.

    Those are the parts I remember.

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